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When to play TB at BetWinner

In tennis

When choosing a bet in tennis, it is worth considering

the type of court surface where the tournament takes place
The tactical characteristics of the players and their current form.

On the grass surface, two athletes with a strong serve meet. Grass is considered to be the fastest surface. If a tennis player has an accurate and powerful first serve, it is difficult for his opponent to win a game on the court. In such sparring, opponents take almost all of their serves and often register aces.

A clay court encounter between two roughly equal opponents with high physical stamina. The clay is the slowest surface, where physical endurance comes first. In a head-to-head match on clay, the athletes are drawn by a head-to-head doubles match, and in women's matches, a high number of back-to-back singles can be considered a very promising option.

In volleyball

Many volleyball results start to show up when a strong middle seed competes against a ranked opponent or a leader.

These are the results of the games of the 2018-2019 season of the Russian volleyball club Fakel, which finished the first round of the championship in 4th position. As soon as they had to meet with equal opponents and leaders, the winner was often determined with the help of 4-5 sets, which allowed to "break" a high total at good odds.

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