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By Madiha

While my best friend was busy browsing through catalogues and trying to figure out where she would be able to find the best made to order bridal lehengas, we, her so called maids of honour had some tasks of our own. Given that it was our best friend who was getting married, we needed to make sure that we looked great too. After all, innumerable wedding photos would have us in them, and in order for these photos to become memorable for our bestie, we had to look great too!

Exquisite Silk & Georgette Black and Golden Mandarin Collar Long Choli Lehenga

So, while our best friend, the bride to be, was busy shopping for her trousseau, we were busy with our own wedding shopping. Even though we were accompanying her in and out of every store, most of our time was spent in looking at clothes that we would wear at the various ceremonies. While we had all decided that we would wear lehengas for the wedding day, we were considering party wear sarees for the mehndi and sangeet. However, no matter how many stores we walked in and out of, just like our friend, we were not able to find anything that truly won our heart.

Stunning Art Silk Based Blue & Green Weaving Work Saree

Finally, we all decided that the only way out was to look for something that was couture, something that had been created especially for us; but somewhere in the back of our mind, there was that fear that we would all end up breaking the bank. That is when we found about India Emporium and the fashion wonderland that it offered to all us! Our first stop on the online tour of this stupendous fashion portal was the bridal lehenga page, where not only did we see all the latest trends but also the most extensive choice in terms of colours, patterns and embroidery. What excited us the most was that this was a site that allowed customisation, which meant that our friend would get to choose from a range of made to order bridal lehengas.

Ombre Silk Georgette Pink Saree with Gota Patti Work

As for us, we were thrilled to see a range of sarees on this website too – from traditional ones to ones that could be potential scene stealers, there was so much for us to choose from. As a matter of fact, we found so many party wear sarees here that we ended up buying much more than we needed. It was no surprise that all of us looked stunning at the wedding, especially our best friend, the bride!

By Madiha

When the wedding season arrives or it is time for your own wedding, there are so many things that will occupy your mind. However, the one thing that will take priority is your wardrobe – how you look at all these events is what will matter the most, especially for women. When it is the wedding season, you want clothes that are traditional, yet stylish, allowing you to shine in the largest of crowds. It is at times like these that you will want a custom made designer lehenga, which shows off your curves and makes you look like the diva you truly are.

Gorgeous Red Bridal Georgette Lehenga Choli with Zari Work

However, for most people, getting a customised outfit is a matter of trouble, because neither are they sure of where to go for such exclusive clothes nor do they know how much it will all cost. As a matter of fact, most people think that getting custom made clothes is an expensive and tiresome task. The general notion is that you have to go to a high end boutique to get these clothes made, spend several hours to finalise the design and then empty out half your bank balance to finally get your hands on these clothes. There are similar misconceptions about buying a wedding lehenga online – most people are not sure about whether it will be a good enough outfit, whether it will fit them or not and most importantly, whether it will be of good enough quality or not.


A few months back, it was my wedding and even though I was having a dream destination wedding, I knew that I wanted a traditional lehenga choli for my wedding. I had spent a lot of time looking through wedding magazines, trying to zero in on the type of lehenga choli I would wear for my wedding. Friends sent me pictures of stunning lehengas they found on the internet and while I was leaning towards picking out my wedding lehenga online, I wondered about the customisation aspect. That is when I found out about India Emporium where I could have my cake and have it too!

Exquisite Square Net Magenta & Green Embroidered Lehenga Choli

When my best friend told me that she had picked out her own wedding lehenga from this online fashion portal, I was absolutely surprised, because I remembered how wonderful her attire had looked. Now, I was pretty sure that I was going to pick out my outfit from here too and when I found out that here I could even get my custom made designer lehenga, I was over the moon!

By Madiha

My little sister was getting married in a few months’ time and she was busy trying to finalise her traditional Indian bridal lehenga choli, I had other things on my mind. Raksha Bandhan was fast approaching and this would perhaps be the last time, she would be around to actually tie the sacred thread around my wrist. She was going away to Australia after her marriage, and the chances of her being physically here on this special day, year after year, were minimal.

Dazzling Silk Pink & Yellow Embroidered Lehenga Choli

So, I knew that I needed to make this Raksha Bandhan extra special and make sure that my little sister, remembered this for a lifetime. For days, I was on the lookout for a gift that was not only unique, but would also make my sister happy. I wanted something that she would be able to use on a regular basis, but also something that would be extraordinary. My mother suggested that I get her a custom made bridal lehenga, but I had a feeling that this was something that my sister wanted to pick out on her own.

