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A List of Non-UK Casinos Accepting UK Players

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There is a List of Non-UK Casinos, which can be used by any player that wishes to play an online casino game in the UK. This list was put together by a professional consultant, who has spent considerable time looking over all the different online gambling casinos that are available on the internet today. The main aim of the consultant was to try and find which UK casinos were the best ones to play at. This is because this particular industry is one of the most competitive ones out there and as such there are literally hundreds of different casinos out there today.


One of the main issues that were looked at during the process of compiling the List of Non-UK Casinos was the UK based casinos themselves. This is because most UK based casinos have chosen to open their doors on offshore gambling sites. This of course creates a whole new set of problems. One of the biggest problems that was encountered was the fact that none of the casinos on the List of UK Casinos accepted deposits from players from the UK. This of course left a big hole in the heart of many UK players, especially those that regularly play online casino games.


However, even with that major issue sorted out, there were still many other problems that needed to be addressed. In addition to the fact that most UK casinos would not accept deposits from players from the UK, there were also a few UK based casinos that wouldn't even offer online casino gambling to begin with! Such online casinos are usually the smaller, less well-known ones and are becoming more rare.


However, none of this stopped the Online Casinos from continuing to expand in numbers in this day and age. One of the fastest growing areas of growth has been the UK High Tech Park, which houses such online casinos as Realtime Gaming, Playtech, Video Poker Stars and Playtech Dreams. The reason for this is quite simple. In this area you will find that the high speed internet broadband is being used by many of the inhabitants of the UK to play online casino games. This therefore means that there is no downtime for the online casinos and they are thus perfectly acceptable in this area.


There is still one major problem however, with all of these online casinos for UK residents. The UK gaming laws require all UK casinos to be fully licensed, which makes them impossible to operate in the UK if they do not have the right licenses. The main legal requirement that all UK online casinos must fulfill is to remain fully operational and abide by the UK gambling laws. Any site that is caught breaking these laws can be forced to close by the courts which is something that just keeps them from ever operating again. This is a huge concern to many UK residents as the online casinos are one of the main ways that people in this country gamble. Therefore, the laws that are set in place are an essential part of an online casino in this area.


That brings us to our next point. Many of the UK based online casinos accept payments from players outside the UK, but some do not. This is a separate legal requirement that must be met in order to play online. This is why you should check to make sure that your site is on this list before you register with it. It is also a good idea to check to see if you are on this list before you sign up for online gambling as well.