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Fashion is a changing phenomenon but what sets off the change? Two major contributors to changing fashion are serials and movies. If movies create the ideal world for the viewers, Serials have become a reflection of daily life of the family. These two mediums affect the lifestyle as well as introduce fashion into the society.


With stories which cater to Indian household, Soap Operas have become an integral part of life of several women and with hundreds of serials on Air; the affect of it on the society is immense. With such a huge approach to the common mass, one cannot deny the affect of daily soaps on the fashion sense of the society.


Well talking about Sarees how can one forget about the cult created by “Sarees worn by Tulsi” when Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was dominating small screen. Similarly the trend of “Drapes worn by Parvati” in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki is seeded in mind of every Indian Mother and Daughter. In an identical manner, “Kashish Suits” featured in Kahin To Hoga took off explosively and set a vogue amongst Girls especially teenagers who considered her a style icon. These fads are promoted by the media increased the obsession of people to pursue it; thus flourishing the business of clothing.


Influenced by this idea we bring to a collection inspired by one of the most famous daily soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Browse through our Akshara Anarkali Suits Collection and be the embodiment of modesty in a style by your favorite on-screen Bahu.



Rashmi Desai has not only won accolades for her negative character as Tapasya in Uttaran but has also been able to inoculate a steep sense of vogue that has been admired by many. Check out our Uttaran – Rashmi Desai Sarees Collection publicized by none other than Tapasya and pick out your favorite Sarees.



Fashion Fact: Multi color dresses were rare before soaps but the fan following of Hindi soaps willingly accepted and created a new craze. Current Stats show that the clothing in trend at small and big events is Multicolored Anarkali Suits especially the one’s endorsed by Daily Soaps.

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Have you ever wondered? Why blue for guys and pink for girls!!!! Probably this could be an approach that tries to state girls’ kinship with soft demeanor and boys’ fondness for technology. No matter how they were perceived originally which set this notion, the matter of fact is that every color emotes and connotes a different emotion, which somehow communicates with our surroundings too. For instance, picking up the murky shades for a gathering may reveal your disinterest in people or place. Similarly various colors voice out various emotions that run through our mind in a particular time. Let us try to understand what our choices for colors define in which context.



Red- Hot and fiery, just like your taste!


It’s a color that personifies love, passion and desire, so whenever one feels like rejoicing these delights, red is the color that he or she may pick. Red signifies fire and enflames your dreams and desires. Picking up red for the day makes you look ravishing, peppy and jubilant. As they say, a beauty in red looks so spectacular and enigmatic that taking your eyes off seems impossible.


Another layer to the meaning of color can be added on the basis of cultures, like in Indian culture red is the color of bride and in china it is linked with happiness. Several connotations are adjoined thus to different colors based on emotions, moods and lifestyle.


Pink- Simplicity dipped in romance


Likewise, pink denotes romance, care, tenderness, acceptance and tranquility. This is the color that every girl will pick for her dream date as it infuses love in the air. Soft shades like this also display one’s pleasant and naive behavior. It is the best color to reveal your secret style and soothing beauty. Being the perfect choice for summer evenings and regular hangouts pink color reins the world of both casuals and formals. Hence it is inevitable to skip a beat on the frivolous sight of pinkly dressed lassie.


Green- Rejuvenate verve and vigor


This color of generosity embedded with zest and youth spreads a revitalizing force into the environment. Some people relate green with nature and to others it reminds of freshness and agility, whatsoever is your mood for the day, this green is going to complement it perfectly. Again on the cultural basis green is the shade of tradition as it is seen being showcased at auspicious moments like pooja and hawans. To add devout to festive and religious occasions, you can pick a green dress and enchant all with your youthful bliss.


Yellow- Glistening lift for your joy and optimism


Yellow signifies pleasure and whenever one feels high and content, this color helps displaying the radiance of that elated moment. Yellow again is the color that describes hope, imagination and sunshine and also fans out positivity. It stands for friendship too as yellow flowers are exchanged between friends on friendships day to make the companionability known to other. A gesture of purity and trust, this bright pigment showcases your light and giggly mood.


Blue- Divine like sky and loyal like lord


Blue is an all time favorite of all age groups from adults to kids, men to women due to its imperishable impact. Folks use it to flaunt their confident and harmonious stance that attracts all and sundry. Blue is basically the color of loyalty and unity, it gives indication of clean and uncluttered attitude.


White- If pink is the beauty then white is for serenity.


Which is the first word that comes to your mind when I say, ‘white’. Probably there would be more than one term that would form its alias, like reverence, purity, birth, snow, innocence etc. White displays so many taintless emotions that are hard to queue up but easy to feel. To many of you it may also remind of a bride, as celebrated in Christianity. The elegance of white is unconditional and endless, you can wear it on any occasion where composure needs to be added to your appearance.


Black- The color of power and sophistication


It’s not unconventional to see all the bureaucrats and business tycoons wearing black. ‘Why’ is the question that may pop up in your mind on hearing this but it would take a split of second to elucidate the same. This is so because the invincible aggression, elegance, sophistication and power that is showcased by this color is vivid and expressive. You need no word no ornament to reveal it more.


“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore


“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!” – Miley Cyrus

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It’s a time to welcome the spring and in all corners of world it is welcomed by different ways. In India, it is welcomed by a festival named Baisakhi .It is an occasion of dancing, singing, music, wearing of festive garments and religious praise. The festival marks the start of the New Year in the solar calendar and recognizes the various religious faiths around the whole India. Recognized as different names Ugadi , Pohela Bihu ,Pohela Baisakh and many more in different part of India but the spirit of celebrating is same. We at IndiaEmporium try to fill the extravagant color in festival with our exclusive garments specially designed to welcome this occasion. Keeping in mind vivid people have distinct way of dressing our team comes with extraordinary ethnic attires.



Now let’s have a quick look at its unique faces, starting from the east edge in Bengal this is named as Pohela Baisakh”Baje Re Baje Dhol ar Dhak”. People gathered at common place by adorning different ethnic attires to celebrate that traditional occasion. Especially keeping in mind the ethnic dressing sense our team offers an antique collection of fabulous ethnic attires.Just have a look at following products to step up the ethnic charm And representing some Pohela Baisakh clothing refers to you as:


 White saree


Now let’s have a step towards core east i.e Assam a land of different cultural groups. Here it is named as Bihu means to give a beneath to life, and to beneath the life there is only way, remind your tradition by ethnic wear and food- “Phool phulise Boxontor tumi jaanmoni bohaagor pratitu bohagotes morom jaasu tumak antaror…” Our dedicated team is here to help you to attain the ethnic persona with vivid varieties of color combination . Go through the following products and pick the best one for you and your dear one.



Migrating towards north end Punjab the land of gurus where people have special focus on food and clothing. For our team it is always a challenging task to design superior clothes to satisfy the people .In Punjab it is basically celebrated as harvest celebration and also have a important historical past of Sikhs. People gathered at common place and enjoy singing and cultural dances by adorning different ethnic attires. Give the eye to our latest attire collection and celebrate the tunes of “JATTA AYA BAISAKHI, MUK GYI KANKA DI RAKHI”




Comes to south end, Ugadi is the name given to that festival which means a beginning of a new era. Type of celebration is same as other parts of country but with some typical Marathi touch “Aabar esechhe Aachhoaakash paane tule,Aachho aapon mohima,Aadhek ghume nayan chume,Aage chol aage chol bhai” the food and way of dressing is different rest is same. Deriving from typical ethnic collection we providing some selective dresses and also many exciting offers as mentioned above for the new beginning.



Don’t forget to avail 13% flat off by using coupon code IEBAISKH13 to avail that offerwith free gifts like jhumka,prandi and bangles.

