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Betting on non-sports events

What can I bet on other than sports?

Betting on cultural events

Culture and show business are always at the peak of attention. These spheres have a lot of brilliant events on which you can "bet".

Betwinner cricket has been taking bets on Booker Prize winners since the inception of the literary award. Mercury Prize marques and other offers have been added to it. Other offices have picked up the initiative too, offering a plethora of different options.

- The famous Academy Awards. The awards for best film, director, song, actress and more are considered here.
- The popular Grammy Awards. It is necessary to determine the number of awards specified by the bookmaker star of show business.
- Special markets for movies. These are various special bets, including the Netflix production of a series or film on a given theme. A popular version of the markets, which can be found at various bookmakers, is to guess who will play the next James Bond. There are also offers on the TV series The Boys, Friends, The Witcher.
- Celebrities. In this section you can predict the actions of famous people on Instagram. Among them are Elina Svitolina, Cristian Ronaldo, Dr Komarovski, Lionel Messi, Neymar and others.

There are markets on events in the life of popular personalities. These include the following options: what Prince Harry's first paying job will be, whether Zlatan Ibrahimovic will cut his hair, whether Dorofeyeva will have a baby, whether Banksy the artist's identity will be revealed, etc.

- YouTube. There are periodic markets here related to YouTube channels. One example is whether the chosen channel will gain the specified number of subscribers. You can predict who will be Dudya's next guest, who will win Nastya Ivlevieva's show Agentshow Land and the LABELcom channel blitzkrieg.
- Eurovision. During the competition, potential winners are chosen. Before it - those who can represent the country in a particular year.
- Online battles. Various battles, including rap battles. Betting on the winner of the competition.