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By Madiha

Offer India EMporium Navratri Collection Online


Navaratri is just around the corner and along with it, sets off a chain of festivals, all over the country. While Guajaratis kick it off with garba and dandiya, the Bengalis follow it up with Durga Puja and then comes the festival of lights, Diwali. For any woman, this is the one time of the year, when they really want to deck up and dress to the nines!


This is the time of the year, when they are trying to decide whether they should wear a really flared and layered anarkali suits for the dandiya night, as opposed to the traditional mirror work lehenga choli. They are wondering whether they should make an entrance at the Durga Puja pandal dressed in the traditional white and red saree or make a statement with a cotton saree in a bright yellow with a red border.


However, when it comes to the traditional pujas, almost all women would want the traditional sarees in silk or cotton. This year, perhaps, might be the one where women will want something a little different here too. A traditional Kerala kasavu saree with elaborate embroidery would work really well for a puja, as well as for Durga Puja festivities. In case you have been invited to a bommakollu puja, why not jazz up the typical lehenga choli, by teaming the lehenga with a half saree style blouse and dupatta?


The festival season is the time to show off your creative fashion and if you are still a little bitconfused, how about giving India Emporium a visit, where you can find all the latest trends, as well as the most exquisite couture fashion!

By Madiha

Bring Home Fashion, Along with Ganapati Bappa!

Whenever any festival is around the corner, there are several preparations that need to be done. From getting the house cleaned up to preparing sweets for the guests who would arrive on your doorstep, there would be so much that you will have to take care of. However, one thing that often takes priority for most people during festival times is shopping for new clothes. After all, which lady would not want to wear the latest anarkali or designer saree and these days, even men like to get dressed up in designer sherwanis for such special occasions!



Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner and it comes as no surprise that people are getting ready to do their shopping, to ensure that they look their best on the festival days. While there are several people who are rushing to the stores to pick out the latest lehenga choli, those in the know will be aware that the best to shop these days in online. Not only do you get to enjoy a hassle free shopping experience, but also some of the most exclusive designs.

When you choose to shop from a website such as India Emporium, you know that you will receive a dress that will make you feel super special. The team of designers work overtime before the festival season arrives, to ensure that the sherwani you pick up is one of a kind and that no one else will have the same thing. Even if you are planning to get married during this time period, you can consider getting your unique bridal lehenga choli from here, because you can be sure that it will be totally customised to your requirements.

In case, you are looking for something that will be the cynosure of all attention at the Ganapati pooja, then you can look at some of the stunning salwar kameez sets, anarkalis or even sarees that have been designed keeping traditional motifs in mind. Even men will have plenty to choose from designer kurtas to stunning sherwanis and in a colour palette that will leave even the best, confused! You could also jazz up your outfit with turbans that have been created especially for this occasion.

However, when you choose to shop online, do make sure that you do the same from a reputed website such as India Emporium, where you will not only get to enjoy a wide range, but also receive true value for your money.

By Madiha

You are getting married in a matter of weeks and there are so many things that you still have to cross off your list of ‘to do’ things. In between all of the running around, you still need to find that perfect party wear dress like lehenga, gown, Anarkali suits or saree that you can wear for your mehndi or sangeet function. Knowing that you are going to be the centre of all attention, you know that your dress has to be stunning and it cannot be something that someone else can also get their hands on.



This is why you will need a bridal custom dress; something which has been handcrafted exclusively for you and is as haute couture as it can get. However, you need to make sure that you purchase an outfit which will compliment you in every manner possible. this means that you need to pick something that has a colour that looks good on you and the tailoring is such that it hides everything that it needs to be and flaunts everything else.



These are things that you will get only with a dress that has been made to order just for you, so order your custom made attire today!











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By Sahil Anand

They paint it so beautifully that each design bowls you over. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to believe that it’s all handwork – all a result of a tedious, time-consuming process.
Yes, we’re talking about the good old Kalamkari.
kalamkari art
Kalamkari is a creative ancient art of painting or block-painting cotton textiles. Kalam means pen and kari craftsmanship. The art has evolved through trial and error over the last 3000 years. Continue Reading »

By Sahil Anand

Punjab is very well known for its rich culture & heritage. Some of the main highlights are: punjabi dance, punjabi music, punjabi food, punjabi literature and of course punjabi weddings.
Patiala suits and phulkari dupattas also have a rich history and have been making the rounds in the fashion world for quite some time now. And there couldn’t be a more auspicious occasion than Baisakhi – the harvest festival of Punjab that’s celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor – to acquire some of these garments for your ethnic wardrobe. What do you think?
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By Sahil Anand

Chances are, when you will see jamdani for the first time, you’ll ask yourself: “Is it embroidery?” Well, it’s not! As a matter of fact, it’s not even a print.
It’s simply weaving. It’s simply jamdani.
And that’s what makes jamadani weaving stand out. See for yourself:
jamdani saree
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By Sahil Anand

At India Emporium we love to celebrate all our traditional festivals with you. With Vasanta Navaratri around the corner, it wouldn’t be any different this time either – except the magnitude of the sale. Yes, we’re launching the biggest Navaratri sale ever: UPTO 70% + EXTRA 10% OFF on anything and everything.
So it’s time you shopped till you drop, because it doesn’t get bigger than this!
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By Sahil Anand

“Ye toh aisi butti banati hai ki titli aake beth jaaye” (It makes such a floral motif that a butterfly would love to sit on it) – a poet famously said about chikan embroidery.
chikan embroidery
The word chikan derives from a Turkish word chikh – a kind of embroidered fabric. Chikan work is said to have been originated in Central Asia or Persia. It came to Delhi in 1600 AD, Bengal in 1700 AD and Lucknow in mid-1700 AD. Nur Jehan, the wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir, is believed to have brought chikankari to India.
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By Sahil Anand

You’ve probably seen handkerchiefs – basically a hemmed square of thin cotton fabric – with embroidered brand logos.
But did you ever imagine that handkerchiefs could be a priceless piece of art?
chamba rumal
Today we’ll discuss one such handkerchief. It hails from Chamba and dates back to the 16th century.
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By Sahil Anand

“Ih phulkari meri maan ne kadhi, iss noo ghut ghut japhiyan paawan” (“This phulkari has been embroidered by my dear mother, I affectionately embrace it again and again.”) – Traditional Song of Punjab.
Born out of mother’s love for her daughter, Phulkari, which literally means floral work, is a vibrant textile art / embroidery of Punjab mainly used on scarfs and shawls.
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