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What to Wear on Special Occasions
By Admin

Anyone who has grown up in an Indian household would know that festivities and occasions are something that last all year round. As much as we all love to live in such a culturally charged milieu, it can be a little perplexing to decide what to wear when.
Let’s start with the one occasion that defines Indian celebrations- the big, fat Indian wedding! The first thing that you need to remember while putting together your look for a wedding is to keep it bright. Whites and blacks are a big no-no for weddings. Go for colors like orange, pink, turquoise, bottle green, and purple. It is best to avoid red, and leave that for the bride to shine in. This saree shows how you can strike the perfect balance between “glam” and “understated” at the next wedding you attend:

Coming to less important matters, or should we say more important, let’s take a peek into one of the biggest fashion dilemmas any girl can face- what to wear on your first date? He’s asked you out, you feel butterflies in your stomach, you’ve picked up a great gift, and everything’s just perfect, except you don’t know what to wear. Should it be sexy or simple, traditional or modern, bright or dull? Well, the answer is, it should be a perfect blend of everything, just like this graceful salwar kameez:

Hoping everything goes just perfectly, your first date might just convert into a meeting with the in-laws! Whether it’s happened as quick as that, or you are at the beginning of a perfect ‘arranged marriage’, meeting the in-laws is something that gives even the most confident of girls the jitters. The safest option to go with for this occasion would be a saree. Go for something that’s neither too flashy, nor too bland, like this one:

And finally, for the one thing that keeps happening all year round- religious ceremonies. With the entire family gathered for celebration, you need something that’s decent, along with being stylish, and of course, traditional. The one outfit that scores on all these check points is the salwar kameez. Take a look: