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Shipping Policy

Most of the websites place the shipping policy merely for the sake of requirement and hardly adhere by it. Here at, we aim to help our prestige customers through the shopping experience via a detailed description of our policies. We adhere by the constraints mentioned in the policy and ensure that all the product shipments take place in accordance to the policy norms.   

Where Do We Ship Our Products?

No matter what category does the product belong to, we ship them all across the world. We are dedicated to deliver the products to the customers keeping in mind the promised delivery time. We make sure that the products reach the customers in utmost condition without any delay, so that the shopper does not feel reluctant while availing our services in near future.

Transit Charges

For all the products that need to be shipped with in India, the shipping cost is null. While for orders that need to be shipped outside India, require additional shipping cost. The cost will be determined based upon the weight of the product and the delivery location. However, for international orders that cost above 200$, we offer free delivery.

We assure that the shipping fees charged are in complete reference to the standardized courier companies. Both the international and the domestic orders are processed, shipped and delivered via the best courier companies available, to ensure that the buyers experience precise delivery without any damage and in specified time.

Transit Duration

We ensure that all our orders are processed and shipped within 3-4 weeks or in accordance to the date specified while confirming the order. For the orders that belong to premium section will require 30 – 35 working days for shipping. To ease out the process further, we provide our customers with a tracking number that could be tracked over the official site of the courier company. The tracking number is usually available within 2 days from shipping. The transit duration varies in below cases.

- In case, the product requires stitching, an additional time of 5 days is required for delivering the product.

- For orders of purchasing multiple items that require to be shipped at different addresses, we would appreciate if the orders are placed separately. Multiple items required at a single destination can be placed as a single order. The delivery time will vary as per the availability of the last ordered product.

- For In-stock products that need to be delivered on urgent basis, we provide our customers with additional discounts if requested.

- The shipping of the order may delay, in case there is delay from the manufacturer side.                                

- In case of cancellation of the order, refund will be provided within 40 to 50 days.

For any further queries, we would suggest our customers to contact our 24/7 customer support cell. Our highly expertise and cooperative cell is dedicated to resolve the problems of customers at the earliest.

* In case, the order demands additional customs or duties to be paid then it would be payable separately by the customer to the courier company at the delivery time. The duties and taxes are not a part of the customer's payment made to the company.