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According to a survey report on ‘Elder Abuse & Crime in India’ released by HelpAge India, more than 22% of the senior citizens across the country face one or the other kind of abuse.



This figure is surely startling for a country where respecting the elders is an intrinsic part of our culture. It is then a shame that many elderly people are living in isolation bereft of any financial support and most importantly deprived of love and care. This is the reason why numerous NGOs have sprung up in India in recent times to lend a helping hand to the ‘grey-haired’ and ‘dim-eyed’ citizens who have been thrown in a pool of neglect by their families or other such circumstances.


Showing concern for the old and destitute, IndiaEmporium has tied up with HelpAge India to support the elderly and their needs. Fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility, we will be contributing some amount from all our sales to the non-profit organization so that the lives of senior citizens can be changed for the better. By shopping with us, our valued customers will also be contributing towards this noble cause.


HelpAge India is working wholeheartedly towards sensitizing the society on the issues of the elderly. It is providing not only financial but also mental and emotional assistance to the aged so that they realize their true worth in the society. IndiaEmporium is humbled to be associated with the organization that fosters the cause of the elderly.