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By Madiha

I am someone who has always been in love with fashion – clothes, shoes, accessories, I love them all, but for the longest time, I received all my fashion gyan from those glossy magazines that you would most often find in the office of a dentist. Eventually, I started purchasing these magazines to gain a better understanding of what was trending and what was not. I would spend hours surfing the internet trying to see what was trending in Italy and France and I have lost count of the number of hours I spent watching fashion shows on television. Soon enough, I started looking for places that would offer custom made dresses near me because I knew that I wanted to stand apart and clothes that were customised, if not couture, were the way to go.




I have to admit that I did make a few trips to those glamourous boutiques, simply because I wanted to see what these stunning clothes look like up close. But one look at the price tags, and I knew that I had to walk right out, because most of the clothes that I was looking at were incredibly expensive. However, my love for these exclusive clothes was nowhere dying down and I knew that I had find some other way of getting my hands on clothes that would make everyone go va va voom! The one thing I was sure of was that my local tailor would not be handle it – I mean, he was pretty good at making made-to-measure women’s clothing, but they were nowhere close to what I had my mind set on.


Thankfully, we live in a day and age, where you can find everything on the internet and I decided that it was possible that I could find the kind of clothes I had been dreaming of online too. As I was surfing the internet, I came across quite a few shopping portals, all of which claimed that they offered the best options when it came to fashion forward clothes. But it was only when I came across India Emporium, which I realised that I had found the place that I wanted to be! This was the place which would bring runway fashion from Delhi, directly to my home!




I have to be honest, I had a few bad encounters before I had discovered India Emporium, because I had looked at clothes on several websites and because I fell in love with what I saw on the portal, I purchased it without thinking. But when the clothes arrived, they were either a different colour than what I had seen or there was a problem with the size. In one case, the material used was completely different from what had been written by the website. I felt so deflated, because I actually thought that my local tailor could have provided me with better custom made dresses in Delhi.


But then, when I saw India Emporium, I knew that I was at the right place – not only did I find here the largest collection of readymade clothes, this was one place where I could also get truly exclusive clothes. These were the type of clothes you only got to see on the runway and in the glossy fashion magazines, but now they had become a lot more accessible. Now, I could get my hands on the most exquisite custom made women’s clothing and that without having to burn through my life savings!




What is great about shopping online is that you can pick and choose at ease – no longer do you have to worry about getting dressed up and making the actual trip to the store to pick out what you want. Shopping online gives you the benefit of shopping from wherever you are, whenever you want. However, there are only a rare few websites that will also allow you to get your hands on clothes that are customized for you. At India Emporium, there is an entire team of designers and talented tailors who will ensure that you have exactly what it is that you want.


Whether you are looking for something simple that you can wear to work, or you want something that is a lot more elaborate and fit for a wedding, you will be able to find it here. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for something as elite as custom made Indian bridal wear, then too this is the place where you need to come to. India Emporium has the largest collection of bridal wear that you can imagine and if your wedding is anytime soon, this is where you will want to be. Imagine you like an outfit, but you just wonder whether you could get it in a slightly different colour combination, you wonder if you could have it tailored to fit you like second skin and you wonder if the outfit would reach your doorstep – with India Emporium, you no longer need to imagine, because we will make it all possible for you!

By Madiha

For years, the Indian woman has adorned herself in traditional attires, especially when special occasions have come knocking. While a salwar kameez might have been her go to outfit for the daily choirs, the salwar suits for weddings would always be a lot more elaborate, because they were meant to ensure a certain sense of glamour and of course add to the festive spirit of the special occasion.




But if you look at the history of the humble salwar kameez, you will see how much it has evolved in the years. As a matter of fact, this is one of the few Indian attires that has seen several variations, and even today, you will see something new coming to the forefront, every now and then. These changes can be seen in the length of the kameez, the manner in which flares out or sticks closer to the body and of course the kind of material that are used to stitch these. And then there are the different bottom wear options – from churidars to salwars, there have been so many options. These days, women are even teaming kurtas with skirts and jeans to create an ethnic look with a modern twist.


