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Styles of draping a saree:
Saree is dynamic as a garment as it can draped in several styles that would make the wearer look traditional, trendy or hot. Let's have a look on the various styles of draping a saree.
  • Leaving the pallu to flow freely is one of the most popular styles of wearing a saree. Even though some women complain of having to give up the use of one hand, you'll easily get used to it with practice.
  • If you are planning to wear your saree to a formal occasion, like say a job interview, you should pin it neatly after folding the pallu. You could take cue from Indian airhostesses to see how that's done.
  • The Gujarati style allows the pallu to fall in the front, instead of falling on the back. This style has various variants, and is a popular choice when wearing sarees at weddings.
  • The double drape style involves leaving sufficient distance between consecutive pleats.
  • To get that extra edge, you can tie the pallu on the left side instead of the right side.
  • If you are wearing a spaghetti style blouse, you can accentuate your oomph factor by folding your pallu into a thin strip and wearing it across your shoulder. You can also choose to wrap the pallu across your bust, leaving your shoulders bare.
  • If you want to explore a new style, go ahead and try tucking the pleats on the right side instead of the usual center.
  • The Maharashtrian style divides the saree between both legs, allowing for great movement.
  • In the Bengali style, there are no pleats. The saree is simply wrapped around the waist, making it easy and convenient to wear.
  • Something as simple as a floral pin to tuck the saree can make a unique style statement.
  • You can neatly fold the pallu and wear it on one shoulder, leaving the entire front exposed, for a super-sexy look.
  • The western-style that is gaining popularity among modern circles is that of encircling a few layers of the saree around the legs of the wearer, which has a wonderfully slimming effect.
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