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How to bet on the Asian Handicap

Example of an Asian Handicap

When betting with the Asian Handicap, the bet is actually split into 2 bets. For example, in the Osasuna - Barcelona match line, we bet $100 with a 2.25 handicap on the home team. The odds are 1.80. Our bet means we split the money equally between two bets: $50 on 2.0 handicap and $50 on 2.5 handicap. They are calculated separately and then added together.

What the odds are:

  • "Barcelona won with a difference of 3 or more goals - both of our bets lost, i.e. money lost;
  • "Barcelona" won with a difference of 2 goals - on the first bet with a handicap of 2.0 on "Osasuna" we received a refund, and on the other - the payment: 50*1.80=90 USD. In total we take 140 USD;
  • "Osasuna" lost with a difference of 1 goal or not lost at all - both bets won. Our profit is 180 USD (50*1.8 50*1.8).

Now let's see a handicap bet with -2.75. We chose this outcome for the home team's victory in the game Manchester City - Bournemouth. We bet the same $100 with the same odds of 1.80. Now the bet is also divided into two: handicap -2.5 and -3.0. Options:

  • "Manchester City won with a difference of 4 or more goals - both bets played and the profit is $180;
  • MS won exactly in 3 goals - on the first bet we have a winning 50 * 1.80 = 90 USD, and on the second (handicap -3.0) - a refund of 50 USD;
  • MS won with a difference of 2 goals, 1 goal or did not win at all - we lost both bets.

Features of Asian handicap betting

Asian handicap in bookmakers has a number of features:

  • This type of betting is not found in all BK. Some bookmakers allow you to parimatch withdrawal bet only on a classic handicap, such as 1.5 or -2;
  • Asian handicap is safer than the classic one. This type of betting allows the player to be hedged. If half of the bet does not play, you can get a refund on the second half;
  • It is preferable to bet on odds of 2.0 and above. This is due to the fact that when winning half of the bet, the bettor will be in the black;
  • Experienced players prefer to bet on outsiders. The advantage of a plus Asian handicap is that at the time of the start of the match, this outcome is already "played". If betting on the minus handicap of the favorite, the team/athlete needs to take certain actions.