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By Gauhar Verma

When you hear about Diwali the first thought which comes to your mind is a sparkling ambience filled with lights, diyas and rangoli.
You can’t imagine Diwali without sweets, colourful ethnic wear and memorable gifts. The festival is in full swing, people are in the best of their moods and filled with delight.
While counting so many things how could you forget to count those special Diwali gifts. To shower your love on dear ones, gift them beautiful and precious gifts and make this festival even more special. Here are some best accessories to gifts for your loved ones:

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By Gauhar Verma

It is time to look trendy and fashionable in all your fineries to celebrate the festival of lights.
It is time when every woman wants to look beautiful.
To add sparkle to Diwali all women go crazy looking for trendy and fashionable stuff to complement their looks. This really is time for all newlyweds and brides to look their fashionable best.
Planning to dazzle this Diwali? Here are some handy tips…
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By Admin

The excitement levels reach to the core when you are supposed to go for your first date. The foremost thought that juggles one’s mind is to go for something that would make you look the best. This is what of must think at this moment – how about wearing a nice pair of jeans, how about a mini black dress or how about a skirt. Well the options are countless, but for those who like to stick to ethnic dresses, the case is reverse. If you are a desi girl at heart, try wearing something ethnic for your first date. Here is a guide that we are sure would impress your beau.



A nice party wear kurti with subtle embellishments can do wonders especially if you know how to carry it well. Team up your kurti with a nice pair of jeans or leggings. Ditch the heels and go for flat chappals to ensure you look completely chic. A pair of kundan earrings will do the rest.


New Image


Salwar Suits

Who says you cannot look glamorous in a salwar suit. Go for a classy and subtle salwar suit but make sure you do not overdo the look. Since it is your first date, make sure the guy does not run away seeing you dolled up like a wedding attendee. Keep it simple, add the glamour by choosing blush colours and neck backs. Keep your hair open or just flaunt your back by doing a messy hair do.


Anarkali Suits

Now, this is where you need to stay careful. When we say anarkali, you cannot go for the one that you wore on your first cousin’s wedding. It has to be away from embellishments and gottas. Anarkali suits are already so flared that any other embellishment can simply make you look over dresses. Go for plain suits with contrasting churidaars. Accentuate the look with pretty kundan jhumkas and a pair of stilettos.

You can always wear anything what you want and look pretty. The thing is you need to make right choices and hold the required confidence.

By Admin

Bridal Collection 2014


The biggest day in the life of a girl is undoubtedly her wedding day. The thought of walking down the aisle in a bejewelled avatar seems quite appealing. However, to make sure that this dream turns in to reality, every bride should be ready with a survival kit. We bring you a survival kit which will ensure that you are all set to deal with you deal with any sort of mishap.


Keep It Water Proof


No matter how happy you are, the sorrow of leaving your parents generally comes out in the form of tears. Considering the tide of tears that is expected to flow, one needs to be extra cautious with makeup. To make sure the makeup stay in place despite the tears, you need to wear water proof makeup. No matter what salon you try, you need to be sure that your makeup artiste uses only waterproof makeup. You may try carrying some makeup products to deal with messy mascara and blusher.


Beat The Stress With Chocolate


Who says that everything associated with wedding is meritorious alone. One has to deal with a massive bundle of stress as well. As the clock ticks, the stress and excitement keeps on increasing. Also, staying hungry for hours while getting ready or waiting to walk the aisle can lower down the sugar levels. To make sure you do not faint away or the hunger voices do not arise any more, you need to be sure that you keep chocolate bars in hand. Always keep your favourite chocolate bar with you as it would beat the stress and will curb away hunger.


Safety Pins & Bobby Pins


The essence of safety pins and bobby pins is quite relevant. There is no way one could ignore them in the survival kit. Considering how heavy the wedding lehenga is, one needs to keep such pins intact. There might be situations where you see your blouse slipping off your shoulders or the falls of your lehenga getting messy. This is when they will act as a saviour. Also, they would be helpful in situations where you need to deal with your heavy bun, which despite being made by professional hair stylist can go wrong.

By Admin

While some shop when in need of new apparels, others adhere by the concept of ‘drop and shop’. For any of them, the most unsatisfactory experience is when they see the same apparels over the shopping sites on every visit. The wish to find something new in terms of style and price is almost trodden here.



All those who have been scrolling endlessly to find some new outfits, the wait is over. India Emporium is back with a bang with the new ‘Fresh Arrival’ section that lets you choose and shop amongst new collection updated every week. Yes, you hear it right! You can now choose to stay trendy with the latest apparels dropped straight to your doorstep every week.

You can have a rendezvous with the in-trend sarees, suits and lehengas keep your wardrobe updated. The collection that will be updated every week, will be a random pick amongst casual, semi formal and formal ethnic wear.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and adorn a new look every week!

