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Fashion is a changing phenomenon but what sets off the change? Two major contributors to changing fashion are serials and movies. If movies create the ideal world for the viewers, Serials have become a reflection of daily life of the family. These two mediums affect the lifestyle as well as introduce fashion into the society.


With stories which cater to Indian household, Soap Operas have become an integral part of life of several women and with hundreds of serials on Air; the affect of it on the society is immense. With such a huge approach to the common mass, one cannot deny the affect of daily soaps on the fashion sense of the society.


Well talking about Sarees how can one forget about the cult created by “Sarees worn by Tulsi” when Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was dominating small screen. Similarly the trend of “Drapes worn by Parvati” in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki is seeded in mind of every Indian Mother and Daughter. In an identical manner, “Kashish Suits” featured in Kahin To Hoga took off explosively and set a vogue amongst Girls especially teenagers who considered her a style icon. These fads are promoted by the media increased the obsession of people to pursue it; thus flourishing the business of clothing.


Influenced by this idea we bring to a collection inspired by one of the most famous daily soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Browse through our Akshara Anarkali Suits Collection and be the embodiment of modesty in a style by your favorite on-screen Bahu.



Rashmi Desai has not only won accolades for her negative character as Tapasya in Uttaran but has also been able to inoculate a steep sense of vogue that has been admired by many. Check out our Uttaran – Rashmi Desai Sarees Collection publicized by none other than Tapasya and pick out your favorite Sarees.



Fashion Fact: Multi color dresses were rare before soaps but the fan following of Hindi soaps willingly accepted and created a new craze. Current Stats show that the clothing in trend at small and big events is Multicolored Anarkali Suits especially the one’s endorsed by Daily Soaps.

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Have you ever wondered? Why blue for guys and pink for girls!!!! Probably this could be an approach that tries to state girls’ kinship with soft demeanor and boys’ fondness for technology. No matter how they were perceived originally which set this notion, the matter of fact is that every color emotes and connotes a different emotion, which somehow communicates with our surroundings too. For instance, picking up the murky shades for a gathering may reveal your disinterest in people or place. Similarly various colors voice out various emotions that run through our mind in a particular time. Let us try to understand what our choices for colors define in which context.



Red- Hot and fiery, just like your taste!


It’s a color that personifies love, passion and desire, so whenever one feels like rejoicing these delights, red is the color that he or she may pick. Red signifies fire and enflames your dreams and desires. Picking up red for the day makes you look ravishing, peppy and jubilant. As they say, a beauty in red looks so spectacular and enigmatic that taking your eyes off seems impossible.


Another layer to the meaning of color can be added on the basis of cultures, like in Indian culture red is the color of bride and in china it is linked with happiness. Several connotations are adjoined thus to different colors based on emotions, moods and lifestyle.


Pink- Simplicity dipped in romance


Likewise, pink denotes romance, care, tenderness, acceptance and tranquility. This is the color that every girl will pick for her dream date as it infuses love in the air. Soft shades like this also display one’s pleasant and naive behavior. It is the best color to reveal your secret style and soothing beauty. Being the perfect choice for summer evenings and regular hangouts pink color reins the world of both casuals and formals. Hence it is inevitable to skip a beat on the frivolous sight of pinkly dressed lassie.


Green- Rejuvenate verve and vigor


This color of generosity embedded with zest and youth spreads a revitalizing force into the environment. Some people relate green with nature and to others it reminds of freshness and agility, whatsoever is your mood for the day, this green is going to complement it perfectly. Again on the cultural basis green is the shade of tradition as it is seen being showcased at auspicious moments like pooja and hawans. To add devout to festive and religious occasions, you can pick a green dress and enchant all with your youthful bliss.


