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Fashion is a changing phenomenon but what sets off the change? Two major contributors to changing fashion are serials and movies. If movies create the ideal world for the viewers, Serials have become a reflection of daily life of the family. These two mediums affect the lifestyle as well as introduce fashion into the society.


With stories which cater to Indian household, Soap Operas have become an integral part of life of several women and with hundreds of serials on Air; the affect of it on the society is immense. With such a huge approach to the common mass, one cannot deny the affect of daily soaps on the fashion sense of the society.


Well talking about Sarees how can one forget about the cult created by “Sarees worn by Tulsi” when Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was dominating small screen. Similarly the trend of “Drapes worn by Parvati” in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki is seeded in mind of every Indian Mother and Daughter. In an identical manner, “Kashish Suits” featured in Kahin To Hoga took off explosively and set a vogue amongst Girls especially teenagers who considered her a style icon. These fads are promoted by the media increased the obsession of people to pursue it; thus flourishing the business of clothing.


Influenced by this idea we bring to a collection inspired by one of the most famous daily soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Browse through our Akshara Anarkali Suits Collection and be the embodiment of modesty in a style by your favorite on-screen Bahu.



Rashmi Desai has not only won accolades for her negative character as Tapasya in Uttaran but has also been able to inoculate a steep sense of vogue that has been admired by many. Check out our Uttaran – Rashmi Desai Sarees Collection publicized by none other than Tapasya and pick out your favorite Sarees.



Fashion Fact: Multi color dresses were rare before soaps but the fan following of Hindi soaps willingly accepted and created a new craze. Current Stats show that the clothing in trend at small and big events is Multicolored Anarkali Suits especially the one’s endorsed by Daily Soaps.

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Peppy music beats, countless chirpy smiles, never-ending merriment, a vivacious bride, a dashing groom…I can keep on going on and on writing about the ambiance of fun and frolic that coats a home like honey during an Indian wedding. The families of chachis, mamis and bhuas get together for a sparkling weeklong affair that leaves everyone lusting for more of the sumptuous shaadi ka khana’ and unforgettable memories.


The wedding functions have their own charisma and each function holds its own importance in our culture. I’m pretty sure that if you are a true-blue Indian, wedding functions are something you really enjoy. All the naach gaana, mehndi and choora functions definitely make the ‘big fat Indian wedding’ a delight for the senses.




Of all the functions, sangeet is the best enjoyed function. Roughly translated into English, sangeet is basically a dance party. Sounds pretty cool! And who does not like dancing to the desi beats of catchy Bollywood numbers? Even if you are not a good dancer, no one can stop you from swaying to the loud thumping music being played by the dj. With colorful and fashionable traditional attires creating magic on the dance floor, sangeet is the most-loved of all wedding functions. I’m sure you will agree with me on that!



Mehndi hai rachne wali….


The next day after ladies sangeet comes the mehndi function that is a hot favorite with girls. Mehndi laga ke rakhna….is every girl’s dream song and the excitement of applying beautiful patterns of henna on the hands is very alluring. The gorgeous would-be-bride has her hands and feet covered in artistic henna designs. All the other ladies of the house also have their hands adorned with henna making this ceremony a colorful one!



Rangla choora


Red and white ivory bangles add to the irresistible charm of the glorious Indian bride. This ceremony is done on the morning of the wedding. The bride’s maternal uncle makes her wear the choora and everyone gives their blessings. I find the choora is the girl’s best jewelry in her whole attire. What do you think?




Did you know that haldi ceremony in Indian weddings is nothing less than a refreshing spa treatment that leaves your skin glowing? Yes! In the Haldi ceremony, the family members apply a paste prepared from herbs, vegetable oils, fresh milk curds, sandalwood powder and turmeric on the face, arms and feet of the bride and the groom. Now you know the secret behind the glow on the wedding couple’s face. Well, it’s not just love!



Just as I am writing this, I remember I have to go shopping for the lehenga that I am going to wear on my best friend’s wedding. I am all kicked up and excited to attend her wedding! The marriage season is on and there is a whiff of celebrations in the air! It’s time to gorge on sweets and indulge in irresistible delicacies served during the wedding ceremonies. It’s also the time to display my best ethnic wear and jewelry.


So which is the wedding that you are headed to?

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Bollywood Collection


Bollywood has been a strong source of inspiration for the sartorial choices of Indian women in India and abroad, for years. What started as loud fashion that was all about exuberant hairstyles and gaudy makeup, has over the years given way to classy outfits and dressing styles, which are as practical as they are beautiful.


Indian women no longer have to be awestruck when they see an outfit they love on the celluloid, since affordable imitations of these outfits are now easily available. India Emporium introduces its “Bollywood Collection”, in which the pretties Bollywood-inspired ethnic dresses are made available to you in a single click.


You can visit this stunning collection right away to take a glimpse into this all-new facet of ethnic shopping. Each of these outfits is handpicked to keep up with the latest trends, along with ensuring that you stand out as an elegant beauty each time you don any of them.


What we are presenting is outfits that are inspired by the collections of the country’s biggest designers, yet come without a shocking price tag. That means you get the best of both worlds- looks inspired by your favorite Bollywood celebrities, and price tags that keep your wallet happy.


We have put together some of the most popular Bollywood dresses in this exclusive collection, but if you are still looking for something that you can’t find here, feel free to send us a mail about it, and we shall try to make it available at the earliest. You can also make use of our “customize your look” feature, in which you can send in specifications of any outfit you wish to get made, and we shall create the exact look you want.

