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Vetiver Pure Essential Oil

Rs 1,100.00

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Item Code IEA-Ayurveda-051
Capacity 10 ml
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When you say vetiver, there might be many people who might not recognise it, but at some point or the other, they might have used it in some form or the other. For years, vetiver has been used in kitchens, all over Asia and the Middle East because of the cooling properties that it has. The syrup extracted from the seeds is used to flavour desserts and create cooling drinks and studies have proven that vetiver has several other medicinal properties too. Vetiver has also been a favourite with traditional fragrance creators, because of the sweet smell that it has to offer.

KNB now brings to you Vetiver Pure Essential Oil, which can help you with a range of problems and give you a general sense of peace and calm. Whether you want to relieve the stress of the day or want to enjoy a better night’s sleep, whether you want to enjoy clean and clear skin or want to get rid of rashes and acne, there is no better option than our Vetiver Pure Essential Oil. If you are planning to use the oil in your skin, it would be wise to dilute it first, either with a carrier oil or other skin care products.


KNB’s Vetiver Pure Essential Oil can offer you the following benefits:

  • Releases stress
  • Offers relief from headaches
  • Helps with nerve related problems
  • Helps control acne and skin inflammation
  • Controls the first signs of aging
  • Helps tackle insomnia
  • Effective for skin dryness
  • Battles hair lice
  • Nourishes dry scalp