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By Madiha

For a lot of people, winters means that time of the year, when your sole aim should be to wear layers of clothes and concentrate only on keeping warm. For them, this is that time of the year, when you need not be bothered about fashion, because the ultimate aim should be staying warm at all times. However, there is also that set of people, who consider fashion important, irrespective of the weather outside. It is for such people that winters often become a problematic time of the year, because many a times for them, fashion comes at the cost of falling ill.


What a lot of people do not realise is that staying fashionable even during the winter months is not all that tough – all you need is a little creative thinking and an open mind. As a matter of fact, with just a few new pieces in your wardrobe, you should be able to create multiple new looks for the winters and even rock at weddings or special events with ease.




Here is what you need to do first:


Look through your wardrobe and locate pieces that you can wear during the winters. This would include top wear that has long sleeves or has been made using material that will work well for the cold months. This could range from tops and tunics to kurtas, kurtis and shirts. You should look for thicker cotton, wool and denim like materials, because these are better are providing warmth and insulation for the body.


Step two would be to look at the lowers that you will be able to utilise for the winters – jeans would be the most obvious choice, but you can always look for trousers, leggings and even skirts. While most people would think that jeans, trousers and leggings are sensible choices, many would wonder about using skirts at this time of the year. However, if you are willing to experiment, you could always team your skirts with dark coloured tights or leggings and this will offer you style as well as comfort.


Now, here is what you will need to shop to make sure that your wardrobe is prepared for the winters:




The one thing that you will need to invest in would be some warm clothes, such as sweaters and jackets. Your creative eye and your style sense will come into play here, because you can look for smart jackets and sweaters that you will be able to mix and match with your existing outfits. Choose jackets and sweaters in neutral colours, as these will work with more outfits. Black, navy blue, grey, beige and white will work great and you can also play with the lengths of the jackets.


You will need to invest in some colorful and warm stoles, as these are a great way to keep warm and add style to the outfit. Stoles work really well with not just Indian style attires, but also jeans and trousers. As a matter of fact, if you are wearing a monochromatic outfit, a stole is a great way to add colour.


This is also a good time to invest in some good footwear such as boots – these days, you will be able to find boots of varying lengths, colours and heels. Choose ones that will work with the outfits you have and while you can play around with the heel length, make sure that you pick colours that you will be able to use more than once!

By Madiha

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The moment the Navratri start, Indians know that the festive season for the year has arrived – you have to be dressed in stunning clothes all through the nine days of celebration and you really need to up your game for the last day or Dussehra. Once that is over, you are all set for Diwali, because this is perhaps the biggest celebration of the year (tradition wise)! This is the one time of the year, when you will clean out your home, make it shine and sparkle, make colourful rangolis outside your main door. This is also the time when you string up lights all over your home and make sure that every corner of the house is sparkling.




However, for a lot of people, this is the time when you meet with all your family members and friends – you enjoy feeding them sweets that you have made with a lot of love, you enjoy the never ending games of cards that you play through the night. And for several people, this is also the time when they can dress to the nines and make memories for a lifetime. When it comes to dressing up, most people will go back to what they know and are familiar with. So, while most women will go back to the traditional silk sarees, most men will go back to the same old kurta pyjama. The reason why this happened was because till recently, there were not a lot of options when it came to traditional wear. Women could choose between sarees and salwar kameez and men could wear a kurta either with a dhoti or a pyjama.


Thankfully, today, we live in a world where fashion has become front and forward and getting your hands on clothes that are trendy has become a lot easier. With a growing interest in fashion, there also arrived a steady crop of fashion designers – while some of them were just average, there were some who rose above the others and established a name for themselves. But the problem was that the clothes designed by these established designers was not accessible to the common person – either they couldn’t get a hold of it in their small towns, or they could not afford the same. This was the revolutionary concept of online shopping emerged and this one seemingly small idea was going to change the world forever.


