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Apple Cider Vinegar


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Item Code IEA-Ayurveda-004
Capacity 500 ml
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Ancient texts have provided proof that Hippocrates, who is often recognised as the father of modern medicine, often used a form of vinegar to clean wounds. He did this because vinegar is known to have anti-bacterial properties. So, it is not surprising that vinegar, even today, finds its place in the treatment of the range of problems that plague the human body. Recent studies have shown that regular usage of vinegar, particularly, apple cider vinegar can help heal and rejuvenate the body from within.

KNB’s Apple Cider Vinegar can assist with the controlling of heart conditions, problems of the digestive system and even help maintain blood sugar levels. Whether you are looking to lose some weight or want to reduce the amount of water retention in your body, this is the perfect choice for you. Being a natural antioxidant, it can also help reverse the signs of aging, while assisting with the better absorption of nutrients in the body.


  • Antibacterial
  • Control over sugar levels
  • Reduce and maintain weight
  • Protection against cancer
  • Protection against heart diseases
  • Natural antioxidant
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Reduces water retention