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Denta Shine ToothPaste

Rs 70.00

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Item Code IEA-Ayurveda-007
Capacity 100 Gram
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There are a only a few people in this world who do not enjoy food, but even if you are not fond of it, you would still have to eat something in order to survive; and in order to eat, you need to have teeth and gums that are healthy. With the growing consumption of junk food, we are subjecting our teeth to a lot of problems, but Ayurveda has the answer to it. At KNB, we have combined some of the most powerful herbs in nature to create a dental formula that is suited for the entire family.

This toothpaste will ensure that everyone in your family has healthy teeth and gums; your children will no longer have cavities, everyone in your family will be able to enjoy whiter and shinier teeth. Regular usage will ensure that your family is kept protected from dental problems such as plaque and tartar. Whether you have had bleeding gums or tooth sensitivity, our toothpaste can help get rid of the same for you. And if it is fresh breath that you are looking for, then you most certainly need to include KNB’s Denta Shine toothpaste in your life. 


Choose KNB’s Denta Shine Toothpaste over your regular one and enjoy these benefits:

  • All natural
  • No side effects
  • Suitable for children as well
  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • Protection against cavities, teeth decay and inflammation of gums
  • Reduced chances of dental problems such as pyorrhoea and gingivitis
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Gives you whiter and cleaner teeth