What is interesting to note is that no longer do women want the simple option – they all want something that is exquisite and more importantly, exclusive. After all, no woman would want to be seen wearing the same thing as another woman! With the sudden spurt in online shopping portals, more and more women are choosing to do salwar suit online shopping, because not only does it offer them the luxury of shopping anytime, they are also able to shop irrespective of their location. As long as they are connected to the internet, they can shop!




While online shopping offers a range of benefits, there are some problems associated with it too; mainly not knowing which portals to trust. Because there are so many online shopping websites, there are just as many chances of frauds too – you can never be sure that you will get the actual outfit that you have ordered, as there could always be problems associated with size, colour and of course material. Let’s say you have purchased a designer salwar suit, shelling out a lot money, but when you receive it, you realise that neither is it the exact colour that you thought it would be, nor does it fit you as well as you thought it would. You try to return the outfit, but there is some problem or the other and you realise that you have lost all the money.


This is why, when you are shopping online, you need to make your choices wisely, starting with the portal that you choose. There are some websites which are obviously better than the others, and this could be because of a range of reasons. Whether it is the incredible range they offer or the safe payment methods, from free shipping to easy return policies, there are so many things that you need to consider, before you decide to purchase your next anarkali suits from a particular website. You could always ask your family and friends for reviews, because positive experiences from other people can help you make the decision much easier. You could also look at the reviews on forums that focus on such portals.




Let’s take an example of how you could be a smart shopper and have a positive shopping experience. When you go to a website, the first thing you need to see is how easy the website is to navigate – the easier the better. Ideally, you should be able to find the category of clothes that you are looking for, which for this example can be salwar suits. A good website will have filters, which will allow you to narrow down the search to the achkan style suits that you have your heart set on. There should also be filters that allow you to narrow down your search even further to aspects such as size, sleeve length, colours and of course, the price range. Finally, you should be able to see the results, which match what you are looking for and from that, you can make your final choice.


At websites like India Emporium, not only is there an ocean of choices, there are also all of the above mentioned filters, allowing you to shop without having to break your head or your bank balance. At India Emporium, you will be able to take your pick, whether you are looking to create your wedding trousseau or want simple churidar suits that you can wear to office. The entire website has been designed to offer the shopper a hassle free shopping experience and all of the clothes are curated and created by a team of truly talented designers. What sets this website apart from almost all the other websites is the fact that you can get customised clothes delivered to your doorstep.


So, the next time you are shopping online, make sure that you shop smart and that you shop at India Emporium!

By Madiha

When the term metrosexual man, first came into existence, most people chose to steer clear of it – for them it was a term that was not to be associated with real men. However, of late, a growing number of men, becoming aware of what the term actually means, are choosing to embrace it. In the simplest of terms, a metrosexual man is one who is conscious about the way he looks and takes care of grooming. When he goes out shopping, he will want colours that work with his complexion and will also try to find indo western dresses for men’s online – that is the modern man of today.





It is this enlightened and conscious man of the present who has led to the escalation in men’s fashion and these days, you can find so many more options, when it comes to fashion for men. This is no longer the day and age where men will wear just anything – these days, the modern man wants to look good, which is why he will not only colour coordinate his clothes, but also ensure that he takes the time to look at the fabrics, the designs and of course, whether the outfit is trendy enough. Obviously, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to choosing their outfits, even the men want to settle for nothing less than the latest sherwani designs for wedding.


Normally, when a wedding is around the corner, it is the bride who is the centre of all the attention. Families and friends spend hours trying to ensure that she has the best trousseau possible, with all the elaborate outfits in silk and georgette. Hours are spent choosing the best outfits for the bride to be and each occasion during the wedding is given much importance. However, in the past men would not pay much attention to what they would wear during the wedding – simple outfits or whatever their family picked out for them, would be more than enough for them. But the modern man is aware of what he wants and he will not shy away from the task of looking through different types of sherwani designs, before finalising one that he likes the best.