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The world of online shopping brought about so many changes in the world of fashion, as we knew it – now, you could shop from wherever you were; your physical location no longer mattered. You could shop from your home or even your office and with the introduction of mobile applications, you could even shop, while you were on the move. Shipping and logistics ensured that no matter which part of the world you were in, your purchased articles would reach you. Most importantly, clothes that you could only imagine about, were now in your reach and you could get them delivered to wherever you were.


At IndiaEmporium, the world of fashion comes alive and when the time of festivities arrives, the site explodes in a range of colours and trends. Although you could always shop here for clothes that you could use on a daily basis, this is the place where you will want to come to, for exclusive clothes that will make you shine like the diva that you truly are. From stunning sarees to salwar suits that are out of this world, from anarkalis to lehengas, there is so much to choose from, that the chances of you shopping more than you had originally planned are extremely high. What is truly wonderful about the site is that there is something to suit everyone – no matter your age, your shape, your preferences and your budget, you will most certainly find something here that will catch your fancy.




And let’s say, just in case you are not able to find something that you fall in love with immediately, at IndiaEmporium, you can get your outfit custom made. This means that you can actually hire a designer, talk to them about what you are looking for, and get that outfit made and delivered to your doorstep. From choosing the fabric to the type of embroidery you want done, from the colour palette to details such as neck design, you will be able to decide everything and talented designers and tailors will bring that outfit to life.


If you are looking for something special this Diwali, then now is the time to shop, because IndiaEmporium brings to you its Diwali surprise! When you are done shopping and are all set to checkout your cart, simply use the Coupon code Diwali21 and not only will you get a Flat 21% OFF, but also a surprise gift! So, what are you waiting for – start shopping now!

By Madiha

There are a few pieces that you need to have in your wardrobe, because these are clothes that you will be able to mix and match with several choices and create brand new looks, each time. For instance, take the humble kurta – while it might seem like a simple dress, these days, you can find so many different prints and patterns that every kurta you pick up at your local store or online shopping portal, will be different from the other. However, did you know that with just a handful of different kurtas, you could create so many different looks!




Let’s say you pair a long kurta with leggings, you have an outfit that would be perfect for office or even a day with your friends. You could wear matching or even contrasting coloured leggings to create different looks. What is great about leggings is that you need not wear a dupatta, but you can always add accessories. Wearing makeup could really highlight your outfit for a special evening out.


When you team a short kurta with a Patiala salwar, you have a truly ethnic outfit, perfect for any special occasion such as a pooja or a wedding pre-ceremony. When you team a heavy embroidery kurta with a salwar and team it with a work dupatta, you have an outfit fit for any special event.


Let’s say you want a casual fun look that you can wear to college or you can wear when you are running around trying to complete all your errands, why not pair a short kurta with a pair of jeans. If you own a pair of distressed or ripped jeans, then a short kurta would work really well, but you can also wear a long kurta with jeans. Short anarkali or flared kurtas work beautifully with slim-fit jeans. You could also try similar looks with trousers, especially


For that fun, flirty and truly comfortable look, you could team a short or knee-length kurta with a skirt. What is great about mixing and matching kurtas with skirts is that there are so many options – you can play with the length of the skirts and the kurtas, you can play with the prints, mixing plain kurtas with printed skirts or the other way around.


During the summer days, there could be no better wardrobe choice than teaming a cotton kurta with a pair of palazzos. Yet again, you will have multiple choices, because you can team short and long kurtas, sleeveless and sleeved kurtas with palazzos. In addition, you can choose from a range of materials for your palazzos, as well as solid colours, prints and patterns.




If you are someone who always feels that your wardrobe is so limited, you just need to open up your mind to the possibilities and get creative!

By Madiha

A wedding is a reason for celebration and that is one of the reasons why most people spend days and even months, planning out every little detail of their wedding. They will choose the way the wedding venue will look, they want particular items on the menu and of course, they will spend the maximum time trying to figure out exactly what they will wear. However, beyond all this, lies the promise that a man and woman make to each other – marriage is a promise to love and respect each other for a lifetime. Marriage is also a relationship, where you want to do anything and everything for your better half, and for several women, all over India, this means fasting for an entire day.