Vivacious Flaired Magenta & Pink Lehenga Choli

That is when I found out about artificial jewellery and immediately I knew that it was a great idea, because it would be something that my newlywed sister would need and would enjoy using. Since she was travelling to a new country, it was best that she not carry a lot of original jewellery, but this was the kind of thing that she could actually use. And when I looked at the latest artificial jewellery, I was not only amazed, but also extremely happy. I knew that I had found the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for my sister.


Browsing through the collections, I realised that I could actually pick out sets – there were necklaces with matching bangles, earrings and some even had matching anklets with them. What was truly fascinating was that all these latest artificial jewellery came in so many designs and colours and even colour combinations that I was fast getting confused. I decided that I would pick out four of them, one in each of the basic colours and then my sister would be able to match them with most of her trousseau.

Classy Design White Stone Golden Finish Necklace Set

Fortunately for me, the order arrived about two days before Raksha Bandhan, which meant that I had plenty of time to gift wrap them and have them ready for that special day. The joy on my sister’s face, when she unwrapped her gifts was all I needed!

By Madiha

Like a lot of other girls, from the time I was little, I loved to dress up in my mother’s clothes, especially her saree. As I grew up, I started falling in love with her special occasion sarees, especially her traditional silk ones. But it was her wedding saree that I was most in love with and my mother promised me, that I could have it. After all, I was her only child – who else would she give it to! And when my wedding got fixed, I knew it was time to ask my mother to keep her promise. The only problem was that I wanted a Banarasi silk bridal lehenga and my mother had a wedding saree.


Sensible Orange & Blue Embroidered Lehenga Choli


For most people, this would be a situation of worry – I know of girls, who wanted to wear a lehenga for their wedding, but wanted to use their mother’s saree too, because they were so in love with it. Obviously, in such a situation, they would feel confused, not knowing what to do. I however, had no such problems, because my mother had given me full rights to do whatever I wanted to do with her wedding saree and I knew that I was going to transform it into my stunning Banarasi silk bridal lehenga.


Even though I knew that I wanted to use my mother’s wedding saree for my lehenga, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. I knew that I had a lot of work to do, because I needed to get that stunning saree transformed into the gorgeous lehenga that I had envisioned in my mind and for this I knew that I needed professional help. Thankfully, I had a designer friend, who was all set for the challenge that I was about to throw at her. She not only helped me pick out fabrics that would help me create the Banarasi silk bridal lehenga that I wanted to wear for my wedding, she also gave me great ideas on how to jazz up the saree that once my mother adorned at her wedding.


Sizzling Pure Silk & Jacquard Purple and Peach Lehenga Choli


Since the banrasi silk saree was in a deep maroon, we decided that beige would go really well with it. my designer friend suggested that I go with an anarkali style top for the lehenga, and she not only sourced the exact shade of beige silk for the top, but also the same coloured net for the length of the top. The saree was more than enough to create a wonderful lehenga and when I walked out in my Banarasi silk bridal lehenga, I knew that my mother was the happiest!

By Madiha

An art is the “expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. It is not just products to be sold; it’s the life of an artist. Artist gives his everything to create a beautiful product. It’s a means of expression for them, they tell stories of their life, their history, country or traditions by their products. It’s a story of traditional art that is passed on from one generation to other & it goes on like this only.


India is a country rich in heritage & crafts; one of those beautiful crafts is Bandhani or Bandhej!!


Traditional Saree


Bandhani – “Bandhani word is derived from Sanskrit word Bandh – which means to tie.”


Bandhani as the term specifies is an art of Tie & Dye. It is one of the oldest art of creating patterns on cloth which began around 5000 years ago. Bandhani work in India was started by Khatri community of Kutch. The tradition has passed from one generation to the other.


Bandhani making centers are mainly situated in Gujarat, Rajasthan. Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Kutch & Jamnagar are the main Bandhani centers producing beautiful dupattas/odhnis, sarees & turbans.


Since we absolutely love Bandhani work fabrics, we must know how this beautiful art takes shape.




How Bandhani sarees or odhnis are made? –


Bandhani making is a very highly skilled process.

The fabric to be designed as per Bandhani style is first washed & bleached in order to be ready for dyeing. Once done with wash & bleach, the cloth is then sent for tying. The craftsman or craftswoman lift the small portion of cloth marked as points & tightly tie a thread around it.


The tightly tied thread does not let that part of cloth get colored. The tied cloth is dipped in color, if several colors are required then the areas to be retained in the first dye are tied for resist& cloth is dipped in dye.