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Dazzle the world of celebrity fashion with our premium made to order collection


Celebrity – Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan became a world-renowned beauty after she won ‘Miss World’ title in 1994. Aishwarya’s ravishing beauty has mesmerized many big stars and designers all around the globe. Aishwarya is one of those stars in Bollywood who has always preferred wearing traditional Indian Vogue at International events such as Cannes film festival etc. She has also marked her presence at ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and spread her charisma there. Nearly 17,000 websites represents the opulence’s of her beauty.


Aishwarya Rai Maroon Net Dress


Celebrity – Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen marked her great impact on Indian Women after wearing the crown of ‘Miss Universe’ in 1994. Her contemporary looks made her one of the most glamorous divas in film and fashion industry. This beauty queen is fond of dwelling her feelings in the form of poetry and shares abundance love for her adopted children and pets, which inspires today’s woman for being so gregarious. Sushmita has ignited ramp with her dazzling beauty many times in different fashion shows


sushmita Sen Anarkali Suit


Celebrity- Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is one of the leading actresses of Indian cinema. Despite being the daughter of a sports player, she made her Bollywood debut in King Khan’s film ‘Om Shanti Om’. Her Innocent and winsome looks, especially her dimples made her favorites of many filmmakers. Deepika shares deep love for traditional Indian Vogue and often wears in special occasions like film awards etc.


Deepika Padukone Silk Saree


Celebrity- Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu was a successful model before switching to Bollywood movies. After winning contests like Godrej Cinthol Supermodel and the Ford Models of world, Bipasha began her modeling career in 1996. In 2001, Bipasha made her film debut in ‘Ajnabee’, which proved a milestone for her. Apart from modeling and acting, Bipasha is a complete fitness freak. She released a fitness DVD, called Love yourself, which inspires many people, especially today’s woman.



Celebrity – Asin

Asin Thottumkal simply known as Asin is a Bollywood actress. In a very short span of time, Asin dominated south Indian industry and switched to Bollywood in her debut film ‘Ghajini’ alongside with Mr. Perfectionist, Amir Khan. Asin has worked with Bollywood fames fashion designer, Ashley Rebello. Despite being modern, Asin often wears traditional couture wears that shows her elite choice in fashion.


Asin Thottumkal In Anarkali Suit


Celebrity – Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada Singh is an Indian model turned actress famous for her brilliant role in ‘Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi’. She won the Bollywood movie award in 2006 for best female debut. Being a married woman and mother, she still possesses the scintillating looks and stance of a young girl that helps her to be a perfect choice for various movies and fashion shows.


Chitrangda Stunning Bridal Lehenga


Celebrity – Priyanka Chopra

In year 2000, Priyanka Chopra brought crown of ‘Miss World’ back to India.  Priyanka’s one in a million smile made her favorite of several producers and fashion designers. Despite being a tanned beauty, Priyanka’s enigmatic and glistening looks have mesmerized big fashion designers and walked on ramp for them.

Priyanka Chopra


Celebrity – Zarine Khan

Zarine Khan made her acting debut from film ‘Veer’. Since then, she has become an iconic model among Indian women for her fashion statement, especially for wearing traditional ethnic wears. Zarine’s taste for Indian Ethnic Vogue is truly mesmerizing. Zarine has walked on ramp several times representing Indian Ethnic Wear.  Her Spellbinding looks has made her favorite of many big designers.


Zarine Khan

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Saree is an apparel that is successfully casting it’s spell since thousands of years. Be it the cheerful vibes at tradition affairs or the commanding looks at a fashion gala, a saree conveys it all at its best.
This presentation is dedicated to the journey of the wondrous 6 yard apparel, fondly known as saree, from the epic 60′s to the revolutionary 2000′s.



The 60′s Where Simplicity Was At Its Best


Women back in 60′s knew it all about how to look classy and sensuous at the same time. Reflecting flawless style despite being simple was the thumb funda.


Saree Style : What was trending enough, was boat neck blouses with three fourth sleeves. Sarees were tied either in seedha pallu or ulta pallu style.