Yellow- Glistening lift for your joy and optimism


Yellow signifies pleasure and whenever one feels high and content, this color helps displaying the radiance of that elated moment. Yellow again is the color that describes hope, imagination and sunshine and also fans out positivity. It stands for friendship too as yellow flowers are exchanged between friends on friendships day to make the companionability known to other. A gesture of purity and trust, this bright pigment showcases your light and giggly mood.


Blue- Divine like sky and loyal like lord


Blue is an all time favorite of all age groups from adults to kids, men to women due to its imperishable impact. Folks use it to flaunt their confident and harmonious stance that attracts all and sundry. Blue is basically the color of loyalty and unity, it gives indication of clean and uncluttered attitude.


White- If pink is the beauty then white is for serenity.


Which is the first word that comes to your mind when I say, ‘white’. Probably there would be more than one term that would form its alias, like reverence, purity, birth, snow, innocence etc. White displays so many taintless emotions that are hard to queue up but easy to feel. To many of you it may also remind of a bride, as celebrated in Christianity. The elegance of white is unconditional and endless, you can wear it on any occasion where composure needs to be added to your appearance.


Black- The color of power and sophistication


It’s not unconventional to see all the bureaucrats and business tycoons wearing black. ‘Why’ is the question that may pop up in your mind on hearing this but it would take a split of second to elucidate the same. This is so because the invincible aggression, elegance, sophistication and power that is showcased by this color is vivid and expressive. You need no word no ornament to reveal it more.


“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore


“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!” – Miley Cyrus

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Wanna look like a princess who walks down with grace and infuses elegance all around? If yes is your take to it, then you have hit the right mark by landing here. India Emporium brings you the magic wand to get a customized outfit with our ‘Hire a Designer’ feature. Here you get the most florid costumes designed by our fashion experts who hold adroitness to create your dream outfit.


Hire a Personal Stylist


Get customized look and expert recommendations by Hiring a designer who knows your requirements and can also offer an ideal solution to it. We strive to get you the most opulent designer wears that are tailored according to your body type and personal style. Everything from materializing, tracing, cutting, embroidery and stitching is done under the expert supervision of our designing professionals. We give you the comfort with-


  • Customized look
  • Personalized style assistance
  • Individually crafted and tailored designs
  • Exclusively handmade outfits
  • Absolute quality of artwork and fabric
  • Easy to wear and affordable
  • Services and features in bullets


Fashion Portfolio


Fashion is a wave that keeps changing with altering seasons and climate so it’s heavenly important to keep a tab on the all upcoming and passing fashion currents. Explore newest fashion trends by having a look at our diverse designs, exclusively created and conceptualized by our designing team.




Ethnic Fashion Sketches


As they say, the blueprint of any venture speaks for a venture’s success in advance, we believe that the drafting of a costume is the most essential part of conceiving and creating an attire. Hence half of the battle is won if you got the apt sketches, to see what makes us special go through the sketches that vouch for our designers’ skills and affirm their excellence.


Made to Order Products


Made to Order Dresses

Recreate your Style quotient with our fashion experts to grab a perfect look. Have the first glimpse of latest style and trends entering fashion world and embark on a style trip. We are here to delight you with most ravishing outfits that you have been craving for since very long.  Peep into our Made-to-order products to spot the difference in our clothing range.

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It may scoop out mixed views along with few voices of belief and disbelief too, when I say that gemstones are the godly healers of luck and life. Believe it or not, these precious stones own the powers that may surprise you beyond measures and leave no stone unturned to roll out your napping fate.


An encounter with bad luck can come your way any day, in any form, whether its job crisis, fading health or loss of riches. To restrain such an occurring in anyone’s life, gemstones are the best alternative to bet his bottom dollar on, as quoted by Joseph Heller too “Destiny is a good thing to accept when it’s going your way. When it isn’t, don’t call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck.”