By Admin

There is no doubt in the fact that sun signs can affect your personality greatly. But, have you ever wondered if these could influence the clothes you choose? Yes, it does. Many fashion consultants and astrologers have suggested that dressing in accordance to your sun sign, will always help you look readily stylish and confident.


Aries are born confident and associate themselves greatly with action. Considering the fact that they are strong and always ready to experiment with clothes, there style should be sharp and they should be wearing smartly fitted clothes. Aries symbolises confident apparels without being ultra-feminine. Seek for red and white colours to stay lucky.


For people with Taurus sun sign, it is more about quality than style and designing. They should always adore pastel colours that represent soft and sensual elements. Feminine clothes with bold patterns, edgy cuts and bold colours should be avoided.




Gemini’s have dual personality which accounts for the fact that they could wear anything without being hesitant and shy about the choices they make. With an undeniable love for youth oriented apparels, they can wear anything starting right from bold cuts and curves to the subtlety fitted apparels. Gemini people have a special inclination towards accessories like bangles and accessories. To make sure you stay stylish yet lucky all day long, choose vibrant yellow, orange, hot red, fuchsia and magenta.


People with cancer sun sign seem to be confined when it comes to experimenting and taking risks. Dressing up in a way that you look completely pulled up without any alterations is what you believe to dress in and should continue to do so. Considering the love you have for Plain Jane look, you can always spice up things by wearing little bright colours while accentuation the get up with some accessories. Your lucky shades are the subtle tones of white, beige, silver and pastels.


Leos are in love with dramatic colours like glittery gold, bright red and shocking blues. For this ultra confident sun sign – angular shapes, bold cuts and dramatic clothes fit the best. Luxurious clothing further add the much needed spunk.




Virgo symbolises perfection and subtleness. Wearing cheap and loud clothes is a strict no for Virgoans. Perfect fitting, sensible apparels and deep detailing is what symbolises this sun sign. Appropriate hues for Virgo are muted and earthy tones like beige, cream and white.


When we talk about the most lovable and harmonious sun sign, Libras stand at first position. Considering the traits of this sun sign, one should wear soft shapes and sober colours like dark and mid blue, bright rose and elegant black. Frills and fussy clothes should be avoided.


Daring wits and irresistible fashion choices are the attributes that best determines people belonging to this sun sign. Apparels that are bold and accentuate your curves are best suited here as they bring in massive sex appeal. You may try lacy and ruffled apparels for that extra edgy element. Go for dark colours like black, deep pinks, electric blues, purples and maroons. Continue Reading »

By Admin

Cannes Festival, the week long festival that was held in France, was a classy gala with beautiful ladies contributing their own bit in terms of style. Let us have a look at the indigenous beauties who dazzled the red carpet with their sensuous and amiable dressing sense.

Aishwarya Rai

The gracious actor was lately facing a lot of flak due to her post pregnancy weight. But, the actress managed to pull the right chords with her oodles of weight loss. The actress wore a Robert Cavalli golden mermaid style gown that accentuated her recently achieved curves. She managed to look every inch of a diva, thanks to the cuts and patterns that the gown displayed. The bright red lips with the perfect pout, complimented the look further. The actress adorned equally stunning looks at the subsequent event.


Frieda Pinto

The dusky Indian beauty has garnered a name for herself in Hollywood. While attending these occasions is no new to the actress, she manages to pull a different look every time she gets on the carpet. She wore owns with thigh high slits and blazer for varied events. But, there was something about one particular look of hers.  This time the “Slumdog Millionaire” actress wore a coral Oscar de la Renta gown. The strapless gown had immense fluff, which again the pretty lass carried very well.

Sonam Kapoor

The Bollywood’s reigning fashionista and Anil Kapoor’s princess, Sonam Kapoor is always geared up for experimenting. She wore a glittering golden colored strapless dress. The knee length dress designed by Ellie Saab was well complimented with a sleek bob hairstyle. Other look adorned by Sonam that we believe is worth mentioning is the desi look. She wore a pale pink colored contemporary saree designed by Anamika Khanna. The way she carried the sheer elements, it would not be wrong if we call her the true fashionista.



Get your favourite Cannes Festival look here at India Emporium and let others drool over your look.

By Admin


The moment you decide you need to shop online for the latest apparels, your first intention would be landing over your reliable search engine. Several results pop up when you search for ethnic shopping portals. This is when the real confusion arises regarding what shopping portal you need to stop by. What comes as a saviour here is With a hassle free shopping process and flexible policies there is no doubt on why we recommend this store. Here are some reasons that account for why you should shop at India Emporium.

  • Made To Order

Unlike most of the sites that only have products from selective vendor, India Emporium has a section that is dedicated solely to the made to order ensembles. With a vast range of designer outfits to choose from, you can order outfits worn by celebrities and ask the designer to modify it as well.