Fabrics That Ruled : Raw Silk, chiffon, Cotton, light weight opaque silk with heavy zari borders.


The 70′s That Rocked
Back in 70′s, we saw how young women used to drape themselves in sarees, hiding every inch of their body, carried big buns and puffs.


Saree Style : While the decade commenced with the simple seedha pallu & ulta pallu style, it was the peppy Mumtaz style that turned heads. Imagine a saree that looked like a sharara and had no pleats!!


Fabrics That Ruled : Mercerized Cotton with zari, Chanderi, Net, Georgette


The 80′s, The Glamor Decade


Saree Style: Sarees were largely influencing the styles of this period. The 80′s gave birth to shear look sarees. Women were proudly adorning chiffon and georgette base plain sarees. Where as polka dots and prints were seen heading ahead in mid 80′s.


Fabrics That Ruled : Georgette, Chiffon, Printed cotton sarees


The 90′s Where Revolution Began


90′s was an era that unlike others saw continuation of trends from 80′s. The sheer look sarees were still ruling the block. Also, the era saw revival of kanjivaram and silk sarees.


Fabrics That Ruled : Georgette, Chiffon, Silk, Kanjivaram, net


Present, Welcome Abroad A New World


Since the commencement of 2000′s, the fashion world has not seen much new trends. Instead it is the time where vintage trends are our inspiration. Back to the present, we see beautiful ladies with whole jazzed up blouses, carrying thin pleated pallus, all of which are a revised and recreated version of vintage saree styles. In the upcoming slides, we will see revival of the previous trends but with a contemporary style.


Remember the childhood days, when we girls used to drape mom’s saree over jeans? Well, the style has now hit the limelight and is spreading like fire!! The fabric prominently used is the net and georgette from the 70′s



Tired of wearing the same old ground kissing saree? Well, here’s the chhotu saree that is almost 6 inch above the usual saree. The sarees are inspired from the ancient tribal look. Although the saree has a contemporary look, it still has the essence of ethnicity in it.


Enter the zone where comfort rules fashion. The new age pyjama sarees are an avid example of sarees that where trendy pyjamas replace the inskirts. The blouses mostly worn with these sarees are inspired from the 60′s.


Jersey Saree, is an interesting avatar of the 6 yard saree. The jersey saree has a built-in choli, the pallu is split in to two halves such that one section to give it a halter look. While the other side of the pallu falls into a ‘kimono sleeve’, adding a new twist to the traditional saree!


Kambarbands which were worn by women long ago, have been revived. Worn over a well draped saree, a belt in silver, gold adds royalty and punk to an otherwise boring saree. The belted saree is a great pick to accentuate a slender figure. So, when are you belting-up your saree?


Getting confused if it is a lehenga or a saree? Well it’s a lehenga style saree with styling that resembles lehenga. The neck of the blouse is in perfectly boat shape and has long sleeves like the one in 60′s.


Future, 2020


Any idea how saree will look like in 2020?


I guess the saree style in 2020 has amazed all hysterically. Right??


Since we wanted to know the opinions of our fellow friends on it. We shared this picture of how saree looked like in 2020 on Twitter. This is what we got as a response.





Now, it is time for us all to lure in to the symphony of boundless style with sarees. So, what are you all waiting for? Visit and fill in your shopping carts with contemporary sarees.


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The charm and sophistication of the Indian saree is unmatchable. It has now become a hot favorite internationally and even the firang babes have not been left untouched by the magic of this stunning silhouette. Of late, the international fashionistas have been making a global style statement with the saree. Many celebrities from Ashley Judd and Naomi Campbell to Victoria Beckham and Pamela Anderson have been recently spotted looking gorgeous in the exotic Indian saree. Hollywood celebrities are surely getting a generous dose of our desi tadka and this is pretty evident from the growing popularity of saree among the international divas.


So what is it that makes the saree break all barriers?


