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By Madiha

Think Mauritius and you will immediately envision the bluest of waters, never-ending beaches with white or golden sand and you will conjure this image of a little bit of paradise on earth. Mauritius is all that and more – nestled in the Indian Ocean, this gorgeous little country has built a reputation for itself by being one of the most stunning landscapes in the world. There are beaches where you can walk up to a kilometre into the ocean, but still have the water coming only up to your waist. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom and the deeper waters are brimming with vibrant sea life.


When you think of so much natural beauty, you can also imagine that this is the place where people want to show off the latest fashions. Mauritius is where tourists from all over the world descend for their holidays and these days, this place has also become a favorite location for destination weddings. Whether people are here for a holiday or for a special occasion, chances are that they will want to look their best, which explains why there is a large market for the latest fashions in this island nation. As a matter of fact, several big brands from across the world have their manufacturing units located here.




What is interesting to note is that Mauritius has a huge Indian population and today, there are several people who are native Mauritians, but can trace back their ancestry to India. It is not surprising that several people in Mauritius can speak Indian languages such as Hindi and Tamil and you will notice Indian influences in everything ranging from the clothes to the food. Given that several Indian movies have used the Mauritian landscape to glamourize their songs, these movies fare really well here. And because movies are often the foundation for day to day fashion, you will see that there are several women, and young ladies in particular, who might not have anything to do with India, but still want to dress up like Bollywood celebrities.


In their search to find the perfect outfits that are in tandem with fashion statements in the Indian subcontinent, there are several people, who scour the internet, but most of the times, they are unable to locate what they want. However, with portals such as IndiaEmporium, the search becomes so much easy, because the latest fashion trends are all on offer here and no matter which part of the world you are shopping in, they will ensure that it reaches your doorstep. So, whether you want the most exclusive ethnic wear for women online or something that you can use on a daily basis, this is the website you will want to come to.




What makes IndiaEmporium stand apart from a sea of fashion portals is the fact that this is one of the only websites that offers the facility of customisation. Let’s say you are a bride to be, who has been living in Mauritius for a long time. You are so inspired by those big budget Hindi movies that you have decided that you want a trousseau that is heavily inspired by what all the heroines wear in these movies. So, you want a saree that has elaborate embroidery, you want an anarkali that sweeps the floor as you walk and you want to walk down the ‘aisle’ in a lehenga that has been designed exclusively for you! With the creative team at IndiaEmporium by your side, all this will become possible, including that customized lehenga in Mauritius, reaching your doorstep, well before your D-day!


When you come to IndiaEmporium, you will get to chat with the design team, which is not only extremely creative, but also incredibly experienced. Their first step will be to understand what it is that you have in mind, as this will give them the foundation on which your outfit will be built. By gaining a proper understanding of what the occasion is, they will be able to suggest colours, material, shape of the outfit and what kind of work will look best. With all these details in hand, they will be able to create the first draft of the design, which will be shared with you. Once finalised, work will begin in true earnest and within days, the first look of the outfit, as well as a small swatch of the work being done on it will be sent to you. And as soon as the outfit is completed, it will be packed with care and dispatched to reach you!




So, if you have been thinking about where to buy lehenga online in Mauritius, you need to remember that there is only once place where you will be able to shop from the widest range and that is IndiaEmporium!

By Madiha

There are certain times in the year, when you need to dress up and more importantly, you want to dress up, because it is time for a festival. Depending on which part of the country you are in, the festivals will change and if it is a festival that is celebrated all over the country, there is the chance that there is a change in the flavour – the manner in which it is celebrated changes. With the change in the methods of celebration, comes a change in so many other aspects – from the food to the customs to the outfits, you will notice changes in it all.


One such festival that is just around the corner happens to be Janmashtami – the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated all over India and in each region, you will observe that there is a little something that is differently. So, while in the south of India, you will notice payasam being kept as an offering, in the north of India, you will see that its laddoos that take the place. However, no matter which part of the world you are celebrating Janmashtami in, this is a day that you will want to dress up, because after all, for Indians any festival is a reason for celebration.


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For most people, dressing traditional means only a few options – women will consider a saree, young girls will look at the salwar-suits they have in their wardrobe, and men will stick to their favourite kurta. But with fashion coming to the forefront in the past few years, people have started to become a lot more conscious about what they are wearing. These days, there are so many more options for not just women, but also men and children that you need not settle with what is there in your wardrobe. For any and all festivals, you can actually go out and get attires that are perfect and with IndiaEmporium, the entire store will come to you.