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Karwachauth might be a fast for most people, but for the women who believe in it and observe it every year, this is a symbol of their love for their husbands. By abstaining from food and even the most basic need of water, they are proclaiming their undying love for their husbands and praying for their long lives. Karwachauth has been around for a long time, and for years, women would consider this day an opportunity to wear their wedding finery once again. Most women would deck themselves up in the same outfit that they would have worn for their wedding and maybe even the same jewellery.


However, with changing times, trends related to Karwachauth are also changing and the entertainment industry perhaps has a big role to play. With the auspicious day being glamourized in movies and soap operas, women are now seeing this day as an opportunity to dress up to the nines and look truly glamourous. A growing number of women are now shopping especially for Karwachauth, because they want to look special this day. They want to look stunning and they want to stand out in a crowd of several other women, who will also have made the effort to look good.




For years, red was the dominant colour for Karwachauth, because red is the colour that symbolises matrimony in almost all cultures. However, these days, the modern woman wants more colour options in life, even for the day that is meant to celebrate matrimony. So, these days, women are looking for outfits that are elaborate and in colours that are as vibrant as the rainbow. Gone are the days, when women would wear only red or maroon for Karwachauth – these days, they want shades of blue, green, pink, orange, purple and so on.


This year, IndiaEmporium is all set to meet the expectations of the fashion-conscious modern woman, who will not settle for anything less than the best, especially for the day, when she wants to look the best for the man she loves the most. When you come to IndiaEmporium, you will see a range that is wide and vivid – because we not only have every colour and colour combination that you can imagine, but also every type of outfit that you might be looking for. So, whether you are looking for a bright teal saree or a baby pink anarkali, chances are that you will find it in our virtual aisles.




When you want to look like a true diva, we can offer you a range of designer sarees in silk, crepe, georgette and even cotton. You can look for sarees that have interesting prints or have embroidery work done on them. Alternately, you could also look through our Bollywood collection and choose a saree that might have been worn by your favourite Bollywood celebrity on the red carpet. If you are not confident about carrying a saree, at IndiaEmporium, we also bring to your one of the largest collections of anarkalis and salwar suits. You will be able to choose from innumerable anarkalis – from ones that stop above your knees to ones that will sweep the floor as you walk! Whether you want something simple that you will be able to use several times or you want something that will allow you to be the showstopper, we are sure that we will be able to meet your requirements.


And then, apart from the clothes, we also offer a stunning range of designer jewellery and bags, which are sure to add to the charm of your outfit. Afterall, why should you have to keep repeating your wedding jewellery, when you can get designer ones, that match the outfit you are choosing!


What is great is that when you shop at IndiaEmporium, you not only get to enjoy these gorgeous clothes, you also get to enjoy fantastic discounts up to 25%. Pick one outfit and use the coupon code CK15 and earn an instant 15% off, buy two outfits and use the code CK20 to win 20% off. And if you are splurging and picking up five outfits, you will want to use the coupon code CK25 and win a Shopping 25% off!


So, what are you waiting for – start shopping on IndiaEmporium, right away!

By Madiha

Most people in India, and even Indians living in other parts of the world, have grown up listening to stories that have been told to them by their grandmothers and grandfathers. They were always treasure troves of stories of kings, queens, demons and gods, and while many of them were nothing more than stories, there were some which took their roots from reality or what we would prefer to call mythology.




One such story that has been passed down through the generations is that of Lord Rama and the demon king of Lanka, Ravana. What seemed like a fairy tale, of the righteous prince marrying the beautiful princess and her being kidnapped by the evil villain, was actually more than that. This was a battle between good and bad, where the bad always loses, even though the bad was more powerful and intelligent. The day of Dussehra is the celebration of the victory of good over evil and till date, it is celebrated with fervour and devotion. Dussehra is also the last day of the Navratri, which is why it is the day when everyone dresses up to the nines.


