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Who Said Personal Designers Were Only For Celebrities!
By Admin

Customize your look


Have you ever found yourself looking at a celebrity dressed in a perfectly-fitted and immaculately styled outfit, and wondering where you could get one like that for yourself? We have all had these green-eyed moments, but now, it doesn’t have to stop at just dropping your jaw and moving back to wearing drab outfits. We introduce “Hire A Ethnic Designer” and “Customize Your Look”, two fabulous new features, that are here to revolutionize the idea of ethnic wear.


Conceptualized by keeping in mind the needs of Indian women in India and abroad, this idea is all about getting an outfit that you could only dream of, made exclusively for you, just the way you want it. All that you need to do is send in the requirements of the outfit that you want, and we shall do all that it takes to recreate exactly what you’ve ordered.


Using these features, you can get a custom-made outfit suited to your body type and requirements, without having to provide any outfit or idea on your own. A fashion designer will be at your service, to provide you with sketches of suggestions that he/she finds appropriate for you. You can then choose any one out of these, and presto! – Your designer outfit will be delivered to you in a jiffy!


This new addition to our website is all about giving our customers exactly what they need, and ensuring that no wishes are left unfulfilled. So if you consider yourself worthy of celebrity-like treatment, this new feature is definitely worth experimenting for you. You can start by getting an outfit designed for yourself, or can even send in a request for outfits for your friends and family, if you have an important occasion, like a wedding, on the cards.