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Spin the wheel and wink away the shopping worries
By Admin

While scratching out the imperative list of events that race through out our life, the most significant event that rolls on once is marriage – a grandeur affair which celebrates the victory of two hearts conjoining for a lifetime. Marriage is a phase that is integral to everyone but what makes it more special is the magical spell of affection, trust & love that binds and solidifies the strength of relation defeating all ills. It’s a big day that passes by soon but leaves behind a surreal and an unforgettable experience.



Marriages from far seems to be full of fun and frolic events but the one who has been an integral part of it, has complete evidence of the odds that one faces while planning for it. The attires which are a major fragment of this gala are the most hectic and back breaking part. For the bridal/groom dress you have to visit one place, for the accessories switch to another one and so goes the saga. But what if you get a magic wand, something which succors you by getting all things required under one single roof.
It’s possible with the spell binding Wedding Wheel. Before all our minds start tickling what it is all about, let’s get it straight, it is a lethal yet blissful combination of all the basics that complete your wedding attire. Ranging from groom/bride dresses to accessories all have been assembled under one roof , so that you can sigh with relief leaving behind the monotonous and exhausting searches through varied shops.
Just review and choose the best from the enormous collection of flamboyant sherwanis, kurta pyjamas, enticing lehengas, breathtaking jewellery and monolithic accessories, all rich in colors & fabrics with an authentic touch. The collection is a blend of elements that are designed to suit your personality and personify an aura that is flawless.
For those who have the utter wish to get something customized, an exclusive feature namely Hire a designer has been incorporated keeping in mind the desire of every couple to exhibit a solitary yet elite style. The best thing is that it’s the designers who prepare the sketches for your outfits considering the body frame and most importantly your requirements. You get a final draft at your door step with the complete liberty to give your honest opinions and suggest changes that are required.
Now, next time when you see a mesmerizing design in your favorite magazine’s cover you can be sure that you are the one who is gonna don it next. So just struck up all the chords to lure in to the symphony of an immaculate wedding celebration with the mystic spin of Wedding Wheel.