  • Ready To Ship Orders

For those last moment events where you need urgent delivery for a product, you can visit the store’s ready to ship section and choose any product without worrying about delivery time. Since, these products are readily available with the store, they would ship them as soon as you order them.

  • Magic Box

The online store has an exclusive section called magic box. Under magic box, you can avail heavy discounts on different sections. The section is updated from time to time, ensuring that you will find something new, every time you visit the store.

By Admin

In present times, women are going gaga over the trends that the bollywood actresses have been sporting lately. With designer elements and the quintessential essence of glamour, celebrity apparels have found avid followers from all generations. If you are looking for a stylist who could help you get the look that your favourite celebrity holds, you are at the right place. Here at India Emporium, we have decide to play the role of your personal stylish. Have a look at the celebrity looks we have brought for.


Beauty At Its Best With Deepika Padukone
Buy Deepika Padukone Dress

The long legged beauty is known best for flaunting authentic look while being in complete style and comfort. When it comes to wearing sarees, no one fit the situations better than Deepika. We offer designer sarees that Deepika has worn for special occasions.


Effortlessly Beautiful With Kareena Kapoor

Buy Kareeena Kapoor Saree

Kareena Kapoor is a brand name in herself. Whatever she wears or does gets maximum limelight. Her feminine and subtle apparels have managed to make women droop.  Collection of georgette dresses, kalidaar suits and sarees wore by the stunning actress are available at India Emporium a affordable prices.


Bold & Beautiful With Priyanka Chopra

Buy Priyanka Chopra Anarkali Suit

For this successful actress cum singer, sky is no limits. Whether it is her talent or her stylish dressing sense, she manages to score perfect ten in all aspects. Her love for kalidars and sarees is quite evident from the designer pieces that she has worn till date. If you doubt it, have a look at the ensembles worn by her.
The best part about the celebrity collection is that you can ask for considerable changes in the ensemble with customisation offers. With a team of well experienced fashion designers, you can suggest changes and also seek advice. Grab your favourite celebrity ensemble and team them up with accessories. Adorning the celebrity look has become so easy with India Emporium. All you need to do is jump over to the celebrity section and choose your dream apparel.

By Admin

The opulence and charm of Indian heritage is depicted best by the ancient times. The remarkable era that witnessed the chiselled kings and their amiable queens governing the country will always be an inspiration for the present and future generations. A major insight from the era has been now shimmering across the generation. Youth are taking a step ahead and dressing the way the Mughals used to do. Being the most popular couple from the era – Jodha Akbar, have been termed as an icon for youth. If you are too planning to have a Jodha Akbar inspired wedding, there is a lot for you in this post.


For dressing like Jodha Akbar, nothing could be more inspiring than the cult Indian TV series Jodha Akbar  that is running currently over Zee TV. The mesmerising couture, grandeur jewellery and sparkling accessories together make the lead characters look alive. The show where Jodha is played by Paridhi Sharma and Akbar by Rajat Tokas, has managed to grasp the audiences from all ages, thanks to their larger than life depiction of characters. Here are some tips that we have managed to draw from the look adorned by the lead characters playing Jodha Akbar.


How To Look Alluring & Gracious As Jodha:


– The royal era was known best for classic apparels with maximum gruffness. To look as amiable as Jodha, opt for stiff and guff fabrics like organza, velvet, brocade and tussar silks.



– Heavily embellished lehengas with equally embellished cholis is what you need to wear for the D-day. Get embroidery done with zari, mirrors, wide gota patti, swarovski, patch work and quality stones.



– Team up the royal apparel with an embellished net base dupatta that is in contrasting tones as compared to the ensemble. If you are a avid show watcher, you must have noticed how Jodha Bai manages to splendour charm with dupatta and ensemble in combination of green, orange, yellow, pink, bottle green, red, maroon and fuchsia to name a few.



– Complete your look with heavy  kundan jewellery. Do not forget to adopt the solha singaar that once were a part of bride’s ensemble. Accessorise your look with graceful Punjabi juttis and potli bags tucked across your waist.


How To Look Chiselled & Splendid As Akbar:


– Grooms mostly wear sherwanis on their wedding day but not all could carry the deadly looks that Akbar (portrayed by Rajat Tokas) has. Wearing a royal sherwani that has fine embellishments and has inspiration from  the mughal embroidery are required here.



– A stole that has elements comprising zardosi and stones, when worn with one end over the shoulder and other tucked in the arm, you would yourself feel the pride that a king holds.



– Accessorizing the look rightly will add the needed renaissance of Mughal era. Adorn a Rajasthani pagadi in deep colours to look majestic as Akbar. Complete the look with some pearl necklaces and raja haars. Juttis that are inspired from Jaipuri art would look splendid with the attire.


We believe that marriage is a duly remarkable event for anyone. To make sure everything gets solemnised just the way it is supposed to be, we bring our Jodha Akbar inspired collection for adding a little contribution in making your D-day, a day that could be cherished forever.