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How to quit smoking yourself

Harmful habits can strongly spoil health, especially if it is nicotine addiction. Therefore, many are interested in the question of how to quit smoking on their own, so as not to resort to the help of doctors, what means can be used for this, because it is necessary not only to get rid of dependence, but also become healthier. To quickly quit smoking, you can use modern plasters or chewing gum, which are sold in free access to any pharmacy or seek help to fairly efficient folk methods.

To quit smoking yourself, you must first accurately determine the reason for thorough to resort to nicotine: lack of attention, nervous work, internal fears, hyperactivity, etc. Only after that, you can search for a method that helps to quit smoking yourself. The psychological attitude is important, if you morally be not ready to refuse dependency, then no, even the most effective tool, will not help solve the problem.

If you want to quit smoking yourself, you need to be patient. From the apartment, remove all attributes for smoking - cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, etc. Thus, completely limit ourselves from the temptation. The use of special patches containing nicotine will help not only quickly quit smoking alone, also decreases by the abstineent syndrome. From such patches to the body will receive a minimum number of nicotine, without adopting a negative effect on the lungs. This method will help easily get rid of the harmful habit.

It will help to quit smoking yourself a special chewing gum. It is slowly chewed as much as much as possible, the person must try to delay the saliva, then it must be swallowed.

You can quit smoking yourself using the inhaler, which contains nicotine. As soon as the desire to smoke a cigarette appears, approximately 70 inhales are made using the inhaler. As a result, the body receives the necessary portion of pure nicotine, which gradually decreases.


- Those who want to quit smoking on their own, chewing gum can not be used, since it has a not very pleasant taste, it is possible a stomach disorder.

- Special medicinal products will help, however, they cannot be abused, most contain antidepressants and can provoke addictive. Fizzslots