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How to avoid stress

Every day we experience a lot of feelings and emotions, they can change instantly. Both in positive and in the negative side. One word can, how to cause huge joy, so plunge into shock and unthinking. From day to day, we pass through the so-called "stress of everyday life." These are car traffic jams, minor disagreements with work colleagues or friends, conflicts with sellers in stores and so on.

Listed you can long. As Hans Selre said: "Stress is not what happened to us, but how we perceive it" and that's true. Each person has a different susceptibility to the world around. The same situation or the problem may seem to be a bustling trivia, and the other will be killed in hysterics. As a rule, too receptive people, have such features such as excessive credulity and naivety. Therefore, they are harder to take stress than people who have a more "steel" character and less vulnerable in conflict situations.

Of course, the best remedy for stress is to take the world easier.

Do not pay attention to different, minor adversity and failure. Although they are insignificant, everyday stresses, but when all this accumulates in us, it is impossible to restrain yourself. This often becomes causes of disruptions on family or loved ones. In general, each transfers stress in different ways. Someone is unable to restrain emotions, and someone completely closes in itself, and trying to get an extinguishable from the outside world as much as possible. Someone expresses stress in their behavior. It may be crying for no reason or some strange thoughts or words. There is nothing better to help from stress than the time in his pleasure. Watch your favorite movie, lying on the sofa, in warm plaid with a cup of tea and cake. Take a hot bath with essential oils. Go to the beauty salon or on shopping. In general, get time to yourself.

Take a favorite thing or what gives you pleasure.

Throw emotions on paper. Helps, verified. Write a poem or prose, in which you can express your feelings and emotions. Pourish. Your drawing will tell you about your feelings. After all, stress is the cause of many health problems. For example, women, due to stress, strong bleeding may begin during critical days. No need to cycle. It won't be good for you. Try to make it easier to take daily stress.

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