As a matter of fact, more and more men are now spending just as much time as the brides to be to try and find the best outfits for what is also a special day for them. Because the typical Indian wedding has now become an affair that lasts a few days, there are just as many events. From the cocktail prior the wedding to the mehndi and sangeet, there are so many occasions to dress up for not only the bride, but also the groom. Whether it is the reception or the actual wedding ceremony itself, the modern man wants to make sure that he is looking his best and no longer will he be satisfied with a simple sherwani for marriage. At India Emporium, we understand this, which is why we cater to not only the bride to be, but also the groom to be!


If you are a modern man and your wedding or even the wedding of a dear friend or a close relative is nearby, then there will be the need for attires that will work for the events. While you might want to go for the traditional suit for the cocktail dinner, you could always choose something a little more ethnic for the other occasions. Like, for the mehndi or haldi, you could opt for a simple kurta teamed with dhoti or pajamas, but for the sangeet you could go for something a lot more elaborate. As a matter of fact, you could consider indo western for men, because these will lend themselves to the traditional aspect of the wedding, without making the man feel too traditional. Teaming up kurtas with Nehru jackets or wearing formal looking Mandarin coats with dhotis are a great way to accentuate your personal style. At India Emporium, you should be able to find several options for all these types of outfits.




However, when it comes to choosing wedding sherwanis for men, it needs a lot more care and consideration, because this is the outfit that you will be wearing for the most important day of your life. While a lot of people like to match their sherwani with the outfit that their bride to be has picked out for herself, there are those who like to go a more subtle way. Several grooms these days prefer to just have a small pocket square that is the same colour as the bride’s outfit or they might go for the traditional turban in the same colour.


If you are feeling confused by all the latest sherwani designs from 2018, you need to create a checklist for yourself. Consider your budget first, because this will help eliminate all the more expensive choices. Shortlist the colours that you feel will work well for the occasion and then spend some time trying to finalise how grand or how subtle you want your outfit to be. Or simply come to India Emporium and allow our team of designers to help you out with all the little details!

By Madiha

Fashion is something that changes almost every day and if you are someone who steps out of the four walls of your home, you will see that you get to see something new in terms of clothes and accessories, each day. And if you are someone who goes to an office, then chances are that you too are a part of the ever changing face of fashion. Most offices these days follow a dress code and if you work for any such office, you would be familiar with all the latest western dress patterns, but there is quite the possibility that you are not sure of what is the latest in the world of party wear.


There was once a time when in order to find the best and most fashion forward outfits, you would have to go to an upscale boutique. While you might find something that captures your attention, chances are that you will have to spend half your savings to buy them, because most of the times, clothes at upscale boutiques are extremely expensive. Luckily for us, we live in a world where almost everything has gone the online way, which means that you might be able to find a lot more options and often better options, when you choose to shop online. Let’s say you are looking for gowns for women – you have two choices; you can either walk in and out of several stores, trying to find something that suits your requirement as well are your budget. Or you can simply go to an online shopping portal and within minutes you might find yourself paying for an outfit that you have fallen in love with.


One of the reasons there are still a lot of women who are apprehensive about shopping online is that they are not too sure about how things will fare. They wonder whether they will get exactly what it is they have paid for, especially in terms of material, colour and of course, the fit. Many people also have bad experiences with online shopping, because they do not get what it was that they had chosen. The trick to getting what it is that you actually want lies in shopping from websites that are reputed and have been able to build a dedicated client base. When you are looking for a party wear gown online, you need to remember that for the really good products, you will have to shell out a little money, but chances are that you will still end up saving a good amount.


Shopping online is not so much an art as it is going something with your common sense in place – if a website is popular with seven out of the ten people you talk to, chances are that this is a good place to shop. You might be able to find several reviews online, which will also help you choose the best place to shop or you could always trust what your friends or family tells you, based on their personal experience. And then there are the places which have built a solid reputation for themselves, such as India Emporium, where you can find all kinds of outfits, at the best prices. Whether you want party wear Indian dresses or something that is extremely western in design, chances are that you will be able to find them on an online shopping portal such as India Emporium.