Let’s start with the ladies – who said that just because it’s a festival, you need to wear those traditional sarees that your mother had kept locked away. While there is nothing wrong in going back to the basics and the traditional attires, there is always a time to change. If you are someone who likes to dress up for special occasions, but still maintain that touch of tradition, then there are plenty of sarees on offer at IndiaEmporium. From the traditional silks such as Banarasi and Kancheevarams to more modern fabrics such as chiffon and georgette, there is so much to choose from. You can look at sarees that have modern fabrics, but traditional work done on them, or you could look for traditional silks with modern designs and prints on them.


In case you are not too keen on sarees, then you could always look at the incredible range of salwar-suits that are on offer at IndiaEmporium. Whether you want a Punjabi suit or an Anarkali, whether you want something simple or something that is truly elaborate, you should be able to find it here. Lord Krishna has always been associated with shades of blue, and at IndiaEmporium, you should be able to find outfits in every shade of blue and this Janmashtami, perhaps you too should deck yourself up in a stunning peacock blue anarkali! Or you want to go all out, why not consider getting a special lehenga designed for yourself, because at IndiaEmporium, even that is possible! The design team at IndiaEmporium will get an idea of what it is that you want and then create an outfit that matches your imagination.


And at IndiaEmporium, it doesn’t stop with the women, because there is just as wide a choice for men as well as children. Most men would think that when it comes to special occasion and festive wear, there are very few choices, but when you come here, you will realise that there is just as much choice for men. From simple cotton kurtas to linen kurtas with work and embroidery, from silk kurtas to fusion wear, there is so much to choose from that even the most fashion-conscious men would feel happy. Chances are that you might have come to pick up only one or two things, but end up revamping half your wardrobe!


Even the little ones are not forgotten on IndiaEmporium, because there is plenty of choice for kids as well. From lehengas and salwar-suits for little girls to formal suits and kurta-pajama sets for boys, you will find plenty to choose from. Perhaps the biggest advantage of picking up kids wear from IndiaEmporium is that not only are the clothes extremely stylish and fashionable, they are also immensely comfortable, because only the softest material is used to create these outfits. And when you are shopping for Janmashtmi, you will definitely want to pick out lehengas for your princess so that you can look like a Radha and with the right dhoti, your son could look like the cute little Krishna that he is.


To give you that little incentive to come shop at IndiaEmporium, this Janmashtami, we are also offering you free shipping on all your orders. Simply apply the code “FreeShipping” at checkout, and no matter how small or large your order, we will ensure that it reaches you at no extra charge. So, what are you waiting for – Janmashtami is right around the corner!

By Madiha

I am someone who travels all over the world, in my capacity of a fashion blogger – I get to see first-hand how the fashion world is changing and evolving and what are the new trends that are emerging. I see new designers bringing about new ideas and designs to the forefront, and then I also see the big established fashion houses trying to better what they have already created. But the one thing that I always notice is that some trends always tend to linger around, and no matter what the dissidents might say, there are certain trends that are here to stay. Embroidery happens to be one of them – while there are those who would say that embroidery is old-fashioned, those in the fashion know-how will tell you that this intricate hand work will be around for a really long time.




In order to understand why embroidery is still so loved in the fashion world, I tried to trace to history of this ancient craft. What surprised me the most is that the origins of embroidery can be traced all the way back to 30,000BC, because during archaeological excavations, several clothes, including footwear and hats were found, which had heavy embroidery done on them. Similarly, I read articles about how during an excavation in Siberia, shells were found with embroidery on them and these were dated to around 5000 BC. Pictures from ancient China depicted embroidery that was done using silk thread and precious stones. However, the embroidery in the manner that we recognise it in today, evolved in the Middle East and perhaps China and what had probably started as a decorative method to join animal hides, eventually evolved into something incredibly artistic. There are several evidences that show people from the past wearing clothes and accessories that had been embroidered.


Hand embroidery design graduated to the next level during the 1100s when beads and pearls were used and started to spread all over Europe. Eventually, bead and pearl embroidery as well as intricate designs became common place. As a matter of fact, the elaboration on the embroidery became a symbol of opulence and several cultures including those in Persia, India, China and the Byzantium empires, embroidery had arrived. Embroidery thrived in India and the Indian sub-continent and several variations of the form emerged – from those which used cotton thread to those which used silk, from pearl and precious stones being used to mirror work.