There are several people who see this as an opportunity to rejuvenate their wardrobe and pick up something new that they can wear for the pooja at Dussehra. Days before Dussehra, arrives, several people will start walking around the local markets, trying to find something that will look good on them and something that is totally unique. However, the problem is that when you go out into the markets, you will find pretty much the same things in all the stores. You will find different colour combinations of the same outfit and chances are that you and someone else in a crowd might be dressed in exactly the same outfit.




If you want to avoid a situation as embarrassing as that, then it would be wise that you shop from some place, where you can be sure that whatever you pick up will be unique and that only you will be wearing that. For such options, the best place to shop is IndiaEmporium, where you can not only find the latest fashion trends, but also designs that are created exclusively for the festive season. This means that when you are on the website, looking for something that you can wear on Dashami or Dussehra, you can be sure that you will find that exact outfit that will capture your attention.


What is great about IndiaEmporium is that there is an incredibly extensive range of clothes to choose from – whether you want simple kurtas and kurtis that you can team with leggings or Patiala salwars, or you want elaborate Anarkalis that will sweep the floor as you walk along. If you want a saree that will make you stand apart in a crowd or you want a gown that will make you look completely different, you will be able to find them all at IndiaEmporium.




IndiaEmporium stands apart from several other online shopping portals in the fact that this is the one place where you will find clothes as well accessories for not only women, but also men and children. On this website, you will be able to shop for the entire family, without moving an inch out of the comfort of your home or office. As a matter of fact, you can even shop when you are on the move, traveling in a car or bus!


However what is truly great about IndiaEmporium is the fact that this is perhaps the only website that will offer you customisation services. This means that just in case, you are unable to find the exact outfit, at IndiaEmporium, you can actually get your own outfit created. The website has a team of creative minds, which includes designers, tailors and embroidery experts, who will work to bringing your vision to life. You can have a chat with the team, who will get an idea of what it is that you are looking for and then help you bring that thought into the real world. You can tell them about what kind of outfit you are looking for, what occasion you want this outfit for and so on. The designer will ask you for details such as what colour combination you want, what fabric you are looking for and what kind of embroidery or work you want on the outfit. Given the expertise and experience of the design team, they will be able to suggest the best options for you, in terms of fabric and what work the fabric will be able to support. Within a matter of days, your outfit will be brought to life and dispatched to you, no matter where you are.


And when you are done shopping, remember to use the Coupon Code – Navratra9, because by using this code, you can not only enjoy a Flat 15% discount on your shopping, but also a gorgeous handmade bag, that you can flaunt this festive season.

By Madiha

The moment the summers are over, and the autumn months start to set in, there is a sense of excitement in the air – this is the time when several festivities arrive and gives you the chance to not only spiritually rejuvenate yourself, but also deck up, each day. Navratri is the start of a nine-day long celebration, which culminates in Dussehra, and each of these days has a prominence. But for most people, this is the time to clean out their homes and their hearts as well as their wardrobes – well, even if the wardrobes are not completely cleaned out, this is most certainly a good time to refresh the wardrobes.


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While some people are aware of the fact that there is a colour wheel that needs to be followed for each day of the Navratris, there are a lot of people who have no idea. All they are thinking about is the fact that they are going to be heading out of the house and meeting several people and enjoying the festivities, for which, they always need to be looking their best. This means that they need to wear appropriate clothes for every occasion and if the colour scheme matches that of the particular day of the Navratri, then nothing better.


When you are dressing up for festive occasions such as Navratri and Dussehra, you will have to keep the traditions in mind. In addition, you will also have to keep in mind, your geographical location – for instance, the way people dress up for Navratri in Bengal will be different from the manner in which people would dress up in Gujarat. These distinctions will also influence your shopping decisions and many a times, that is what troubles most people. Although most women enjoy the idea of shopping, there are several who are either pressed for time or are never sure of what to buy. This is often the condition for most men too, which is why most men are not too happy at the prospect of shopping for clothes.




