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By Sahil Anand

Is there anything a woman wouldn’t do to get an uncommon, stylish lehenga? No. No, there isn’t.
Is there anything a man would do at all to get a sherwani that’s class apart? If your answer is “No, not a thing!” Think again.
There’s no denying that women have been crazy about fashion for, well, forever, but today’s men are giving them a tough competition. They ain’t just focusing on muscles and six pack abs but also on how they can look their fashionable best at all times.
When it comes to wedding fashion, there’s nothing that beats those traditional sherwanis. Even foreign celebrities like Mark Zukerberg, Snoop Dogg, Brett Lee and Michael Clarke have had a piece of it.
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By Sahil Anand

India is a beautiful, beautiful country.
And to say that there is hardly any culture in the world as rich, varied and unique as India wouldn’t be an exaggeration.
Our new logo is a small attempt to highlight just that as beautifully as possible and take us even closer to our roots. See for yourself:
India Emporium New Logo
Look at the logo closely and you’d notice that we’ve created an amalgamation of elements such as Magic Lamp, Peacock, Elephant, Taj Mahal, Paisley, Lotus, Bharatanatyam and more…
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By Sahil Anand

After surprising you with Violet by the celebrated designer Preeti Singhal some time back, India Emporium is excited to introduce yet another label that has inspired you for years, surprised you time and again and helped you set trends at all those special occasions.
Can we have a drumroll please?
Dum-de-de-dah… Komal Sood.
Yep, that’s right, we introduce what’s one of the most luxurious and fashionable brands of all time – Komal Sood. Which means now you can get all of Komal Sood here at India Emporium at the lowest possible prices.
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By Madiha

It’s that time of the year again.
Weather is getting chillier. Fog is settling in.
Days are becoming shorter. Nights longer.
If you’re way too enthusiastic about fashion, like us, you’d probably be more worried about looking stylish this winter than keeping warm.
But what if you could get your hands on the fashion that’s not just chic but also helps combat the nippy weather? And no, that doesn’t include skirts and breezy beach bags!
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By Sahil Anand

It’s simple. If your bridal lehenga burned a hole in your pocket, it should (and must) look expensive.
And even if you played smart and didn’t shell out a huge amount, it should still look like a million-dollar lehenga.
After all, your dream dress deserves it, doesn’t it?
But can you possibly do that?
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By Sahil Anand

Let’s face it. It’s bloody hard work to choose a wedding lehenga.
At one moment you think you have found a beautiful, beautiful lehenga and at the other you realize that maybe, just maybe, it’s not up to the mark.
But that’s okay. After all, on your D-Day you want to look your fashionable best, don’t you?
To make your life easier, today we bring you our Dia Mirza bridal collection. What could be better than taking a cue from the former beauty queen herself?
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By Sahil Anand

Ah, don’t you just love those red lehengas, red anarkalis and red dupattas?
For some reason, red fascinates more when you’re about to get married. Of course, this can be linked to the age-old tradition of wearing a red wedding dress in India. It can also be linked to the association of red with love and romance since times immemorial.
The color red, as per the recent Dove Color Confidence poll, boosts confidence more than any other color.
But enough is enough.
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By Sahil Anand

It’s indisputable: anarkalis are hard to resist and even magic at times.


Is it their wavy, flared structure, intricate work, royal touch and diverse patterns and textures that make up for a flamboyant East-West blend? Or their historical significance – we already know that anarkalis were first introduced in the Mughal era and have been charming men for centuries, don’t we?


Maybe there’s something in the name anarkali, which means “pomegranate blossom”? Or in the fact that anarkalis amazingly fit about all body types?

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By Sahil Anand

So you’re almost mad about shopping. You feel out of this world when you shop something new and have the best wardrobe among your friends. Of course, you’re the best person to shop with, too, and have helped your friends and sisters get some killer lehengas for their special day.


But then… as your wedding day approaches, your magic powers start to fade. You’re just not able to decide your bridal lehenga. Nothing seems better than the best any longer.


Don’t worry! You’re not alone.


That happens with about every woman.


Have you thought about going the bollywood way?


Yep, but found them way too expensive?


Well, they don’t have to be!
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By Madiha

There was once a time when Halloween was nothing more than an American holiday tradition. But today, the festivities have crossed the seven seas, and reached nations such as China, Japan and even India. As a matter of fact, Halloween is celebrated with just as much fervour in India, as it is in the United States.


Indiaemporium halloween shopping fever


However, in India, the typically scary costumes receive a classy touch – after all, Indians do know how to stylise even the dreariest of things!
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