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Orange Essential Oil

Rs 350.00

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Item Code IEA-Ayurveda-049
Capacity 10 ml
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The basic nature of essential oils is to spread a wonderful aroma, which is one of the main reasons why that aromatherapy hinges on the use of such oils. KNB’s Orange Essential Oil is one such oil that not only cheer you up, but also relax your mind and body. The citrus smell will transport you into another world, which is why it is a great choice to add to your fragrance diffuser as well as you floor cleaning water. If you want that citrusy smell to linger on, no matter where you go, you could add a few drops of the oil to your bath water.

Orange Essential Oil will not only offer an antiseptic layer of protection to your body, it will also keep your skin’s oil levels under control. The oil can also be used effectively in combination with massage oils to gain relief from muscular aches and pains. Because the oil is extremely potent in its pure form, it would be wise to dilute it with either water or another base oil, especially when being used directly on the skin.



KNB’s Orange Essential Oil can change your life in the following ways:


  • Relax your mind
  • Help with conditions such as depression
  • Helps fight insomnia
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Effective antiseptic
  • Helps get rid of acne
  • Effective against seasonal allergies