 Precious Stones


Have a look at the gems’ spectrum below, to understand better, about which gem vitalizes which energy:


Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Blue Sapphire: Widely accepted as neelam, this blue colored stone is customarily teamed up with iron or gold. It governs the planet Saturn, which is known to be either exorbitantly favorable or appallingly adverse. So, in order to trounce the negative impacts of Saturn, you must wear a blue sapphire and if you are born under the zodiacs Capricorn & Aquarius, then you need not even think twice, as it suits your stars the most.


Neelam is termed as the best alternate in occult sciences to heal ailments like body pains, cancer, arthritis, paralysis, mental disorder, exhaustion, fatigue and depression. Other than this, it accommodates for good occupational probabilities, like of entering into management, writing and research.


Caution: Those wearing blue sapphire should not wear ruby, red coral or pearl alongwith it, without an expert advice.


Emerald Gemstone


Emerald: It is deemed as the best gift to present your lover for strengthening your love bond. The best quality of this gem is that it retains the similar color under all shades and lights. Those born under zodiac signs, Virgo & Gemini are presumed to wear this gem in order to save them from luck hardships.


Guards you against evil spirits and saves from diseases like mental instability, skin disorders, luecoderma, stammering, neurological disorders, vertigo and impotency. Emerald acts most magnanimously for those working or willing to work in merchandising, trading, teaching, publishing, transporting, auditing, poetry, accounting and counseling. So, grab an emerald studded ring if you intend to be a part of any of these fields.


Opal Gemstone


Opal: As conferred by Shakespeare, opal is known as the ‘Queen of Gem’ and so is the quality that it owns. It is known to be one of the most unpredictable stones in the band of gems. Being recognized as a gem made for Taurus, it improves love for art as well as financial stature. You can swap diamond with an opal if buying diamond is not on your wish list, as it is considered as the best substitute of diamond by ace astrologers.


This gemstone protects from diseases like luecoderma, impotency, frigidity, stone in kidney, sexual perversions and anemia. People belonging to cinema, singing, dancing, dress designing, music and sugarcane industry are benefitted the most on wearing opal.


Fact: The name of the stone is derived from the three sources, including, Opalus (Latin), Opalliois (Greek) and Upala, a word originated from the Sanskrit language.


Pearl Gemstone


Pearl: Aptly defined as “monarch of gems and gem of monarchs”, this stone is known for its simple and elegant beauty. These organic stones originated from oysters, when studded in a neck-piece or ring, create a sophisticated look and when worn for fortifying your stars, they just create wonder. This gemstone is best suited for people born under the zodiac of cancer.


Pearl saves you from asthma, jaundice, cancer, hysteria, anemia, tuberculosis, lethargy, insomnia, paralysis, cancer and bronchitis. Wearing pearl becomes a necessity, if your bread and butter comes from the fields of dairy, glasses, nursery, excise, liquor, chemicals, travelers, fishermen, sailors, psychiatrist, transporters etc. Call it beauty! Call it luck! Whatever you buy it for, it would turn out as complete magic in redefining your life!


Coral Gemstone


Coral: Never say no to a charismatic gem like this, which displays voodooism in empowering fortune and secures your chances of winning. In any which shape you wear it, the blessings of Mars would shower on you incessantly. Being a symbol of energy and self confidence, it enables Scorpios to find their way to fortune and to capacitate them to take risks.


Coral defends against physical conditions like abortion, miscarriage and improves the prospective of childbirth and adoption. It saves from fracture of bones, electric shock and small pox. Professionally, coral is best suited to people on the job of police, military, engineering, property dealers, sports dentist and cooking. Wear this to chuck all negativity and bad thoughts out of your life.


Garnet Gemstone


Garnet: If you are running through bad phase of relations due to unfaithfulness or insecurities, then wearing garnet could be the way out to deal with it. It’s a deep red colored gem stone, which is best known for inseminating qualities like generosity, faithfulness, truthfulness and stability. For Capricorns, it is an ideal pick to rejuvenate the balance of natural energy and for adding to confidence.