With the change in times, embroidery saw a dip – people no longer considered embroidery as stylish. In the Indian sub-continent, embroidery was deigned as something traditional and was used only for outfits that would be used for traditional occasions. However, the arts continued to flourish in certain areas – such as phulkari in Punjab and chikan in Lucknow. While these works were still recognised in these regions, the takers for these intricate arts were dwindling.


The renaissance for embroidery arrived a few decades when maverick designers from not only India, but around the world started recognising what an intricate art embroidery is and how it can be used even on the most modern of outfits. Very soon, embroidery was making a comeback on the international fashion scene and all of a sudden, more and more people were looking for hand embroidery designs for lehenga online and asking their local tailors whether they could get it done.


These days, everything from sarees to jeans are being embroidered and people are embracing embroidery with open hands and hearts. Recently, I was asked to do a piece on Indian brides and how they were looking for methods by which they could stay modern, yet have a touch with the traditional. For this piece, I spoke to several brides to be as well as recent brides from all over India and I even got to chat with a few brides who were born and brought up outside India, but were still going for the ‘big fat Indian wedding’. Each of these brides was different – while some were entrepreneurs others were working for multinationals, there were those who had just completed their studies and there were some who were specialised professionals.


However, what was common to all these brides was the fact that all of them wanted to look like the traditional Indian bride on their special day. Several of them spoke about how they had been researching lehenga embroidery work online and were trying to zero in on the perfect design for their wedding lehenga. There were those who had been spending hours with their designers, trying to work out the ideal pattern for their wedding attire. I even spoke to one bride, who actually travelled to several small towns and villages to understand the intricacy of the work she had imagined. She even had photographs to detail her travels and how she had captured the embroidery being done. With the help of these photos, she had been able to have her dream outfit created with exactly the type of embroidery she had envisioned.


There are also several people who are now looking at handwork lehenga online because they are realising that some arts, such as embroidery, are truly timeless and will always look special. What is heartening to see is that modern day designers have transformed the once ancient art into something a lot more contemporary and a growing number of people are now recognising how wonderful the world of embroidery is.

By Madiha

There are some bonds that we create in our lifetime, and then there are some bonds that we have from the time we are born. The bond that we have with our parents is one such bond, but perhaps the bond that most people cherish the most is the one they have with their siblings. Whether you have an elder brother or sister, you are sure to have a truly special relationship with them – this is the person you share every secret with; this is the person you share your every joy and sorrow with. At times, they are your partners in crime, and at times, they are the best advisers you could have asked for; there are so many roles that our siblings play in our lives.


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One of the best sibling bonds that you can see, especially in India, happens to be the one between a brother and a sister. If the brother is the elder one, he will take care of his younger sister, pretty much in the same way as a father would and if the sister is the older one, then there are several times, when she will don the role of the mother for her younger sibling. No matter what the equation between the brother and sister, when Rakshabandhan arrives, there is a special something in the air. No matter how much they fight, the sister will spend hours trying to find the ideal rakhi for her brother, while the brother will trouble anyone and everyone possible, trying to figure out what would be the best gift for his sister.


Each year you try to top what you did last year for your brother or sister, but this year, doing something truly different should be a lot easier. With IndiaEmporium, choosing that special gift should be a lot easier, simply because the choice here is incredible. Whether you want exclusive outfits, or you want accessories, whether you are looking for a specific colour or want something you saw on a celebrity, chances are that you will find all that and more here. After all, IndiaEmporium is home to all the latest fashion trends and the most happening collections.


Here are just some of the ideas that we have for you this Rakshabandhan:


1. If you have a sister, who is finishing school and getting all set to enter college, why not help her create a wardrobe that will work well for    college? You could get her some nice kurtas and kurtis, which she will be able to mix and match with leggings, palazzos, skirts or jeans.

2. In case your sister is a working woman, you could still get her a range of kurtas and kurtis that she could wear to work. You could also pick out proper salwar-kameez sets, which she can use as formal wear, or you could look at tops that she could wear with formal pants or trousers.

3. There is also a truly impressive range of sarees on IndiaEmporium, and from sarees can be used for normal day to day wear, to those which are perfect for parties and special events. IndiaEmporium also has sarees that are perfect for festival times and auspicious occasions.

4. If your sister is about to get married, then there is no place to shop than IndiaEmporium, because this is home to some of the finest and latest bridal wear. You can browse through some of the most stunning bridal suits and sarees or you could look for a gorgeous lehenga that your sister could wear for one of her functions.

5. In case you are not sure about clothes, you could always buy some accessories that she could use not only for her wedding related events, but also when she wants to get dressed up. From simple earrings to bangles, from necklaces to elaborate mangalsutras, there is so much to choose from here.