It is at times like these, that IndiaEmporium comes to your rescue – we are one of the leading shopping portals that offers the widest range of clothes for women, men and even children. Whether you want traditional sarees or you want modern and trending salwar suits, whether you are looking for fashionable men’s kurtas or want something flowing and comfortable for your little ones, there is something for everyone here. The team behind IndiaEmporium is a strong believer in preserving the traditional methods and techniques, which includes embroidery, stone and thread work and even the usage of fabrics that would normally be considered old fashioned. The creative team at IndiaEmporium, uses theses traditional fabrics and methods and by giving them a modern twist, creates something that is unique and apt for the modern shopper.


The design team at IndiaEmporium is constantly looking for inspirations and when they get one, they ensure that it gets converted into reality. As a matter of fact, this is one of the only websites that offers made to order and customised clothes – this means that if you have an outfit in mind, it can be brought to life here. All you have to do is talk to the designer, tell them what you have envisioned, finalise aspects such as colour combination, fabric and work and within no time, your dream outfit will have life breathed into it. If you are planning to get married this season, then this is definitely the place for you, because this is where some of the best bridal outfits are created. From outfits that you could wear for your wedding festivities to the actual wedding attire, the design team at IndiaEmporium can do it all!




Even the most discerning men will find something here, because from simple kurtas to elaborate sherwanis, there is so much to pick from. As a matter of fact, you should be able to assemble your entire traditional outfit from this one website, because you will also find ethnic footwear and accessories here. And in case it is your little ones that need new clothes, you will find everything imaginable – from lehengas to salwar suits for little girls to kurtas and suits for little boys, there is something for everyone.


This Navratri & Dussehra, there are no reasons for you to not to shop, because IndiaEmporium has some superb offers, awaiting you. When you apply the Coupon Code – Navratra9, not only will you get an instant 15% OFF, you will also get a stunning handmade bag, which will prove to be the perfect accessory for all your outfits, this festive season. Now you have no excuse to not shop, because IndiaEmporium has made everything so much easier for you!

By Madiha

As soon as September ends, there is a festive fragrance in the air – Navratri is about to start, bringing with it nine days of religion and traditional revelry, ending with Dussehra and as soon as that is over, Diwali arrives with its lights and festivities. This is also the season for weddings, because for most people, all over India, this time of the year is extremely auspicious. And when the festive and wedding seasons arrive, there is also the need to shop, because everyone wants to look their best at such times. For many people, Diwali or a wedding is also the time, when they refresh their wardrobes.




Navratri, or nine days, are dedicated to the goddesses who are revered in India and although these are all supposed to be the various forms of goddess Durga, each day is devoted to a different form. The nine days will also vary from one part of the country to another – so Navratri celebrations will differ in the northern states of India, from the way it would be celebrated in the southern part of India. And in the western part of India, especially, West Bengal, this is the time for the greatest celebrations of the year.


Because this is a time, when you are constantly going to be in crowds and amongst people, you will want to look your best and that means that you need clothes that will bring you the attention you deserve. Family occasions mean that you will end up meeting the same people again, and this also means that this is not the place to repeat clothes that you might have used last year. However, the holiday season is also that time of the year, when the markets are jam packed with people and shopping in traditional stores is more of a nightmare than a joy.




We live in a world where the internet has made our lives so much easier – from provisions to vegetables, from electronics to beauty products, there is little that you cannot order online. Clothes are no different and with online shopping portals such as IndiaEmporium, shopping for even festive clothes becomes easy and convenient. IndiaEmporium offers to you one of the largest festive collections this season and its not just for the ladies, because there is so much to choose from for men as well as children.


This festive season, IndiaEmporium brings a wide range of sarees, suits, lehengas and gowns for the discerning fashionista. No matter what colour you are looking for or what material you have your set on, chances are that you will find them all here. This is where your dreams come alive, because even if you are not able to find what you are looking for, you will be able to get it designed and created exclusively.