With garnet, you acquire safety from abdominal ulcers, boils, cataract, acute pain, phlegm. Garnet brings lots of luck to those involved in research, analysis and speculation, or working in airlines, medicines, electricity, sewerage, mortuary, slaughter house, aviation and computers.


Moving on to yellow sapphire, that is called the skipper of gem series, I would like you to know the place of guru in our Vedic scriptures first, with the following shaloka that equates brahma Vishnu and Mahesh to guru i.e. educator.


Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Gurur Devo Mahesh Varah
Guru Shakshat Para Brahma
Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah


Similar is the place of yellow sapphire i.e. pukhraj in the band of gems and so are the cosmic powers.


Yellow Sapphire Gemstone


Yellow Sapphire: This yellow colored gem rules Jupiter which bestows fame and vigor to the ascendants who wear it. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces are chiefly benefited from its mystic powers. Even though rest of the sun signs can wear it too, on the recommendation of an professional astrologer. It pacifies anger and gives eminence to you in your social circle.


Yellow sapphire saves you from ailments like obesity, diabetes, chronic disease, mental disorders, hernia, dropsy and digestive troubles. It is well suited for people working as legal advisers, bankers, diplomats, astrologers, economist and scientists.


To get any kind of assistance regarding buying or knowing the suitability of yellow sapphire (pukhraj), you can tie up with India Emporium and get complete support to solve your queries.


Ruby Gemstone


Ruby: It is one of the hardest stones you will ever come across. This is usually seen in pink to red shade and worn to fetch back the lost financial and social status. It’s a true bearer of the slogan, “manhood for men and passion for the lady”, as you get both, complemented with creativity, wisdom and self-reliance. Leos are the most suitable beings for wearing this precious stone.


Ruby is the ultimate choice to cure ailments like bone fracture, heart disease, cerebral disorders, typhoid, liver disorders, baldness and migraine. Professionally too, it brings colossal luck to those working in government sector or as rulers, chairman, forest officer, doctors, promoters, photographers and promoters.


Fact: All those are born under number 1 must wear ruby as it is looked upon as a lucky gem because sun rules this number.


To get that professional recommendation from our astrologer call us at +91-7827-033-033 and get valuable assistance regarding all of your astrological queries. Alternatively you can leave your name, email and contact number along with your birth details at to bag the same. We will tell what wheel of fortune has in store for you by finding the perfect resolutions against your odds.

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It’s a time to welcome the spring and in all corners of world it is welcomed by different ways. In India, it is welcomed by a festival named Baisakhi .It is an occasion of dancing, singing, music, wearing of festive garments and religious praise. The festival marks the start of the New Year in the solar calendar and recognizes the various religious faiths around the whole India. Recognized as different names Ugadi , Pohela Bihu ,Pohela Baisakh and many more in different part of India but the spirit of celebrating is same. We at IndiaEmporium try to fill the extravagant color in festival with our exclusive garments specially designed to welcome this occasion. Keeping in mind vivid people have distinct way of dressing our team comes with extraordinary ethnic attires.



Now let’s have a quick look at its unique faces, starting from the east edge in Bengal this is named as Pohela Baisakh”Baje Re Baje Dhol ar Dhak”. People gathered at common place by adorning different ethnic attires to celebrate that traditional occasion. Especially keeping in mind the ethnic dressing sense our team offers an antique collection of fabulous ethnic attires.Just have a look at following products to step up the ethnic charm And representing some Pohela Baisakh clothing refers to you as:


 White saree


Now let’s have a step towards core east i.e Assam a land of different cultural groups. Here it is named as Bihu means to give a beneath to life, and to beneath the life there is only way, remind your tradition by ethnic wear and food- “Phool phulise Boxontor tumi jaanmoni bohaagor pratitu bohagotes morom jaasu tumak antaror…” Our dedicated team is here to help you to attain the ethnic persona with vivid varieties of color combination . Go through the following products and pick the best one for you and your dear one.