The key is to make the saree easily wearable for Hollywood celebs. Designers these days make ‘Concept Sarees’ that have pleats and pallus already in place. One just has to slip into it. Waow…that sounds pretty simple! Just wrap the saree, put the pallu over your shoulder and you are ready to go!


Even when worn in the simplest of fabrics, saree is surely a head-turner. Team it up with traditional blouses or go in for noodle-straps and corset styles; you are bound to look gorgeous. The international glamour girls like to combine the modern with ethnic looks and this is what gives an extra edge to the saree these stylish celebs wear! Let’s take a look at how international celebrities rocked in our very own six yard wonder….


Pamela Anderson created a flutter when she appeared in a pristine white saree in Big Boss season 4. Mostly seen in revealing outfits, the ‘Baywatch’ babe looked extremely graceful in the saree coupled with designer bindi and bangles!



Victoria Beckham was super elegant in a saree on the cover of the Indian edition of Vogue magazine. The spectacular red saree covered with amazing golden embroidery was an eye-catcher for sure!!


Russian tennis beauty Anna Kournikova was clicked in a lovely embroidered sky blue color saree when she was in India sometime ago.




Who can forget Ashley Judd looking picture perfect in a traditional purple saree adorned with golden border that she wore at the YouthAIDS Benefit Gala. The matching golden clutch and earrings perfectly complimented her look!


Even supermodel Naomi Campbell was bitten by the saree bug when she walked the ramp for popular designer Sabyasachi Mukerji in a sparkling black net saree decorated with gold.



The saree is surely not confined only to India now. It has blurred the fashion line between the West and the East. What’s your take on it?

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Peppy music beats, countless chirpy smiles, never-ending merriment, a vivacious bride, a dashing groom…I can keep on going on and on writing about the ambiance of fun and frolic that coats a home like honey during an Indian wedding. The families of chachis, mamis and bhuas get together for a sparkling weeklong affair that leaves everyone lusting for more of the sumptuous shaadi ka khana’ and unforgettable memories.


The wedding functions have their own charisma and each function holds its own importance in our culture. I’m pretty sure that if you are a true-blue Indian, wedding functions are something you really enjoy. All the naach gaana, mehndi and choora functions definitely make the ‘big fat Indian wedding’ a delight for the senses.




Of all the functions, sangeet is the best enjoyed function. Roughly translated into English, sangeet is basically a dance party. Sounds pretty cool! And who does not like dancing to the desi beats of catchy Bollywood numbers? Even if you are not a good dancer, no one can stop you from swaying to the loud thumping music being played by the dj. With colorful and fashionable traditional attires creating magic on the dance floor, sangeet is the most-loved of all wedding functions. I’m sure you will agree with me on that!



Mehndi hai rachne wali….


The next day after ladies sangeet comes the mehndi function that is a hot favorite with girls. Mehndi laga ke rakhna….is every girl’s dream song and the excitement of applying beautiful patterns of henna on the hands is very alluring. The gorgeous would-be-bride has her hands and feet covered in artistic henna designs. All the other ladies of the house also have their hands adorned with henna making this ceremony a colorful one!



Rangla choora


Red and white ivory bangles add to the irresistible charm of the glorious Indian bride. This ceremony is done on the morning of the wedding. The bride’s maternal uncle makes her wear the choora and everyone gives their blessings. I find the choora is the girl’s best jewelry in her whole attire. What do you think?




Did you know that haldi ceremony in Indian weddings is nothing less than a refreshing spa treatment that leaves your skin glowing? Yes! In the Haldi ceremony, the family members apply a paste prepared from herbs, vegetable oils, fresh milk curds, sandalwood powder and turmeric on the face, arms and feet of the bride and the groom. Now you know the secret behind the glow on the wedding couple’s face. Well, it’s not just love!



Just as I am writing this, I remember I have to go shopping for the lehenga that I am going to wear on my best friend’s wedding. I am all kicked up and excited to attend her wedding! The marriage season is on and there is a whiff of celebrations in the air! It’s time to gorge on sweets and indulge in irresistible delicacies served during the wedding ceremonies. It’s also the time to display my best ethnic wear and jewelry.