What makes IndiaEmporium stand apart in a world of fashion portals is the fact that this is one of the only places that offers customization and made to order services. This is one of the only fashion portals, where you can get your own outfit designed and created – so, you will get to choose what kind of outfit you want (whether it’s a saree, Anarkali or lehenga), you get to choose the fabric and the colour combination and you get to decide what kind of work you want done on it. So, from start to finish, it will be an outfit that you envisioned! Of course, a team of talented designers will be there to guide you and help you make the right choices, but the final decisions will all be in your hands. Once you have finalized all the details on your outfit, the designers will work in tandem with extremely experienced and talented tailors, who will bring this design to life.


Fb 2


Even the fashion-conscious man will not be able to resist all that is offered on the website this season – from kurtas to fusion suits, from sherwanis to bandhgala jackets, there is simply so much to choose from. This will truly be your one-stop shop, because not only are there clothes, but also ethnic footwear such as mojris on offer. And how could anyone forget the little ones, because this is also the time to celebrate for them, which is why they need to look stylish, without having to compromise on comfort. IndiaEmporium has a huge range of designer clothes for the princes and princesses, including lehengas, suits, and gowns for girls and kurtas, sherwanis and suits for the boys.


While you will find clothes that will steal your heart away at IndiaEmporium, you will also find this the season to be extra happy, because there are incredible offers to be availed. Once you are done shopping, remember to add the Coupon Code – Navratra9 and not only will you get a Flat 15% off on your purchase, you will also receive a stunning handmade bag, which you can use this festive season.

By Madiha

The wedding date had been finalised and while there was so much activity around me, I was not perturbed, because as the groom to be, there was little that was coming to me. I mean, of course, I was helping out with all the wedding preparations – talking to the caterers, ensuring that all the right flowers were being ordered and in ample quantities and sending out invitations. However, in comparison to my fiancée, I had little to do, because she was literally turning into a bridezilla trying to get her trousseau in order. My main job during this time was to talk to her and tell her that it would all be ready in time and every time she sent me a photo of her dressed up in some outfit, I had to tell her that she looked wonderful!




It was during one of those conversations that she suddenly asked me where I was with my wedding wardrobe. I told her that a few days before the wedding, I would just head to some superstore and pick out all the clothes I needed. I can assure you that the way she screamed over the phone, I could have heard her all the way from home, without the phone too! She was furious because she felt that I was being too callous about my clothes. If she was looking wonderful for the wedding, it was imperative that I looked just as good too. She immediately mailed me more than a dozen different types of sherwani designs and one look at them was enough to leave my head reeling. All of a sudden, I realised that I was probably leaving an important task to the last minute.


I immediately called my best friend to come over and help me out with, what suddenly seemed like a mammoth task. For the next few hours, we were poring over all the designs that my fiancée had sent over and were also browsing fashion websites to get an idea of what is currently trending. The more I read, the more I realised how deep trouble I was in. If I was ready to wear something off the rack, I would probably find a sherwani quite easily, but if I was looking for something special, I would need at least a month in hand. My friend, in the meantime, had already started making phone calls to designers and boutiques that specialised in sherwanis and men’s fashion. The information he got for me was that if wanted an exclusive sherwani from a reputed designer, I needed to get their appointment well in advance and for me to get my outfit in hand, it would take anywhere between one to two months.





Now, I was worried, because my wedding was in less than a month and if I was not wearing something exclusive and unique, my fiancée would throw a fit that no one would want to see. I was ready to hit the panic button, when my best friend came to my rescue, yet again! He told me that I could explore the online option, and while I am someone who is net savvy, I was not sure about doing my wedding shopping there. I mean, I have picked up plenty of shirts and jeans and shoes online, but this was my wedding we were talking about. I needed something that was special and would let me stand along with my bride to be, who was going all out couture!


It was then that my best friend introduced me to a world where I could get latest sherwani design for marriage and that too the easy way. This was the world of IndiaEmporium – a magical place where you could get your clothes designed, stitched and then delivered to your doorstep, without you having to move an inch! We immediately logged onto the website and I have to tell you – it was nothing short of a revelation! There was simply so much to choose from, even for men and what my best friend had told me was true – I could get my clothes designed.