Migrating towards north end Punjab the land of gurus where people have special focus on food and clothing. For our team it is always a challenging task to design superior clothes to satisfy the people .In Punjab it is basically celebrated as harvest celebration and also have a important historical past of Sikhs. People gathered at common place and enjoy singing and cultural dances by adorning different ethnic attires. Give the eye to our latest attire collection and celebrate the tunes of “JATTA AYA BAISAKHI, MUK GYI KANKA DI RAKHI”




Comes to south end, Ugadi is the name given to that festival which means a beginning of a new era. Type of celebration is same as other parts of country but with some typical Marathi touch “Aabar esechhe Aachhoaakash paane tule,Aachho aapon mohima,Aadhek ghume nayan chume,Aage chol aage chol bhai” the food and way of dressing is different rest is same. Deriving from typical ethnic collection we providing some selective dresses and also many exciting offers as mentioned above for the new beginning.



Don’t forget to avail 13% flat off by using coupon code IEBAISKH13 to avail that offerwith free gifts like jhumka,prandi and bangles.

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 Its our solo responsibility to add smiles on the faces of our Facebook fans and all in the circle. Perfect time to launch something extraordinaire deals for customers. Now don’t resist yourself from shopping, shop infinitely with FLAT 10% OFF ON ALL THE ORDERS FOR NEXT 100 HOURS. Use code “IEFBFANS10k” to attain the entire price excursion. Just click on your favorites and get it at your door step with flat 10% wave off prize on any selected item. But keep in mind my friends this deal is just for next 100 hours. Don’t miss this fabulous deal. Refer this to you near and dear ones to grab that opportunity to hit the price tag.


Facebook 10k Likes


Visit our Facebook fan page for more offers !

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Dazzle the world of celebrity fashion with our premium made to order collection


Celebrity – Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan became a world-renowned beauty after she won ‘Miss World’ title in 1994. Aishwarya’s ravishing beauty has mesmerized many big stars and designers all around the globe. Aishwarya is one of those stars in Bollywood who has always preferred wearing traditional Indian Vogue at International events such as Cannes film festival etc. She has also marked her presence at ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and spread her charisma there. Nearly 17,000 websites represents the opulence’s of her beauty.


Aishwarya Rai Maroon Net Dress


Celebrity – Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen marked her great impact on Indian Women after wearing the crown of ‘Miss Universe’ in 1994. Her contemporary looks made her one of the most glamorous divas in film and fashion industry. This beauty queen is fond of dwelling her feelings in the form of poetry and shares abundance love for her adopted children and pets, which inspires today’s woman for being so gregarious. Sushmita has ignited ramp with her dazzling beauty many times in different fashion shows


sushmita Sen Anarkali Suit


Celebrity- Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is one of the leading actresses of Indian cinema. Despite being the daughter of a sports player, she made her Bollywood debut in King Khan’s film ‘Om Shanti Om’. Her Innocent and winsome looks, especially her dimples made her favorites of many filmmakers. Deepika shares deep love for traditional Indian Vogue and often wears in special occasions like film awards etc.


Deepika Padukone Silk Saree


Celebrity- Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu was a successful model before switching to Bollywood movies. After winning contests like Godrej Cinthol Supermodel and the Ford Models of world, Bipasha began her modeling career in 1996. In 2001, Bipasha made her film debut in ‘Ajnabee’, which proved a milestone for her. Apart from modeling and acting, Bipasha is a complete fitness freak. She released a fitness DVD, called Love yourself, which inspires many people, especially today’s woman.



Celebrity – Asin

Asin Thottumkal simply known as Asin is a Bollywood actress. In a very short span of time, Asin dominated south Indian industry and switched to Bollywood in her debut film ‘Ghajini’ alongside with Mr. Perfectionist, Amir Khan. Asin has worked with Bollywood fames fashion designer, Ashley Rebello. Despite being modern, Asin often wears traditional couture wears that shows her elite choice in fashion.