However, IndiaEmporium is the best place for clothes that are unique and couture, because this is where you can get clothes made to order. Talk to the design team and not only will they suggest what a good idea for a gift would be, they will also bring that idea to life. All you will have to do is give them an idea of what it is that you want and they will do the rest – from helping you choose which fabrics work best to finalising the colour combination, from assisting you in making the choice for the work that needs to be done on the outfit, to finally creating the attire, there is little that team IndiaEmporium cannot do for you.


With Rakshabandhan around the corner, it is time that you head to IndiaEmporium and start shopping for your sister. As a special treat for all the brothers indulging in some shopping for their sisters, as well as for the ladies treating themselves to something special for this occasion, IndiaEmporium has treat in store. Buy anything you like from the store and you will get a 30% discount on the product. In order to avail this offer, simply use the coupon code RB30 at checkout.


So, what are you waiting for? Rakshabandhan is almost here!

By Madiha

Every year, on the 15th of August, India celebrates its Independence Day – the day it finally won its freedom from the British and started its journey to becoming the superpower that it has become today. While August 15th is important politically, it is important on several other levels too – this is a day that our country declared to the world that it was no longer a slave to anyone; it declared that it was ready to take its place on the world stage and this was the day that India announced to the world, that in a matter of years, the country would become a trendsetter, in more ways than one.


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In the past 71 years, India has seen so many changes – it has emerged as a socio-economic super power, its political clout and standing is being recognised globally. From movies to sports, from technology to start-ups, there are only a rare few domains, where India and Indians are yet to carve their niche. And what is truly heartening to see is that India is also emerging as a name to reckon with, even in the world of fashion.


In the past few years, Indian designers have emerged on the international fashion scene and how! They are bringing Indian traditional fabrics, designs and types of works to the international stage and the way it is being recognised and accepted is truly wonderful. While initially there was a struggle to match up with international designers, it did not take Indian designers long to realise that they had a treasure of chest of ideas right at home. They had incredible fabrics such as silks and cottons, which could be created by local weavers and handloom cottage industries. To make these fabrics vibrant, they have plenty of methods by which they could bring a myriad colours alive on cloth. Once the fabric was ready in a colour they had imagined, they had a treasure trove of works they could use to embellish it. From thread work to stone work, from block printing to hand painting techniques, there was simply so much that the designers could choose from.


And then of course, there were so many types of outfits they could use for their design base – whether they wanted to recreate the saree or reinvent the salwar kameez; from making the anarkali trendy to reimagining the lehengas, there was such a large canvas for the designers to play around with. And the moment Indian designers realised all this, they burst out onto the international fashion scene with a bang. Today, there are several Indian designers who are considered at par with international designers and almost all of them are those who have chosen to stick true to the Indian traditions.


What is interesting to see is that the modern Indian population – men, women and even children have become extremely conscious of what they are wearing, every time, they are stepping out. Gone are the days when the outfit mattered only on special occasions – these days, people want to look their best, every time they are out of the house, This interest in looking sharp, in looking good lead to a spurt in the fashion world and fashion now had to become a lot more accessible. Fashion could no longer be limited to high end boutiques and exclusive designer stores – it had to be sold in such a manner that everyone could get their hands on it and it would reach them, no matter where they were.


This was the time, when fashion turned to technology and both merged so effortlessly, that most people were quite surprised. This was the time, when fashion went online – something that no one could have imagined at the time when India won its freedom. When the internet arrived in India, it brought with it a range of possibilities and taking the fashion world by storm was just one of them. Now, designers from even the most remote part of the country, could reach out the customers who might be sitting in Delhi or Mumbai. This was also the time, when several talented and creative minds saw the opportunity to reach out to a much larger audience.


Fashion websites like IndiaEmporium have taken this opportunity to immense heights, by offering the discerning customer with the widest range of apparel and accessories. Now, no matter which part of the world the customer is in, they can shop for the latest in the world of Indian fashion and have it delivered to their doorstep. As a matter of fact, IndiaEmporium is one of the only websites that offers online customisation services – this means, that you can have your outfit designed from scratch! Could anyone have imagined this, 70 years back?


This August 15th, IndiaEmporium invites you to free your wardrobe from the boring clothes you have inside. Shop at IndiaEmporium and explore the latest trends in salwar-kameez, sarees, kurtas, lehengas, sherwanis, kids wear and more. What’s more, when you shop, you can enjoy up to 30% off, as well as an additional 20% off shop to your heart’s content and when you are done, simply apply the coupon code IND20 and enjoy incredible discounts!


