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Registration at the bookmaker's office

After choosing a bookmaker, we proceed to the next stage - opening an account.

The bookmaker has a mandatory clause that forces everyone who wants to bet on sports to register As a rule, for this it is necessary to fill out a special questionnaire, which includes various personal data.

The sequence of registration of a gaming account in a bookmaker's office

After the "Register" button was pressed, the visitor is transferred to the information filling page. Completely all fields are considered non-destructive, although there are exceptions that repeat the form of optional sections.

All entered information is divided into segments, the main of which is "Own these". This very information will become the largest when developing a gambling account and entering a visitor into the information base of a bookmaker company. The spelling of all surnames, first names and dates of birth should be determined in a sensitive manner. Those who resolved the error will not be able to go through the process of identifying a person, in fact, it will give rise to confidence in the blocking of their account.

The personal data section most often includes:

  • Name - this information is exactly like the name must be spelled out correctly and in the absence of errors. It is imperative that the entered surname be 100% identical to that specified in the passport.
  • Last name - in this section, it is strictly forbidden to make a mistake, or you will need to submit an approval again. With the very process of creating problems, there will be no problems, although in the future you will need to go through identification, which will reveal an incorrect surname.
  • Country - the interface language may depend on this.
  • The city is a place of residence and registration.
  • Address - the address of registration with absolute precision, as in a passport.
  • Mobile phone - this will be required in order to receive various information on updates and much more.
  • Email address - with its support, proof of registration on the bookmaker's website is made.