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High Quality Yellow Sapphire 2.25-8.25 Ratti


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About The Stone
Yellow Sapphire is known to gem which is known as minister amongst all gems. The gem is known well to bestow vigor, name, fame, pacify anger and safeguard one against danger or accidental death. This 11.95 carat gem is also known as Pukhraj.
Additional Information
Item Code: IEA-Gemstones-1369PH
Color: Yellow
Clarity: Translucent
Effects & Benefits
Ruling Planet & Sign
Yellow Sapphire rules Jupiter, a planet which is treated as the master amongst all 9 planets. The stone is extremely beneficiary for those who are born under zodiac signs Sagittarius & Pisces.
This stone helps in getting rid of diseases like obesity, jaundice, diabetes, chronic disease, mental disorders, hernia, dropsy and digestive troubles.
Yellow Sapphire is suited well to those who are legal advisers, bankers, diplomats, astrologers, economist and scientist.

High Quality Yellow Sapphire 2.25-8.25 Ratti

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