So, what are you waiting for? Come over to IndiaEmporium and free your wardrobe of everything old!

By Madiha

I am mother to a gorgeous 6-year-old and I have no qualms in admitting that I am obsessed with her! Every time, I am shopping, I am looking out for clothes that I can purchase for my princess and each time, I step into one of those big brand stores, I realize that the clothes are similar looking. What frustrates me even more is that I buy a dress for her, thinking it looks nice, and a few days later, I see some other child wearing exactly the same outfit. That was the time when I decided to stop shopping for kids clothing from those big brand stores.




But I was still facing a problem – I needed to find a place where I could find clothes that would do my little doll, justice. As a person, I can adjust with most things, but when it comes to being a mother, I am not willing to feel satisfied with just anything. When it comes to finding something for my daughter, I will not settle for the normal – every time, I am looking for an outfit for her, it needs to be special and truly extraordinary. Having walked in and out of innumerable stores, looking for something special for my little one, I was starting to feel disappointed and dejected.


It was then that I thought of considering kids clothes onlineI have to admit, I do a lot of my own shopping online, but when it came to buying something for my little darling, I wondered whether the things would match up to the standards that I have set for her. I decided to dip my toes tentatively and pick out just one outfit first – after all, I could always buy more from this particular website, especially if I liked what I saw. Now, I have to tell you – this is a website that I shop from almost every alternate month, and almost everything that I have purchased from here has turned out more than satisfactory. However, the outfit that I purchased for my daughter, turned out to be such a disappointment – the fabric was of low quality, the embellishments shown on the website were nowhere to be seen on the actual outfit and the saddest part – it didn’t fit her properly.




I was back to that state of depression and dejection – was I ever going to find something that I would love and my little one would look glorious in! It looked like my search for dresses for girls was going to end in absolute failure, when a friend of mine (who also happens to be an online shopping enthusiast like me) told me about IndiaEmporium. I had shopped from IE a fair few times, but I had no clue that they had clothes for children as well. Because my shopping experience with IE had been extremely good, I immediately went online and started browsing their pages for something unique.


The moment I entered the category of kids wear, I have to say I was completely taken aback – there was a hidden treasure, right under my nose, and I had absolutely no clue. There was so much to choose from that my head was starting to spin. Finally, here was a website that had so many options for my daughter and each one seemed better than the other. But the greatest thing for me was that I knew of IndiaEmporium’s dedication to offering quality products.




As they say, once bitten twice shy, I decided that rather than buying several dresses at one time, this time too, I was going to try one out first and then take a call for the rest. I ordered an adorable lehenga choli for my daughter and I was impressed by the fact that the outfit reached me within a few days. The dress looked exactly like what I had seen on the website – the colour combination was the same, the work was the same and the material used was gorgeous! The only problem was with the size – it was a little to small for her. I got in touch with the customer care at IndiaEmporium and without any tantrums, they offered to replace the dress. Yet again, within a few days, I had the same dress, but this time, it fit my princess like a dream and she looked every bit the princess that she is! It won’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out that I went ahead and purchased several more outfit for my little one.


Today, if someone asks me where to go shopping for children’s wear, I tell them to head directly to IndiaEmporium, because this is where you will get plenty of choice, pocket friendly options and outfits that will look great on kids. What is great about the children’s outfits that you pick up from IndiaEmporium is that they are made using fabrics that are perfect for the soft, delicate skin of children. The embellishments that are used, definitely make the outfit pop, but they are not at all uncomfortable for the children and do not prick and poke the young ones, the way. What I liked about these clothes the most is that they are extremely pocket friendly too, and no matter what the occasion, you could find something that is just perfect!


Whether you are looking for dresses for boys or for little princesses, there is so much to choose from the world of fashion at IndiaEmporium.

By Madiha

I have always been in love with fashion – it really doesn’t matter to me, whether I find that fashion in the pages of glossy magazines, on the body of a celebrity or on the streets that I cross, each day, when I come back from college. I love fashion and apart from the times when I am supposed to be buried under my study material, I spend my time either looking at the latest fashion trends or reading about them. However, there is a reason I never got into fashion design – I really can’t handle the pencil to draw what I have in my mind. I mean, my creativity is all in my mind, but when it comes to putting it down on paper, I am unable to do it and this has left me disappointed several times.