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Customize your look


Have you ever found yourself looking at a celebrity dressed in a perfectly-fitted and immaculately styled outfit, and wondering where you could get one like that for yourself? We have all had these green-eyed moments, but now, it doesn’t have to stop at just dropping your jaw and moving back to wearing drab outfits. We introduce “Hire A Ethnic Designer” and “Customize Your Look”, two fabulous new features, that are here to revolutionize the idea of ethnic wear.


Conceptualized by keeping in mind the needs of Indian women in India and abroad, this idea is all about getting an outfit that you could only dream of, made exclusively for you, just the way you want it. All that you need to do is send in the requirements of the outfit that you want, and we shall do all that it takes to recreate exactly what you’ve ordered.


Using these features, you can get a custom-made outfit suited to your body type and requirements, without having to provide any outfit or idea on your own. A fashion designer will be at your service, to provide you with sketches of suggestions that he/she finds appropriate for you. You can then choose any one out of these, and presto! – Your designer outfit will be delivered to you in a jiffy!


This new addition to our website is all about giving our customers exactly what they need, and ensuring that no wishes are left unfulfilled. So if you consider yourself worthy of celebrity-like treatment, this new feature is definitely worth experimenting for you. You can start by getting an outfit designed for yourself, or can even send in a request for outfits for your friends and family, if you have an important occasion, like a wedding, on the cards.

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Do you wish to have an outfit that is stylish, comfortable, versatile, affordable, and traditional, all at the same time? Kurtis have all this and more to offer to you, which is exactly why, they’re our pick for the wardrobe staple for this season!
Here are the five kurtis that our style experts have handpicked as the must-haves in every Indian girl’s wardrobe.
1. The first one is this gorgeous green kurti with abstract prints, which is the perfect choice to beat the sweltering summer heat: Pair this kurti with a white plazzo, with Croatia borders, and you’re all set to rock the style world!


2. Our next pick is a gorgeous kurti that’s sure to make you want to bring it home right away! A great choice for lovers of color, this beautiful kurti is sure to make heads turn each time you wear it:


3. If you’d like to keep it simple, with a kurti that can be paired perfectly with denim jeans, you are sure to love the next kurti that has made it to our collection of must-haves. This beautiful White & Blue Embroidered Kurti truly is drool-worthy!


4. No wardrobe is complete without some party wear, which is why this beautiful blue and red kurti is our next pick for a wardrobe replete with super-stylish kurtis: Based on a lush crepe fabric, this kurti embodies grace and élan like hardly any other kurti does. Pair it with red leggings, throw in some matching accessories into the mix, and you are good to go!


5. Finishing off our grand collection of kurtis, is one that can be worn anywhere, anytime, and will be that one piece in your wardrobe that you’ll reach out for each time you are stuck in the “what should I wear” dilemma. Presenting the queen of embroidered kurtis: Just mix and match these gorgeous picks with different bottoms and accessories, and enjoy a new, stylish look, everyday!


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Monday Blues are a nightmare that everyone dreads, but not any more! With the stylish apparel and accessories from India Emporium, you can infuse excitement into every day of the week. We have five exclusive handpicked outfits to make sure that you are on a high every time you step out of your front door!
Monday- Monday is a day when you anyway don’t feel like shaking off the weekend slumber and getting into high-action mode. Slipping into this gorgeous salwar kameez will ensure that you not just create a striking impression, but even feel radiant and invigorated all day long.


Tuesday- As the week carries forth, you can try experimenting with some stylish pieces in your wardrobe. The vibrancy of this bright kurti is ideal for the auspicious day that Tuesday is. Accessorize it with some glam bangles and earrings, and be ready for a peppy Tuesday!


Wednesday- It’s now that time of the week when you’d rather shrug all frills and fancies, and just be yourself. This simple cotton kurti lets you do just that! Pair it with a comfy pair of denim jeans, and breeze your way through the day.

Thursday- If you have an office meeting to attend, or a presentation to deliver, this simple, yet stunning salwar kameez should be your pick for the day. It’s got just the right blend of being professional and stylish. Pin your dupatta on your shoulder, let your hair lose, and get set to create a lasting impression.


Friday- Finally, the day that we all can’t wait for is here! Bid adieu to the week that’s gone by with panache, by draping this breathtaking magenta lace saree. This saree is a best seller from our collection, and with good reason! Feel like a movie star as you flaunt your womanly charms in this definitive saree.


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If you wish to bridge the gap between a “house” and a “home,” what you need is some warm and colorful décor items for your home’s interior. We all know how something like a few cushions, a colorful rug, heavy curtains, and an attractive lamp can instantly make a room feel much more inviting and cozier. You can convert every room in your house to look like it is right out of a magazine page, by exploring our exciting new collection of “Crafts & Décor” on India Emporium. Continue Reading »

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Valentine DayThe Valentine’s season is on, and the excitement among lovebirds is palpable! If you are one of the lucky ones who are truly, madly and deeply in love, then it is time to take out that piggybank that you have been saving in, for Valentine’s Day, and make the most memorable buy of the year!

The ideas of Valentine’s gifts are endless, but you are the one to decide what you wish to pamper your special somebody with. We have made your job easy by presenting exquisitely-designed Valentine’s packages in the exclusive segment of our online store, dedicated to love.

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As much as a man might love to slip into a comfy pair of jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt, he cannot deny the need to look a tad more stylish on a special occasion that calls for a hint of panache. It is for those special occasions, that we have introduced an unparalleled range of ethnic menswear, which is just what you need to give that special edge to your look!

One might argue that a standard two-piece suit is the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding. But look around at the raging trends, and you’ll find that a formal suit is passé as a choice of men’s attire. The way to go if you wish to keep up with the trends and be the head-turner at the next wedding you visit, is the traditional way!

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