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Pain Oil


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Item Code IEA-Ayurveda-059
Capacity 100 ml
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The human body is extremely complex and while it has been built to face a range of problems, there are times, when the body just have to give in to the aches and pains that life pushes down on it. There are so many times when our body needs rest, but due to work or certain other problems, we are not able to give it the rest it requires. These are also the times when the pains start to act up and in many cases, they get close to unbearable.

When the pain gets unbearable, you need a cure that is not only effective immediately, but also effective for a really long time. This is where KNB’s Pain Oil comes into the picture, because with its mix of natural herbs and ingredients, this is a solution that will make even the most chronic pains, fade away.  With the goodness of eucalyptus, camphor, gandhpura and menthol, this pain oil will work on the root of the pain, taking it away gently and effectively. Whether you choose to use this oil as a regular massage oil, to reduce the pain of menses or to treat chronic pains, the choice is completely yours.


Here is why you need KNB’s Pain Oil in your life:

  • All natural
  • No side effects
  • Helps get rid of chronic pains
  • Relieves stress
  • Can help with pains that arise during menstruation
  • Smells better than regular pain oils