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By Madiha

UPDATE (27 January, 2015): Overwhelmed with your tremendous response, we’ve decided to extend our Republic Day Sale till 31st January, 2015. Yes, you heard that right! You can still exert your Right to Save on our statement-making range of ethnic apparel. Hurry!
Biggest Republic Day Sale: India Emporium
Our 66th Republic Day is around the corner. And just like you, we’re excited as hell.
We thought you’d like to embrace the colors of the Republic of India this 26th January. That’s why we bring to you some alluring suits and sarees in white, orange and green hues that promise to leave you awe-struck.
You guessed it: everything listed here is right from our BIGGEST SALE EVER catalog, where you get UP TO 70% + EXTRA 26% OFF on using the coupon REPUBLIC26.
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By Sahil Anand

Honoring the Indian Republic Day (yes, the day when our constitution came into force 66 years ago), we introduce you to Our Biggest Sale Ever.
Till 26 January, 2015, you can steal up to 70% + extra 26 % off on some of the best ethic wear in the world.
India Emporium Republic Day Sale
Never before has India Emporium given you a discount of such magnitude. So make the most of it.
And for those who don’t know, we’re simultaneously running the Lowest Price Guarantee Sale, where we’re offering everything at up to 70% less than the market price, with a promise that you won’t find a better bargain anywhere else.

By Madiha

Lohri is not just about bonefire, dulla bhatti, kite flying or harvesting rabi crops – it’s so much more. It’s about fashion, too. And it deserves a sale just as big.
That’s why we’re giving up to 70% + 15% off.

Again, the coupon code is LOHRI15. So make sure you throw popcorns, peanuts, til and gachchak into bonfire in style.

By Sahil Anand

And we want to thank you for making our AbsoLOOT Christmas Madness Sale an absolute success.
For those who couldn’t get their hands on it for some reason, the sale is still going on and you can still steal some crazy deals. But you must hurry, because today is the last day!
UPDATE (26th December 2014, 12:01 AM): As a surprise Christmas gift, we have extended our AbsoLOOT Christmas Madness Sale till 5th January 2015. And the best part is, we’ll be adding some amazing, shop-worthy stuff to the catalog every day.

By Sahil Anand

Christmas is just around the corner, and like every year, it’ll pass before you know it.
But we say, let’s change it all this time around.
Let’s make Christmas 2014 a bit more memorable.
That’s exactly why we are introducing AbsoLOOT Christmas Madness – where we giving up to 70% off on select ethic wear.
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By Sahil Anand

We love you. A lot. That’s why we find ways to give you more discounts time and again.
And that’s exactly why we put up the 3-day Great Online Shopping Festival 2014 Sale, where we offered you never-before bargains.
We’d like to thank you for your overwhelming response.
And though we earlier planned to end the sale yesterday only (12th December 2014, the last day of GOSF) but we couldn’t just do it to you. We didn’t want to be the spoil sport. We rather want you to steal some more amazing bargains. We want to see you smile.
So make most of our Extended GOSF Sale!

By Sahil Anand

As we promised in our last post, we’re back with a bang.
Tomorrow is not like any other Friday. It’s BLACK FRIDAY.
Which means you must be gearing up to grab (and steal) the best ever deals – ones that made you wait as long as 365 days.
But we say, YOU WAIT NO MORE.
That’s because our Black Friday sale starts from right now!
India Emporium Black Friday Deals
This time around you will get the most amazing deals for sure. And you will be able to spice up your Thanksgiving feast (and of course your ethnic wardrobe) like never before.
Check out our Black Friday deals now!
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By Gauhar Verma

When you hear about Diwali the first thought which comes to your mind is a sparkling ambience filled with lights, diyas and rangoli.
You can’t imagine Diwali without sweets, colourful ethnic wear and memorable gifts. The festival is in full swing, people are in the best of their moods and filled with delight.
While counting so many things how could you forget to count those special Diwali gifts. To shower your love on dear ones, gift them beautiful and precious gifts and make this festival even more special. Here are some best accessories to gifts for your loved ones:

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By Admin

The warmth and security felt in mother’s lap is incomparable. No one in this entire world could be as generous and sacrificing as her. Be it the mid day snacks, the moment when we are in pain, the moment we are in problem, the times when we need shelter from dad’s anger – the only word we could mumble is mother. In our busy lives, where are we occupied with our college or job and later on with friends, we tend to miss spending times with her. Just sit back and memorize when was the last when you spent a whole day with her, pampering her the way she has been.


Mother's Day Gifts


If your memory seems to fade while thinking of such moment, then probably it has been a long time since you have done this. But, do not worry! With mother’s day on the corner, you can add some memorable moments to your precious mother’s life. We at India Emporium, bring forward the magic box – a box with lots of exciting offers and discounts over apparels.


We are offering a special of up to 35% discount over fabulous cotton anarkali suits, ravishing cotton kurtis, Classic cotton sarees and the flamboyant jewellery. Come chop with us and contribute a little to her happiness on Mother’s day. With the myriad range of traditional apparels, we are sure you would find lots that would match your mother’s dynamic personality.


What are you still waiting for? 11th May is around the corner, so just start shopping and planning for the day that would be cherished for the coming years.

By Admin

The essence of the festival remains authentic regardless of the fact what people from varied regions call them. While Punjabis call it Baisakhi, Assamese call is Bihu, Bengalis proclaim and celebrate this day as Pohela. Just when we begin to celebrate the joys of spring, what arise the tempo of celebrations is baisakhi. Baisakhi has been rightly termed as one of the most jovial festival celebrated in Punjab and other regions of India. Thumping music, lively souls and gripping boliyan, together contribute to the mesmerising ambience that follows.


Baisakhi Offers


India Emporium celebrates the vibes of the festival with its vibrant and lively ethnic collection that identifies distinct region and their individual essence.

Bengalis – For the Bengali beauties, white sarees with gracious pallus, are the best attire for celebrating their regional festival, Pohela.

Punjabis – No matter if, you are a gabroo jawan or a sohni mutiyaar, each of you is going to find something or the other that suits you the best. Add to the celebrations by adoring colourful Punjabi suits and kurta pyjamas.

Assamese – For celebrating Bihu, the regional festival of Assam, anything from the embroidered sarees to the lehenga cum sarees will add the needed element.


Contribute to the celebrations while shopping, the best apparels for the occasion.