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Deposit risks and possible security features

A deposit is safe in most cases and you need not fear any risks per se. Even with international brokers, deposits are usually processed without any problems and the amount is immediately available to you after booking. When depositing via credit card to Exness Asia, in most cases the amount is credited to your account without any delay, so you can start trading immediately. However, it can also be the case that a deposit takes a longer time - especially in the case of wire transfers, this can take several days.

If you are unsure whether a broker is really reputable and offers you reliable processing of deposits, you should look for security features. Especially a regulation can be a clue. This ensures that the broker is allowed to participate in trading at all and may offer you the opportunity to do so. Deposit protection also plays a role and should be available in the best case. This ensures that your capital is well protected even if the broker itself can no longer pay. But also the appearance of the broker's website can be an indication that the provider is safe and reliable.

How to request a withdrawal from a broker?

You can also request a payout quickly with most brokers and then receive your money within a specified period paid to the reference account you specified. In addition, payouts by credit card or Skrill and Co. are also possible in many cases. With withdrawal requests, you therefore usually enjoy just as much convenience as with a deposit. With a few clicks, you can get the payout rolling at most brokers - however, payouts in real time are rather the exception and so far by no means the rule. Nevertheless, withdrawals pose problems for traders only with the fewest brokers.

In the menu of the broker you will usually find the sub-item payouts and can instruct the payout there with a few clicks. The broker then often performs a check and with some brokers you must now confirm your identity. This can then be done with proof of address - for example, a current electricity bill - then your payout is then released and done. This technique has mainly been used by binary options brokers, while online brokers often already require verification when opening a deposit. As a trader, you can easily request a payout, but there are often minimum amounts for payouts or even upper limits.

Fees for withdrawals at the individual brokers

Unlike deposits, withdrawals are associated with fees at the vast majority of brokers. These can be flat fees that are charged per withdrawal or percentage fees that are charged based on your withdrawal amount. Some brokers allow you to make one withdrawal per calendar month or quarter free of charge, but for all further withdrawals you will have to pay the fees. In many cases you can also bypass withdrawal limits by paying a fee. Details on these costs are listed transparently on the websites of most brokers, in case of doubt, the customer support will also help in this regard.

If you (want to) trade with securities, you should definitely include fees for possible withdrawals and take them into account. As a rule, these are only small costs, but they can add up quickly with a large number of withdrawals, so that ultimately higher fees are to be borne by you. Withdrawal fees can also be avoided with many brokers - in many cases, separate conditions apply, which your broker will also inform you about on its own website or in the general terms and conditions. For many traders, this plays an important role when choosing a broker.