Within minutes, I was having a chat with a designer, who was asking me all the right questions – when my wedding was, what colour outfit was my bride going to wear, was there a colour theme to the wedding, whether the wedding would be out in the open or would it be indoors. Although at first, I wondered why there were so many questions, I eventually realised that all these were details that would help the designer choose the perfect design for my sherwani. The fact that mine was a winter wedding and that some of the ceremonies would happen outdoors meant that my sherwani had to help me stay warm. So, we went with a combination of velvet and silk in a combination of cream and maroon colours, because those would work perfectly with what my fiancée was planning to wear. I sent them my measurements and two days later, I had a sketch of what my sherwani would look like. A week later, they sent me a swatch of the embroidery work and 15 days later, my sherwani was in my hands. I had actually created my wedding sherwani online and it was just as perfect as I could have imagined!

By Madiha

Think Mauritius and you will immediately envision the bluest of waters, never-ending beaches with white or golden sand and you will conjure this image of a little bit of paradise on earth. Mauritius is all that and more – nestled in the Indian Ocean, this gorgeous little country has built a reputation for itself by being one of the most stunning landscapes in the world. There are beaches where you can walk up to a kilometre into the ocean, but still have the water coming only up to your waist. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom and the deeper waters are brimming with vibrant sea life.


When you think of so much natural beauty, you can also imagine that this is the place where people want to show off the latest fashions. Mauritius is where tourists from all over the world descend for their holidays and these days, this place has also become a favorite location for destination weddings. Whether people are here for a holiday or for a special occasion, chances are that they will want to look their best, which explains why there is a large market for the latest fashions in this island nation. As a matter of fact, several big brands from across the world have their manufacturing units located here.




What is interesting to note is that Mauritius has a huge Indian population and today, there are several people who are native Mauritians, but can trace back their ancestry to India. It is not surprising that several people in Mauritius can speak Indian languages such as Hindi and Tamil and you will notice Indian influences in everything ranging from the clothes to the food. Given that several Indian movies have used the Mauritian landscape to glamourize their songs, these movies fare really well here. And because movies are often the foundation for day to day fashion, you will see that there are several women, and young ladies in particular, who might not have anything to do with India, but still want to dress up like Bollywood celebrities.


In their search to find the perfect outfits that are in tandem with fashion statements in the Indian subcontinent, there are several people, who scour the internet, but most of the times, they are unable to locate what they want. However, with portals such as IndiaEmporium, the search becomes so much easy, because the latest fashion trends are all on offer here and no matter which part of the world you are shopping in, they will ensure that it reaches your doorstep. So, whether you want the most exclusive ethnic wear for women online or something that you can use on a daily basis, this is the website you will want to come to.




What makes IndiaEmporium stand apart from a sea of fashion portals is the fact that this is one of the only websites that offers the facility of customisation. Let’s say you are a bride to be, who has been living in Mauritius for a long time. You are so inspired by those big budget Hindi movies that you have decided that you want a trousseau that is heavily inspired by what all the heroines wear in these movies. So, you want a saree that has elaborate embroidery, you want an anarkali that sweeps the floor as you walk and you want to walk down the ‘aisle’ in a lehenga that has been designed exclusively for you! With the creative team at IndiaEmporium by your side, all this will become possible, including that customized lehenga in Mauritius, reaching your doorstep, well before your D-day!


When you come to IndiaEmporium, you will get to chat with the design team, which is not only extremely creative, but also incredibly experienced. Their first step will be to understand what it is that you have in mind, as this will give them the foundation on which your outfit will be built. By gaining a proper understanding of what the occasion is, they will be able to suggest colours, material, shape of the outfit and what kind of work will look best. With all these details in hand, they will be able to create the first draft of the design, which will be shared with you. Once finalised, work will begin in true earnest and within days, the first look of the outfit, as well as a small swatch of the work being done on it will be sent to you. And as soon as the outfit is completed, it will be packed with care and dispatched to reach you!