And then, a miracle happened – I discovered the wonderful world of India Emporium! This online website is everything that a fashion conscious person like me would ever want. Whether I want the latest kurtis that I can mix and match with my jeans and skirts for college or I want to pick a nice georgette saree for my mom, it’s all here! But, what truly captured my attention was their made to order services – I realised that through their website, I could actually be the designer I had always wanted to be, without having to put a pen to the paper.


Their services are actually quite simple – you talk to their design team, give them an idea of what it is that you want, they design the outfit, taking your inputs at every step and before you know it, the outfit of your dreams is ready and at your doorstep. When I first read about it on their website, I have to tell you, I was extremely sceptical, which is why, I spent a fair amount of time, chatting with the design team, via their chat option. They took me step by step, through their entire procedure, and I was a little more convinced and decided to try their services out. To be completely honest, I was just waiting for an opportunity to try out my hand at designing.




I decided that I was going to dip my toes into this world and chose to get an anarkali designed for myself. I was pretty sure that I wanted to get this stunning crepe silk outfit, with a lot of embroidery and work done on it. I knew what colours I wanted and I had already imagined what it would look like, in my mind. I had a chat with the design team and they took down all the details, including my measurements. I told them which colours I wanted – I had chosen olive green and pink, and when they also agreed with my colour choice, I was happy. But when they told me that raw silk would be a better choice when it came to material, I wondered whether it would truly work out the way I wanted. I saw sense in what they said, only when they reminded me that I was looking to wear this outfit in the winters. After all, this type of silk is a little thicker, offering more warmth and comfort during the cold winters, as opposed to crepe.


Once we had finalised the colour combination and the fabric, we started talking about what kind of work should be done on the outfit. I was thinking whether I wanted zari work or something more on the lines of bead work. The design team at India Emporium showed me pictures of all the works that they could get done, via their traditional artisans and expert craftsmen and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. I finalised zardozi work because the moment I saw it I was in love with it. The designers suggested that I go for a combination of mango and peacock motifs and I was all on board, because I love those two motifs too.


Within a few days, they sent me a picture of a swatch, which had a sample of what the final design would look like and I have to tell you, it looked absolutely gorgeous. Throughout the design process, the team kept me in the loop – I was constantly sent emails about how far the design and tailoring process had reached and how my outfit was shaping up. In less than the time it had taken me to imagine this outfit and dream about it, my actual outfit was ready and the design team at India Emporium, sent me the picture of the completed outfit. I have to tell you, seeing the completed outfit was like a dream come true, literally! I mean, I had been day dreaming about this outfit, since my first discussion session and now it was ready and within days, it would be in my hands. There had been times during the design process, when I had wondered, whether I should have gone with mirror work instead of the zardozi or whether the colour combination I had chosen would actually work, but when I saw that photo, all my doubts vanished completely. And when the outfit arrived, it was beautifully packed, ensuring that the delicate material as well as the delicate hand embroidery were all protected. As I tried on the outfit and looked at myself in the mirror, I knew that I had finally become the designer I had always wanted to become; well kind of!


For More Details:- India Emporium brings customized outfits and made to order outfits

By Madiha

Let me be very honest with you – my fiancé is quite the looker and he is extremely successful in his professional life, but when it comes to style, he is not the fastest horse in the race. As a matter of fact, he is someone who often fails to coordinate his day to day clothes! There have been so many days, when he has gone out, wearing an attire that makes no sense. His own family told me more than once, that it was only after he met me that his dressing sense started getting better, because many a times, I would pick out the clothes for him and of course, I was accompanying him for most of his shopping trips.




So, when our wedding date was fixed, I knew that while I had to work on my own wedding trousseau, I also had to put in the same amount of effort for his wardrobe too. Now, let me tell you a little bit about my fiancé – like I told you earlier, he is a good looking guy, but he is not the type who will spend a lot of time fussing over his clothes or even the way he looks. He is the type of guy who wants to be dressed and out within minutes, which is why, I knew that when I was creating his looks for the wedding, they had to be simple and hassle free. I knew from the beginning that even though dhoti kurta for men is a great choice for weddings, it would not work with my fiancé, because he would never be willing to spend the time it takes to wear a dhoti!


While there are those who would think that there are not a lot of options when it comes to clothing for men, the fact is that there are just as many options as there are for women (well, maybe not as many as for women, but there are quite a few choices). We were going to have three main ceremonies – the sangeet, the wedding and the reception, and I knew that I had to get my fiancé at least those many outfits, along with a few more, which he could use at any point in between the wedding functions. Our wedding was going to be at the start of the summer season, which meant that he needed clothes that were ideal for that weather. So, while a proper suit would be a great choice for the reception, given that the event was going to be in the evening and it would be reasonably pleasant, most of the other events would happen during the day time.




