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By Sahil Anand

Yoga is probably as old as the time itself. Legend has it that yoga is much older than Patanjali and that Lord Shiva is the first yog guru, with Maharishi Shukracharya as his first shishya.
Yoga is not just a physical exercise – it unites body, mind and soul. It helps us carpe diem on our sufferings and diseases, taking us toward the state of liberation.
When Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the global leaders to embrace June 21 as International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day, it was a proud moment for every Indian. UN officially declared that on 11th December 2014.
And the much-awaited day has arrived. As we celebrate our first International Yoga Day tomorrow, India Emporium pledges to take yoga forward, encouraging not just its employees but also its customers to embrace yoga and lead a healthy lifestyle.
international yoga day

By Sahil Anand

Over the last few decades synthetic fibers have become an epidemic. Majority of people (knowingly or unknowingly) are choosing synthetic fabrics like art silk, acrylic, nylon and polyester over natural fabrics like silk, cashmere, cotton and linen, impacting not just our environment but also the lives of farmers who make a living out of producing and processing natural fabrics.
Why turn to natural fabrics, you ask? a) They’re more breathable and comfortable; b) they’re a responsible and sustainable choice because they help eradicate rural poverty and are 100% biodegradable; c) they look far more graceful and fashionable than their synthetic counterparts – e.g. pure silk still beats art silk in shine, texture, strength and almost every aspect. Though a bit expensive, the qualities of natural fabrics make up for those extra dollars.
Want to do your bit for our initiative to promote natural fabrics? Then here’re some beautiful pure silk sarees you can begin with:
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By Sahil Anand

A couple of days ago, we asked you to embrace nature-friendly fabrics. Today we’d like to take a pledge to plant a tree.
Yes, for every purchase you make on World Environment Day, we’ll plant a beautiful little tree on your behalf. Because together we can make our plant a better place to live in.
India Emporium pledges to plant a tree

By Sahil Anand

World Environment Day is around the corner: June 5, 2015. As you pledge to plant more trees, encourage organic farming, throw garbage in dustbin, conserve more water… why not embrace sustainable fashion, too?
One way to go about is to buy and wear fabrics that cause minimal harm to the environment. And one such fabric is cotton, a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fiber.
Here’s how you can be an eco-conscious fashionista…
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By Gauhar Verma

When you hear about Diwali the first thought which comes to your mind is a sparkling ambience filled with lights, diyas and rangoli.
You can’t imagine Diwali without sweets, colourful ethnic wear and memorable gifts. The festival is in full swing, people are in the best of their moods and filled with delight.
While counting so many things how could you forget to count those special Diwali gifts. To shower your love on dear ones, gift them beautiful and precious gifts and make this festival even more special. Here are some best accessories to gifts for your loved ones:

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By Admin

The excitement levels reach to the core when you are supposed to go for your first date. The foremost thought that juggles one’s mind is to go for something that would make you look the best. This is what of must think at this moment – how about wearing a nice pair of jeans, how about a mini black dress or how about a skirt. Well the options are countless, but for those who like to stick to ethnic dresses, the case is reverse. If you are a desi girl at heart, try wearing something ethnic for your first date. Here is a guide that we are sure would impress your beau.



A nice party wear kurti with subtle embellishments can do wonders especially if you know how to carry it well. Team up your kurti with a nice pair of jeans or leggings. Ditch the heels and go for flat chappals to ensure you look completely chic. A pair of kundan earrings will do the rest.


New Image


Salwar Suits

Who says you cannot look glamorous in a salwar suit. Go for a classy and subtle salwar suit but make sure you do not overdo the look. Since it is your first date, make sure the guy does not run away seeing you dolled up like a wedding attendee. Keep it simple, add the glamour by choosing blush colours and neck backs. Keep your hair open or just flaunt your back by doing a messy hair do.


Anarkali Suits

Now, this is where you need to stay careful. When we say anarkali, you cannot go for the one that you wore on your first cousin’s wedding. It has to be away from embellishments and gottas. Anarkali suits are already so flared that any other embellishment can simply make you look over dresses. Go for plain suits with contrasting churidaars. Accentuate the look with pretty kundan jhumkas and a pair of stilettos.

You can always wear anything what you want and look pretty. The thing is you need to make right choices and hold the required confidence.

By Admin

According to a survey report on ‘Elder Abuse & Crime in India’ released by HelpAge India, more than 22% of the senior citizens across the country face one or the other kind of abuse.



This figure is surely startling for a country where respecting the elders is an intrinsic part of our culture. It is then a shame that many elderly people are living in isolation bereft of any financial support and most importantly deprived of love and care. This is the reason why numerous NGOs have sprung up in India in recent times to lend a helping hand to the ‘grey-haired’ and ‘dim-eyed’ citizens who have been thrown in a pool of neglect by their families or other such circumstances.


Showing concern for the old and destitute, IndiaEmporium has tied up with HelpAge India to support the elderly and their needs. Fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility, we will be contributing some amount from all our sales to the non-profit organization so that the lives of senior citizens can be changed for the better. By shopping with us, our valued customers will also be contributing towards this noble cause.


HelpAge India is working wholeheartedly towards sensitizing the society on the issues of the elderly. It is providing not only financial but also mental and emotional assistance to the aged so that they realize their true worth in the society. IndiaEmporium is humbled to be associated with the organization that fosters the cause of the elderly.