So, if you have been thinking about where to buy lehenga online in Mauritius, you need to remember that there is only once place where you will be able to shop from the widest range and that is IndiaEmporium!

By Madiha

There are certain times in the year, when you need to dress up and more importantly, you want to dress up, because it is time for a festival. Depending on which part of the country you are in, the festivals will change and if it is a festival that is celebrated all over the country, there is the chance that there is a change in the flavour – the manner in which it is celebrated changes. With the change in the methods of celebration, comes a change in so many other aspects – from the food to the customs to the outfits, you will notice changes in it all.


One such festival that is just around the corner happens to be Janmashtami – the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated all over India and in each region, you will observe that there is a little something that is differently. So, while in the south of India, you will notice payasam being kept as an offering, in the north of India, you will see that its laddoos that take the place. However, no matter which part of the world you are celebrating Janmashtami in, this is a day that you will want to dress up, because after all, for Indians any festival is a reason for celebration.


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For most people, dressing traditional means only a few options – women will consider a saree, young girls will look at the salwar-suits they have in their wardrobe, and men will stick to their favourite kurta. But with fashion coming to the forefront in the past few years, people have started to become a lot more conscious about what they are wearing. These days, there are so many more options for not just women, but also men and children that you need not settle with what is there in your wardrobe. For any and all festivals, you can actually go out and get attires that are perfect and with IndiaEmporium, the entire store will come to you.


Let’s start with the ladies – who said that just because it’s a festival, you need to wear those traditional sarees that your mother had kept locked away. While there is nothing wrong in going back to the basics and the traditional attires, there is always a time to change. If you are someone who likes to dress up for special occasions, but still maintain that touch of tradition, then there are plenty of sarees on offer at IndiaEmporium. From the traditional silks such as Banarasi and Kancheevarams to more modern fabrics such as chiffon and georgette, there is so much to choose from. You can look at sarees that have modern fabrics, but traditional work done on them, or you could look for traditional silks with modern designs and prints on them.


In case you are not too keen on sarees, then you could always look at the incredible range of salwar-suits that are on offer at IndiaEmporium. Whether you want a Punjabi suit or an Anarkali, whether you want something simple or something that is truly elaborate, you should be able to find it here. Lord Krishna has always been associated with shades of blue, and at IndiaEmporium, you should be able to find outfits in every shade of blue and this Janmashtami, perhaps you too should deck yourself up in a stunning peacock blue anarkali! Or you want to go all out, why not consider getting a special lehenga designed for yourself, because at IndiaEmporium, even that is possible! The design team at IndiaEmporium will get an idea of what it is that you want and then create an outfit that matches your imagination.


And at IndiaEmporium, it doesn’t stop with the women, because there is just as wide a choice for men as well as children. Most men would think that when it comes to special occasion and festive wear, there are very few choices, but when you come here, you will realise that there is just as much choice for men. From simple cotton kurtas to linen kurtas with work and embroidery, from silk kurtas to fusion wear, there is so much to choose from that even the most fashion-conscious men would feel happy. Chances are that you might have come to pick up only one or two things, but end up revamping half your wardrobe!


Even the little ones are not forgotten on IndiaEmporium, because there is plenty of choice for kids as well. From lehengas and salwar-suits for little girls to formal suits and kurta-pajama sets for boys, you will find plenty to choose from. Perhaps the biggest advantage of picking up kids wear from IndiaEmporium is that not only are the clothes extremely stylish and fashionable, they are also immensely comfortable, because only the softest material is used to create these outfits. And when you are shopping for Janmashtmi, you will definitely want to pick out lehengas for your princess so that you can look like a Radha and with the right dhoti, your son could look like the cute little Krishna that he is.


To give you that little incentive to come shop at IndiaEmporium, this Janmashtami, we are also offering you free shipping on all your orders. Simply apply the code “FreeShipping” at checkout, and no matter how small or large your order, we will ensure that it reaches you at no extra charge. So, what are you waiting for – Janmashtami is right around the corner!