Although a kurta pajama for wedding might not be the ideal choice, it turned out to be a brilliant option for all other occasions, including the in-between times. For the sangeet, which was also the mehndi function for me, I decided to colour coordinate. So, while I was dressed in a pale pink kurti and long skirt, I chose a pale pink cotton kurta with an off white pajama for my fiancé. Not only did he look cool and comfortable in it, the photos came out incredible! The next morning, I had my set of functions at home, but my fiancé had kind of a day off, because the wedding was taking place the next day. Fortunately, I had picked out a range of fashionable kurtas, which my fiancé was able to enjoy wearing and was able to carry out with flair. As a matter of fact, I intentionally chose kurtas that he could team with pajamas as well as jeans, so that he could mix and match them later on as well.


Seeing the comfortable kurtas I had chosen, my fiancé did wonder why he couldn’t have a designer kurta pajama for wedding too, but I convinced him that for the D-Day, he would have to wear a sherwani. Although not very happily, my fiancé did get all dressed up in his spectacular peacock blue sherwani, complete with a real peacock feather in his turban. And I have to say that it worked so well with my peacock blue and green and gold lehenga, which had peacock feather motifs all over the skirt. Everyone who looked through our wedding album told us that they loved how coordinated our outfits looked and how nice we looked together.





I don’t know whether it is because of me or not, but my husband is now hooked onto kurtas and he loves wearing them to all occasions. He is constantly looking for an excuse to wear a kurta and he now knows how to work them – so, if it is traditional day at office, he will team a kurta with jeans or chinos, and when it is a pooja at a family friend’s house, he will wear it with a pajama. As a matter of fact, he is already looking forward to the next family event or traditional occasion, because he wants to flaunt his new kurta pajama with jacket!

By Madiha

On a normal day, I am your girl next door – you will see me dressed up in jeans and simple kurtas and that is what I prefer on a normal day, because that is what is most comfortable for me to get around the hectic days, I generally have. But come a special occasion and believe me, I am the first one to raid my wardrobe and find the perfect outfit for the occasion. I mean, I am slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to dressing up for the occasion – I need to have the right type of clothes, the right type of shoes and even the makeup and jewellery needs to be right. So, it should not come as a surprise that I own several jewellery sets.




What might be amusing to most people is that most of these sets are not genuine gold or diamonds. Don’t get me wrong; I do have a few exquisite pieces that were gifted to me by my mom and I use them on extremely special occasions, such as family weddings or Diwali pooja. However, I am the type who likes to match my accessories with the outfit, which is why real jewellery is often out of the question – I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth to be able to afford real gold, diamond or platinum jewellery to match every outfit I have, which is why I had to become resourceful. I realised that modern day fashion jewellery for women was the answer to my prayers.


I knew that I had to explore my local markets, because many a times, hidden away in some secret corner of the city that you have grown in, there are treasures waiting to be discovered. It was on a trip like that once that I discovered a haven for designer and fashion jewellery – what seemed like a tiny little store from the outside was actually a complete maze of almost every type of accessory you could imagine. From that day on, this store became my go to place, whenever I needed to find jewellery to match my outfit – whether I was going to college or to a party, I knew that I would be able to find the right accessories in this little corner heaven.




All through my college days, this was the one shop I used to keep coming back to and I would even bring my friends. I thought I was pretty much set for life, because no matter what the occasion, I knew that this store would have what I needed, in terms of accessories and jewellery. However, one fine day, without any notice, the shop closed! And the most unfortunate thing was that the closure happened at a time, when I needed the best jewellery I could find, because my best friend was getting married. I knew I had several events to attend and for each event I would have a different attire and each attire would need jewellery that matched.


I was almost in a state of panic, when my friend, the bride to be, told me that there was no need to worry – there was another store that was just as well equipped for my needs, and was just as pocket friendly. It was when she told me that she was picking up multiple pieces for her own wedding too, that I was convinced that this was going to be a good place to shop. However, I almost fell of my chair, when she told me that this was an online store! I mean, how can you buy jewellery onlinewhat if the piece is not crafted properly, what if the stones fall out and most importantly, what if I don’t like it?




