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Live Casino

With the development of digital technology, many online casinos began to appear - now online gambling establishments are no longer a rarity, as is the live casino, which is found in casinos

Before you start to understand the merits of live games, you need to clearly understand what it is. The main distinguishing feature of live casino is the presence of a live dealer during the gameplay. Here gamblers will not only bet, but also communicate with other users, as well as ask questions croupier.

Features of the live casino

Among the features of the live casino, the slow pace of the game, exciting atmosphere and 100% honesty stand out. Let's break down each point individually.

Slow pace

Live dealer games don't require a rush. There are several people at the same table, so the pace of the game slows down. This pace of betting, however, does not prevent you from winning significant amounts of money in a couple of minutes. Just do not be overconfident in advance, so as not to lose, keep an eye on your bankroll and play judiciously.

A fascinating atmosphere

You will get the impression that you are in a real gambling establishment. The presence of a live dealer, a game table, the communication with other gamblers - it increases interest in the gamble in the live casino. In addition, users enjoy their favorite games without getting up from their comfortable chair.


Some users do not trust the random number generators. In live casino gamblers see what is happening at the table. However, there is a nuance - the game with live dealers can not be tested in demo mode. The user is allowed to watch the gameplay from the side, but in order to participate a certain amount on the account balance is needed.

Choice of games in the live casino

Let's get acquainted with the varieties of games in the live casino:

  • Roulette. Gamblers determine the size and type of bets, after which the dealer starts the Ferris wheel and throws the ball in it. After the ball stops, the winners of the round are determined, and there is an automatic payment of winnings. If the winning number turns out to be a zero, players forfeit all bets.
  • Poker. Here, users will play against the dealer. Players make a mandatory bet (ante) and receive cards. After each street (flop, turn, river) is allowed to make an additional bet. At the end, the cards of the users and the dealer are compared, and then prizes are paid out.
  • Blackjack. To start the player makes one or more bets on the desired boxes. After that, the dealer live casino deals two cards and the main task of the gambler to collect 21 points or more points than the dealer (but not more than 21 points). If the box has two cards with the same value, it is allowed to split - split them into two boxes, paying extra initial bet. After that, the points are calculated and the winner of the deal is determined.
  • Baccarat. The first thing the player must set the size of the bet and guess the winner of the deal or a draw in the round. If the gambler wins, the payout will be 2:1. If the dealer wins, the payout is 2:1 (-5% of the winnings). A draw brings the maximum payout - 9:1.

If you like roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, then start betting at the live casino! Here you'll find the best varieties of these games and choose tables with the right limits.