Asin Thottumkal In Anarkali Suit


Celebrity – Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada Singh is an Indian model turned actress famous for her brilliant role in ‘Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi’. She won the Bollywood movie award in 2006 for best female debut. Being a married woman and mother, she still possesses the scintillating looks and stance of a young girl that helps her to be a perfect choice for various movies and fashion shows.


Chitrangda Stunning Bridal Lehenga


Celebrity – Priyanka Chopra

In year 2000, Priyanka Chopra brought crown of ‘Miss World’ back to India.  Priyanka’s one in a million smile made her favorite of several producers and fashion designers. Despite being a tanned beauty, Priyanka’s enigmatic and glistening looks have mesmerized big fashion designers and walked on ramp for them.

Priyanka Chopra


Celebrity – Zarine Khan

Zarine Khan made her acting debut from film ‘Veer’. Since then, she has become an iconic model among Indian women for her fashion statement, especially for wearing traditional ethnic wears. Zarine’s taste for Indian Ethnic Vogue is truly mesmerizing. Zarine has walked on ramp several times representing Indian Ethnic Wear.  Her Spellbinding looks has made her favorite of many big designers.


Zarine Khan

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India Emporium brings a world for its fans that represent various aspects of life such as humor, inspiration, love etc. to spice up their lives through it. Every-time, we try our best to bring a positive change in our fans’ lives with different kind of posts. We love to bring smile on the precious faces of our fans through it and to take them into designer world of Indian Ethnic wear filled with a large variety of designer couture that makes their heart melt on them at first look.





Be a Part Of India Emporium Social Life!


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Are you dancing to the rhythms of romantic tunes, reading out loudly the love struck quotes or adoring the hot ‘red’ color like never before? If yes, then love is for sure all over your mind!! Well, this behavior is quite obvious as February is an adorable month where we see countless love birds singing duets in chorus, relishing each other’s company by spending the day together and most importantly buying gifts for each other.


To save all our friends from the bizarre of choosing the wrong gift, India Emporium brings forward special offer on all red apparels, jewellery items and accessories. Be it the trendy kurtis, spell bounding sarees or authentic jewels, we will providing special 7% off on everything that is ‘Red’.


Valentine Banner


For the handsome desi boys, we have superlative range of sherwanis and kurta pyjamas to choose from. To charm all those traditional yet sensuous women out there, our peppy tunics, elegant suits and elite sarees are enough.




Red Suit     Embroidered Sherwani


If you are looking for home décor accessories that will enlighten the homes of your loved ones, then beautiful sculptures, classy lanterns and vases are sure to woe you.


Jaipuri Razai        Marble Holde

We hear that your love ones are fond of gems and jewels. Is it so? Then check out our jewellery section, where you will find amazing kundan jewels, sparkling anklets, rings and much more.


Necklace Jewellary Set


Here’s an ultimate chance to gift your loved ones some precious moments that they have always longed for. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite red colored product now, to relish exciting discount of 7% .


Hurry Up! Offer Valid Till 14 Feb, 2013.

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Thinking why the title is not having the poll winner?? Well this is so that we could enlighten your spirits a bit higher. Sounds exciting? Read more!!


We are delighted to inform you that we finally have the winner for our latest poll. For those who are not aware of the poll, here’s a brief description.



India Emporium recently conducted a poll survey. The categories that were selected for participating in the survey were






-Anarkali suits




We conducted a poll with a claim that the winning category would be awarded with a discount of FLAT 13%.


Before announcing the winner, we would like to thank all the fellow voters, who have contributed in the poll by casting their precious votes. Now, ending all the mushy talks let’s just get back to the winner!!



Here we go, the winner for our poll is Anarkali Suits!! As promised, we will be giving a discount of FLAT 13% on all our anarkali suits. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite anarkali suit and create flutters with the best.