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Excess weight problems - what is happening with health

Problems due to excess weight? Their sea: from purely aesthetic to medical. But before "fooling my head" by this question, you need to answer another: Do you really feel overweight? Or you just give the tribute to fashion - now everything is thin and the standard of beauty: 90x60x90, weight 50 kg.

Let's not strive to be the same, like a test tube, "sorry for rudeness. Every woman is beautiful in his own way. And we must be primarily confident to be beautiful in your eyes and in the eyes of others.

But this does not mean - not to notice your drawbacks! In any case, it is necessary to cope with them, unless of this struggle, there will be no more harm from this struggle than good. Everyone needs to be solved with the mind, problems due to excess weight as well.

So, for the beginning, determine your normal weight, and then lose weight! You can do this in several ways:
1. Having determined its body weight ratio (KMT). To do this, it is necessary to divide your weight in kilograms to the square of growth in meters. If it is from 18.5 to 25, then your weight is normal. If KMT is more than 30, then you have obesity.
Example: weight 45kg. Height 162 cm. We believe: 45/1622 = 17.15. Conclusion: weight is less than the norm.

2. Just comparing your height and weight. From growth in centimeters, you need to take your weight in kilograms. Ideally, the difference must be 100. For thin women, the weight is considered 10-12% less, and for "lush" ladies - by 5-7% more.

If you still have been convinced that they suffer overweight, and even more so - obesity, act! Correct meals, lead an active lifestyle, consult a doctor, etc. To motivate, we describe danger and inconvenience, which brings overweight.

The most common disease of people with overweight is hypertension. And weight loss on such people is usually valid better than any medicines that reduce pressure. Also, there is a big risk of dangerous diseases: heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes ... weight loss, as a rule, contributes to a decrease in cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood (their high level is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases). Also, a decrease in weight increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin, which reduces the likelihood of the development of the second type diabetes.

Also, the normalization of weight increases self-esteem and improves the quality of life. When a person is losing weight, he has:
- stabilizes breathing;
- the posture is corrected;
- There are no problems with armchairs and chairs (it is more convenient to sit, and there is no question "how to get into it");
- fewer restrictions in clothing;
- No complexes about walking to the beach;
- increases the choice of sports;
- increases likelihood to live to old years;
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