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Europe's most prestigious basketball tournament among clubs and bettors

How does the Euroleague work?

The Euroleague is made up of the 18 best teams on the mainland. There is no qualification to this tournament, and the composition of the participating teams is quite stable. The leaders of the Euro basketball starcraft betting rating and the winners of the strongest national championships are invited to join the tournament. Besides the right to try themselves in the Euroleague is given to the champion of the second ranked Euro competition - Eurocup. The last place has wild-card status and is awarded at the discretion of the organizers.

The tournament itself consists of 3 steps:

  • Standing Championship. All teams play two games against each competitor (one at home and one away). In the end, there are 34 rounds of games, by the results of which the standings are formed. The 8 best teams qualify for the playoffs.
  • Playoff. The whole selection phase consists of one stage - 1/4 final. Here the teams play a series of three victories. The first team of the "regular season" plays against the eighth, the second against the seventh, and so on. Owner of the decisive game is the team that took the highest place.
  • End 4. The winners of the 1/4 finals go to the "End 4". It is held in a pre-selected city. There are two 1/2 finals on day 1, and the next day is the big end and the game for third place.

Individuals of Euroleague betting

Anyone who is going to bet on the basketball Euroleague should consider the individualities of this competition. Specifically:

  • There are no weak teams. Only the best teams from the mainland are allowed to take part in the competition. Of course, there is a certain division among favorites, mediocre and outsiders, but the difference in class between the teams is very small. In any given game, at least one can beat at least one;
  • Winning in the regular season is not particularly important. Since the decisive games are played in a "Final Four" format, the first place team will not have the home court advantage over the second or third place team. The teams have no reason to fight for first place;
  • Teams combine Euroleague play with their domestic championships. For 34 rounds, which is quite a long time, teams play their own national championships at once, the coaching staff may at times sacrifice a ULEB Euroleague game to retain their own leaders for an extremely crucial championship game. Through 34 games, a loss or two is unlikely to be critical;
  • At the end of the regular season, tournament motivation carries a lot of weight. Teams vying for a playoff spot at the end of the regular season are playing to their strengths. Players who lose opportunities early or secure a spot at the top can allow themselves to be a little more relaxed;
  • Home teams have a definite advantage. At the time of writing, home teams have won 150 Euroleague games (fifty-five percent of all games) and away teams have won 125 (forty-five percent). As we can see, the owners have a definite advantage, but it cannot be called large.