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Unleash The Magic Of 6-Yard Saree
By Admin

Saree is an apparel that is successfully casting it’s spell since thousands of years. Be it the cheerful vibes at tradition affairs or the commanding looks at a fashion gala, a saree conveys it all at its best.
This presentation is dedicated to the journey of the wondrous 6 yard apparel, fondly known as saree, from the epic 60’s to the revolutionary 2000’s.



The 60’s Where Simplicity Was At Its Best


Women back in 60’s knew it all about how to look classy and sensuous at the same time. Reflecting flawless style despite being simple was the thumb funda.


Saree Style : What was trending enough, was boat neck blouses with three fourth sleeves. Sarees were tied either in seedha pallu or ulta pallu style.


Fabrics That Ruled : Raw Silk, chiffon, Cotton, light weight opaque silk with heavy zari borders.


The 70’s That Rocked
Back in 70’s, we saw how young women used to drape themselves in sarees, hiding every inch of their body, carried big buns and puffs.


Saree Style : While the decade commenced with the simple seedha pallu & ulta pallu style, it was the peppy Mumtaz style that turned heads. Imagine a saree that looked like a sharara and had no pleats!!


Fabrics That Ruled : Mercerized Cotton with zari, Chanderi, Net, Georgette


The 80’s, The Glamor Decade


Saree Style: Sarees were largely influencing the styles of this period. The 80’s gave birth to shear look sarees. Women were proudly adorning chiffon and georgette base plain sarees. Where as polka dots and prints were seen heading ahead in mid 80’s.


Fabrics That Ruled : Georgette, Chiffon, Printed cotton sarees


The 90’s Where Revolution Began


90’s was an era that unlike others saw continuation of trends from 80’s. The sheer look sarees were still ruling the block. Also, the era saw revival of kanjivaram and silk sarees.


Fabrics That Ruled : Georgette, Chiffon, Silk, Kanjivaram, net


Present, Welcome Abroad A New World


Since the commencement of 2000’s, the fashion world has not seen much new trends. Instead it is the time where vintage trends are our inspiration. Back to the present, we see beautiful ladies with whole jazzed up blouses, carrying thin pleated pallus, all of which are a revised and recreated version of vintage saree styles. In the upcoming slides, we will see revival of the previous trends but with a contemporary style.


Remember the childhood days, when we girls used to drape mom’s saree over jeans? Well, the style has now hit the limelight and is spreading like fire!! The fabric prominently used is the net and georgette from the 70’s



Tired of wearing the same old ground kissing saree? Well, here’s the chhotu saree that is almost 6 inch above the usual saree. The sarees are inspired from the ancient tribal look. Although the saree has a contemporary look, it still has the essence of ethnicity in it.


Enter the zone where comfort rules fashion. The new age pyjama sarees are an avid example of sarees that where trendy pyjamas replace the inskirts. The blouses mostly worn with these sarees are inspired from the 60’s.


Jersey Saree, is an interesting avatar of the 6 yard saree. The jersey saree has a built-in choli, the pallu is split in to two halves such that one section to give it a halter look. While the other side of the pallu falls into a ‘kimono sleeve’, adding a new twist to the traditional saree!


Kambarbands which were worn by women long ago, have been revived. Worn over a well draped saree, a belt in silver, gold adds royalty and punk to an otherwise boring saree. The belted saree is a great pick to accentuate a slender figure. So, when are you belting-up your saree?


Getting confused if it is a lehenga or a saree? Well it’s a lehenga style saree with styling that resembles lehenga. The neck of the blouse is in perfectly boat shape and has long sleeves like the one in 60’s.


Future, 2020


Any idea how saree will look like in 2020?


I guess the saree style in 2020 has amazed all hysterically. Right??


Since we wanted to know the opinions of our fellow friends on it. We shared this picture of how saree looked like in 2020 on Twitter. This is what we got as a response.





Now, it is time for us all to lure in to the symphony of boundless style with sarees. So, what are you all waiting for? Visit and fill in your shopping carts with contemporary sarees.