So which is the wedding that you are headed to?

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Gone are the times when Bollywood divas were solely dedicated to wearing western attires. These days the sensuous glamor dolls are fondly flaunting their love for ethnic wear. Be it the veteran actresses or the current bunch, traditional dresses are on the hit list of everyone. Here are some silver screen fashionistas who are displaying their desi avatar with full dignity and grace.


Vidya Balan


Vidya Balan SareeVidya Balan Salwar Kameez


Vidya Balan is one of those talented actresses who follow unusual trends and still rock in them. Despite huge criticism for repetitive ethnic looks, Vidya kept on fulfilling her urge for beautiful sarees and suits. Be it her appearances on game shows or award ceremonies, she continues to flatter all the fashion critics with her simple yet voguish ethnic looks.


Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dixit Salwar Kameez    Madhuri Dixit Embroidered Saree


From the chirpy Nisha of Hum Aapke Hai Kaun to the elegant ‘Chandramukhi’ of Devdas, Madhuri Dixit has always displayed an impeccable sense of style.She continues to inspire countless housewives with her classy traditional outfits which she gracefully adorns in her public appearances.


Kareena Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor Yellow Saree   Kareena Kapoor Saree


If you are thinking what makes this size zero lass to appear in this list, then it is certainly her unmatachable charm and appeal. Be it the cheerful ‘Jab We Met’ girl in funky patiala salwars or the ‘chammak challo’ in a sensuous red saree, Kareena Kapoor has added her own magic to every outfit.


Aishwarya Rai


Aishwarya Rai Embroidered Saree   Aishwarya Rai Salwar Kameez


Aishwarya Rai can be truly termed as a ‘desi diva’. Even though Aishwarya is associated with some elite international brands and events, she has always been rooted to her traditions. Be it at a red carpet or an international event, she has always displayed unconventional charm by wearing sarees and suits.

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While scratching out the imperative list of events that race through out our life, the most significant event that rolls on once is marriage – a grandeur affair which celebrates the victory of two hearts conjoining for a lifetime. Marriage is a phase that is integral to everyone but what makes it more special is the magical spell of affection, trust & love that binds and solidifies the strength of relation defeating all ills. It’s a big day that passes by soon but leaves behind a surreal and an unforgettable experience.



Marriages from far seems to be full of fun and frolic events but the one who has been an integral part of it, has complete evidence of the odds that one faces while planning for it. The attires which are a major fragment of this gala are the most hectic and back breaking part. For the bridal/groom dress you have to visit one place, for the accessories switch to another one and so goes the saga. But what if you get a magic wand, something which succors you by getting all things required under one single roof.
It’s possible with the spell binding Wedding Wheel. Before all our minds start tickling what it is all about, let’s get it straight, it is a lethal yet blissful combination of all the basics that complete your wedding attire. Ranging from groom/bride dresses to accessories all have been assembled under one roof , so that you can sigh with relief leaving behind the monotonous and exhausting searches through varied shops.
Just review and choose the best from the enormous collection of flamboyant sherwanis, kurta pyjamas, enticing lehengas, breathtaking jewellery and monolithic accessories, all rich in colors & fabrics with an authentic touch. The collection is a blend of elements that are designed to suit your personality and personify an aura that is flawless.
For those who have the utter wish to get something customized, an exclusive feature namely Hire a designer has been incorporated keeping in mind the desire of every couple to exhibit a solitary yet elite style. The best thing is that it’s the designers who prepare the sketches for your outfits considering the body frame and most importantly your requirements. You get a final draft at your door step with the complete liberty to give your honest opinions and suggest changes that are required.
Now, next time when you see a mesmerizing design in your favorite magazine’s cover you can be sure that you are the one who is gonna don it next. So just struck up all the chords to lure in to the symphony of an immaculate wedding celebration with the mystic spin of Wedding Wheel.