Once you are online, you should be able to find the outfit of your choice with ease, because all the good online shopping portals will have filters. With these filters, you can set your choices in terms of what colours you want, what your size is, within what budget you are looking an outfit for and so on. With these details in place, shopping becomes not only easier, but also quicker, because you are not wasting time sifting through things that you are not interested in. So, if you are looking for party wear gowns with sleeves, all you need to do is set the filter within the gowns section – you will have to specify that you are looking for party wear outfits, you can choose the sleeve length, your size and set the price preference. Many websites will even allow you to set filters for the colours that you are looking for. The result will be all the party wear gowns that sit right what you wanted!



At India Emporium, you will find the most exclusive and also the most extensive range of ethnic and western outfits. We take pride in offering a range of attires that are meant for not only the woman of today, but also the man of the moment. From five to fifty, there is something for everyone here! From stunning indo western gowns by Manish Malhotra to kurtas that you can use on a daily basis, there is so much for you to choose from, when you come here!

By Madiha

You are about to become a bride and you want a lehenga that will make you look like an ethereal princess. You and your family members, which includes your mother, her sisters and your sisters and cousins, walk in and out of innumerable stores, try on n number of outfits and still not find something that you like. There will come a time when irritation, frustration and worry will start to set in. Your wedding date will be nearing, but you will be no nearer to finding your perfect wedding lehenga.

At such a time, what you would need is to see a bridal lehenga collection that will not only take your breath away, but also give you so many options that you might actually find yourself a little confused. However, chances are that you might not find such a collection in any one store – you might find several lehengas that you like in several stores, but then, there is no way that you will be able to do a comparison. In most cases, the people accompanying the bride will tell her to settle for whatever looks the best out of the choices that she has. In some cases, the brides will settle for whichever outfit they find closest to their liking or budget, but many a times, it will not be what they truly wanted.


There are several brides who are a lot braver – they try to work with their local tailor to try and create the wedding outfit of their dreams. They will find pictures from magazines and even online websites and take those to their tailor, trying really hard to make them understand exactly what it is that you are looking for. Most of the times, local tailors are unable to comprehend the often complicated designs and demands of the brides to be. Eventually, they are able to stitch up something, which is might or might not meet the requirements posed by the bride.


Then there the brides to be who have a lot more money on their hands, which means that they can have the biggest names in the fashion industry, handcraft their dream lehenga for them. These brides will have the most luxurious fabrics at their disposal, embroidery that will leave everyone stunned and a fit that would look almost like second skin! But such designer couture outfits can empty out the bank balance of most people! In addition, most designers will ask you to keep returning for fitting sessions, which will eat into the time that you would need for other planning sessions of the wedding.


Given the growth of online shopping, there is the option of looking for a wedding lehenga online too, but the chances of the bride to be finding exactly what she wants are quite less. When you are shopping online, you can never be sure of what you will eventually get. Till the package actually reaches you, you will have to keep wondering if the outfit will be the colour you wanted, the design that you had hoped for and the lehenga fits you properly.


However, there is one way out, by which the bride to be can enjoy a more relaxed shopping experience and most probably find a bridal lehenga that is exactly what she wanted. Welcome to the most wonderful shopping experience called India Emporium! This is the wonderland for online wedding lehengas – no matter what colour you want, no matter what kind of fabric you want your lehenga in, no matter what kind of design has caught your attention, chances are that you will find it here. And in case you don’t, the design team at India Emporium will create your dream lehenga and have it delivered to your doorstep.


What is perhaps the best reason to shop on India Emporium is that not only do you get a wide range in terms of choice, it is also a cost effective option. You can be sure that you will get exactly what you wanted, in the colour you had chosen, handcrafted using the fabric that you had dreamt about and in a fit that will make you feel like the princess that you truly are!

By Madiha


Shopping is a stress buster for almost all of us, but it becomes all the more enjoyable when there are major discounts or sales. If you are someone who loves shopping while the discounts are on, then you need to get set for BLACK Friday.


Black Friday is a prominent day in the United States and Europe, because it is the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season and this is a day when retailers offer special promotions and offers to customers.


The crazy rush begins early in the morning and in some stores, even before the sun rises! There are people who stand in queue from the previous night, because they want to be first into the stores, so that they can get the best deals! The deals offered on this day are so incredible that some people will even choose to skin the Thanksgiving dinner, just so that they can get their hands on the best deals!