But the moment I logged onto India Emporium, all my fears evaporated – this was not only a legitimate website for shopping, but also one of the best places to find the latest trends. Within minutes, I was looking through all that the website had to offer in terms of designer jewellery for women and I had added at least six different pieces to my cart. That was when the small voice in my head told me that I needed to be careful – after all, this was the first time I would be shopping from this website; how could I be sure that everything would be ok, when it reached me. So, I chose one necklace and earring set and purchased. The moment I received my package, I knew that I was in safe hands and immediately, I was back on the portal shopping to my heart’s content. Not only is there is a huge variety to choose from, they are all such value for money, that no matter how much you buy, you will not feel bad!


At India Emporium, you will be able to find it all – whether you are looking at typical bridal jewellery or something a little more modern; whether you want polki sets or kundan bangles, they are all on offer here. The craftmanship on each piece is truly exquisite and you will find it hard to stop with just one. I was able to find so many pieces that matched my outfit, that I was totally confused and had a tough time picking out just the ones I needed. What is great about shopping for designer jewellery on India Emporium is that you can find something for every occasion – whether you want something that is apt for a wedding or something that you can wear to college or office.

By Madiha

I am not a fashion designer, although my daydreams are mostly about fashion and clothes and accessories. Even though I am not trained in fashion design, I am someone who would like to think that I know a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I mean, one looks at someone and I can tell whether the outfit they are wearing is right for them, whether they have accessorised it properly and of course, how the ensemble could have been made to look better. I had always wanted to create my own outfit, and while I spent a lot of time playing around with small design ideas with my local tailor, I knew that none of them were at the same level as truly designer wear.




And then came that time – the time I had been waiting for! My brother was getting married! Although I was aware of the fact that it was his wedding and that he would be the centre of attention, I knew that I would get a fair share too. A little voice inside my head was telling “create your own costume” and I was sure that this was the time for me to shine. However, another thing that was lingering in my mind was how much of a dent I could put in my savings. If I even ventured near those big designers or boutiques, I would probably have to be happy with just one outfit, but because this was my own brother’s wedding, I had to look good for every event. That meant that I needed a total of four outfits – one for the engagement, one for the sangeet, one for the actual wedding and of course, one for the reception.


This was the time for me to get truly creative and not only get outfits that were befitting the sister of the groom, but also pocket friendly. Now, I had three options – one was to sit down with my local tailor and use material that I could find in the local markets to create something that vaguely resembles what you can see in a fashion magazine. The second was to walk in and out of several stores and boutiques, trying to find the outfit that I would want to wear. And then the third choice was the internet – which is the one I was most sceptical about, because how do you know what you are getting, without seeing it first.




I decided to be brave and get at least one customized outfit online – luckily for me, I had plenty of time before the engagement and of course between then engagement and the wedding. This meant that even if something did go wrong, I would have time to find another outfit. I decided to head straight to India Emporium, because I had heard some good things about them. When I first went to the website and found out that they offered the services of a professional fashion designer I was pleasantly surprised. What surprised me even more was the fact that the first consultation was absolutely free of cost! A quick chat with her and she had a pretty good idea of what I had in my mind – within a few hours, she had emailed me a sketch of the outfit – a stunning anarkali. With my photo and measurements in hand, she helped me choose the right colours and the embroidery. You will not believe it, within three days, she sent me a swatch of the embroidery, asking me whether I was ok with it or not. Every step of the way, the designer kept me posted and before I knew it, my made to order outfit was ready and delivered to my doorstep.




On the day of my brother’s engagement, I can’t tell you the number of complements I received on how wonderful my outfit looked and I couldn’t believe how well it fitted me! The outfit was a dream come true on so many levels – one, I had gotten an outfit that was really designer, two, it was couture because this outfit had been designed exclusively for me, three, it fit me so well and finally, it had not burnt a hole in my pocket. Now, I was absolutely sure that I was going to get all my outfits for the wedding made through India Emporium.


Over the next few weeks, I was constantly in touch with the design team at India Emporium, and well before the wedding festivities started, my entire wardrobe had reached me. I had customized ethnic wear, unique and designed especially for me, for each event. For the sangeet, I had a lovely flowy lehenga with a long tunic like top in dark pink, and I was able to dance the night away in it. At the wedding, I had a designer saree in pale gold – a net saree with embroidery all over the pallu and the base. The tints of dark blue in the embroidery went so well with the dark blue sapphire jewellery I had borrowed from my mother! And then for the reception, my design team at India Emporium had this stunning teal gown with silver embroidery. The silk used for the gown made sure that it looked almost ethereal and the fit was incredible.




Shopping with India Emporium made me realise that shopping online has evolved so much – gone are the days, when you just had a few outfits and you had to choose from them. Today, you can have your outfit designed, created with care and then delivered to your doorstep!