Black Friday means that you can get the best deals on all kinds of products, ranging from phones and tablets, laptops to digital gadgets, clothes and shoes and even household items. The discounts are so huge that almost no one wants to miss them, which is why on a Black Friday, you will always find a huge crowd on the streets and shops!


This year, India Emporium has decided to join the festivities and is in the mood to celebrate with its international clientele. This year, India Emporium is also celebrating Black Friday and giving huge discounts.


On every purchase, you get Flat 20% off and you also get a 5% off on the use of a Coupon Code! Christmas is right around the corner and New Year’s is not too far away either, so dive into the festivities at India Emporium and go on a shopping spree!


Make sure that you make the best use of this incredible Black Friday offer and start shopping right now!

By Madiha

While my best friend was busy browsing through catalogues and trying to figure out where she would be able to find the best made to order bridal lehengas, we, her so called maids of honour had some tasks of our own. Given that it was our best friend who was getting married, we needed to make sure that we looked great too. After all, innumerable wedding photos would have us in them, and in order for these photos to become memorable for our bestie, we had to look great too!

Exquisite Silk & Georgette Black and Golden Mandarin Collar Long Choli Lehenga

So, while our best friend, the bride to be, was busy shopping for her trousseau, we were busy with our own wedding shopping. Even though we were accompanying her in and out of every store, most of our time was spent in looking at clothes that we would wear at the various ceremonies. While we had all decided that we would wear lehengas for the wedding day, we were considering party wear sarees for the mehndi and sangeet. However, no matter how many stores we walked in and out of, just like our friend, we were not able to find anything that truly won our heart.

Stunning Art Silk Based Blue & Green Weaving Work Saree

Finally, we all decided that the only way out was to look for something that was couture, something that had been created especially for us; but somewhere in the back of our mind, there was that fear that we would all end up breaking the bank. That is when we found about India Emporium and the fashion wonderland that it offered to all us! Our first stop on the online tour of this stupendous fashion portal was the bridal lehenga page, where not only did we see all the latest trends but also the most extensive choice in terms of colours, patterns and embroidery. What excited us the most was that this was a site that allowed customisation, which meant that our friend would get to choose from a range of made to order bridal lehengas.

Ombre Silk Georgette Pink Saree with Gota Patti Work

As for us, we were thrilled to see a range of sarees on this website too – from traditional ones to ones that could be potential scene stealers, there was so much for us to choose from. As a matter of fact, we found so many party wear sarees here that we ended up buying much more than we needed. It was no surprise that all of us looked stunning at the wedding, especially our best friend, the bride!

By Madiha

When the wedding season arrives or it is time for your own wedding, there are so many things that will occupy your mind. However, the one thing that will take priority is your wardrobe – how you look at all these events is what will matter the most, especially for women. When it is the wedding season, you want clothes that are traditional, yet stylish, allowing you to shine in the largest of crowds. It is at times like these that you will want a custom made designer lehenga, which shows off your curves and makes you look like the diva you truly are.

Gorgeous Red Bridal Georgette Lehenga Choli with Zari Work

However, for most people, getting a customised outfit is a matter of trouble, because neither are they sure of where to go for such exclusive clothes nor do they know how much it will all cost. As a matter of fact, most people think that getting custom made clothes is an expensive and tiresome task. The general notion is that you have to go to a high end boutique to get these clothes made, spend several hours to finalise the design and then empty out half your bank balance to finally get your hands on these clothes. There are similar misconceptions about buying a wedding lehenga online – most people are not sure about whether it will be a good enough outfit, whether it will fit them or not and most importantly, whether it will be of good enough quality or not.


A few months back, it was my wedding and even though I was having a dream destination wedding, I knew that I wanted a traditional lehenga choli for my wedding. I had spent a lot of time looking through wedding magazines, trying to zero in on the type of lehenga choli I would wear for my wedding. Friends sent me pictures of stunning lehengas they found on the internet and while I was leaning towards picking out my wedding lehenga online, I wondered about the customisation aspect. That is when I found out about India Emporium where I could have my cake and have it too!

Exquisite Square Net Magenta & Green Embroidered Lehenga Choli

When my best friend told me that she had picked out her own wedding lehenga from this online fashion portal, I was absolutely surprised, because I remembered how wonderful her attire had looked. Now, I was pretty sure that I was going to pick out my outfit from here too and when I found out that here I could even get my custom made designer lehenga, I was over the moon!

By Madiha

My little sister was getting married in a few months’ time and she was busy trying to finalise her traditional Indian bridal lehenga choli, I had other things on my mind. Raksha Bandhan was fast approaching and this would perhaps be the last time, she would be around to actually tie the sacred thread around my wrist. She was going away to Australia after her marriage, and the chances of her being physically here on this special day, year after year, were minimal.

Dazzling Silk Pink & Yellow Embroidered Lehenga Choli

So, I knew that I needed to make this Raksha Bandhan extra special and make sure that my little sister, remembered this for a lifetime. For days, I was on the lookout for a gift that was not only unique, but would also make my sister happy. I wanted something that she would be able to use on a regular basis, but also something that would be extraordinary. My mother suggested that I get her a custom made bridal lehenga, but I had a feeling that this was something that my sister wanted to pick out on her own.

Vivacious Flaired Magenta & Pink Lehenga Choli

That is when I found out about artificial jewellery and immediately I knew that it was a great idea, because it would be something that my newlywed sister would need and would enjoy using. Since she was travelling to a new country, it was best that she not carry a lot of original jewellery, but this was the kind of thing that she could actually use. And when I looked at the latest artificial jewellery, I was not only amazed, but also extremely happy. I knew that I had found the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for my sister.


Browsing through the collections, I realised that I could actually pick out sets – there were necklaces with matching bangles, earrings and some even had matching anklets with them. What was truly fascinating was that all these latest artificial jewellery came in so many designs and colours and even colour combinations that I was fast getting confused. I decided that I would pick out four of them, one in each of the basic colours and then my sister would be able to match them with most of her trousseau.

Classy Design White Stone Golden Finish Necklace Set

Fortunately for me, the order arrived about two days before Raksha Bandhan, which meant that I had plenty of time to gift wrap them and have them ready for that special day. The joy on my sister’s face, when she unwrapped her gifts was all I needed!

By Madiha

Like a lot of other girls, from the time I was little, I loved to dress up in my mother’s clothes, especially her saree. As I grew up, I started falling in love with her special occasion sarees, especially her traditional silk ones. But it was her wedding saree that I was most in love with and my mother promised me, that I could have it. After all, I was her only child – who else would she give it to! And when my wedding got fixed, I knew it was time to ask my mother to keep her promise. The only problem was that I wanted a Banarasi silk bridal lehenga and my mother had a wedding saree.


Sensible Orange & Blue Embroidered Lehenga Choli


For most people, this would be a situation of worry – I know of girls, who wanted to wear a lehenga for their wedding, but wanted to use their mother’s saree too, because they were so in love with it. Obviously, in such a situation, they would feel confused, not knowing what to do. I however, had no such problems, because my mother had given me full rights to do whatever I wanted to do with her wedding saree and I knew that I was going to transform it into my stunning Banarasi silk bridal lehenga.


Even though I knew that I wanted to use my mother’s wedding saree for my lehenga, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. I knew that I had a lot of work to do, because I needed to get that stunning saree transformed into the gorgeous lehenga that I had envisioned in my mind and for this I knew that I needed professional help. Thankfully, I had a designer friend, who was all set for the challenge that I was about to throw at her. She not only helped me pick out fabrics that would help me create the Banarasi silk bridal lehenga that I wanted to wear for my wedding, she also gave me great ideas on how to jazz up the saree that once my mother adorned at her wedding.


Sizzling Pure Silk & Jacquard Purple and Peach Lehenga Choli


Since the banrasi silk saree was in a deep maroon, we decided that beige would go really well with it. my designer friend suggested that I go with an anarkali style top for the lehenga, and she not only sourced the exact shade of beige silk for the top, but also the same coloured net for the length of the top. The saree was more than enough to create a wonderful lehenga and when I walked out in my Banarasi silk bridal lehenga, I knew that my mother was the happiest!