Delightful Orange Red Lace Work Saree


Styles & Patterns of Bandhani –


Bandhani comes in various styles, patterns & colors. Each color pattern has their own significance or usage.


Colors mainly used in Bandhani are Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue & Black. Different colors signify different things like –

Red is for bride or newly married girl
Yellow for a lady who became mother recently
Black shows Mourning.

With Bandhani work, various motifs are made. It includes flowers, bells, jals, etc.


The outfits with Bandhani work have various patterns like Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali & Shikari depending on the manner in which cloth has been tied.


The most common designs of Bandhani work are –

Ekdali – one Dot
Trikunti— three Dots
Chaubandi – four dots
Dungar shahi – mountain like pattern
Boond— a small dot with a dark center
Kodi— tear drop shaped
Laddu Jalebi— the swirling inspired by Indian Sweets


The outfits comprise Khombi, Patori, Gharchola and Chandrokhani. It can be easily seen on sarees, dupattas, chaniya cholis, & leheriya can be seen on Turbans in Rajasthan.


As Bandhani work relates to our traditions, has significance in our rituals in a similar fashion India Emporium relates to our Indian traditions completely. India Emporium draws its inspiration from the traditional motifs & prints of India which can be seen in the all the collections of India emporium. One can visit the site @ to get more clarity regarding the collection.

By Madiha

Your best friend is getting married and you know that being single, you will be the cynosure of several eyes. You also know that throughout the four days of ceremonies, you will need to look your best, because your best friend will want you in all the photographs and you need to look good in all of them. While the bridal saree is something that your best friend needs to be worried about, you have your own attires to plan.


Bridal Sarees


You know that there is a mehndi, a sangeet, a cocktail party and of course the actual wedding and you know that you need a different outfit for each of them. Because the mehndi is being planned as a simple and intimate affair, you choose to go with embroidered printed sarees, which will not only look simple, but also elegant. Given that the event is during the day time, you go for a pastel blue shade, because it will keep you cool during the hot summer day.


Then comes the sangeet, where you will be performing a dance and you know that you need to keep comfort at a higher rank than looks, which is why you choose a long anarkali that you can wear with ease and twirl in too. A floor length anarkali in red and black, with embroidery around the neck ensures that you are the centre of attention, even when you step off the dance floor!


The cocktail is one event where you know that you need to shine, which is why you choose to go with exclusive lehenga style sarees, because while they look like traditional sarees, they offer a greater level of comfort and you know that you would be able to move around a lot more easily in them. You choose an ensemble in silk, with silver stone work on the borders.


Lehenga Style Saree


And then finally comes the wedding day and you choose to pick out zardozi work sarees online because you want something extremely traditional for this special day. You choose a deep shade of maroon with gold work all over and you choose to accessories it with simple gold jewellery.


Zardosi Work Saree


When picking out outfits for a wedding, you need to make sure that you keep a few things in mind – for starters, consider the weather and where the wedding will be held. If the wedding is in the winters or indoors in an air-conditioned area, you can play around with fabrics; however, for summer weddings, you need to choose lightweight fabrics to stay comfortable.

By Madiha

Mahashivratri 2017

Indian mythology has place for millions of gods, but there are a few who stand heads and shoulders above the rest and above all of them are the holy trinity of Hindu gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. While Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the provider, while Mahesh or Lord Shiva has the power to destroy anything and everything. However, Lord Shiva is also associated with concepts such as immortality and a strong sense of inner peace.



Whenever you think of Lord Shiva, one of the first things that you will recollect are the multiple long strings of rudraksh. For centuries, people who are looking for inner peace and calm have worn rudraksh and chances are that you might have seen someone aged in your own family having a string of rudraksh. However, in the past few years, getting your hands on genuine rudraksh has become a little tough, because people have realised that genuine rudraksh is actually quite powerful.

There are actually several benefits to wearing rudraksh, but understanding the benefits beforehand is important and even more crucial is getting original and genuine rudraksh. At India Emporium, we offer you genuine rudraksh, which will not only rejuvenate your mind, but also strengthen your body. Wearing our rudraksh mala will ensure that you have your personal cocoon of energy, which will keep you protected against all the negative energies of the world.


It is also important to know which rudraksh is ideal for your usage, because there are several types, and we offer you the panchmukhi or five faced rudraksh, which is considered safe for all ages, including children. This rudraksh can be worn by men as well as women, which is why it is extremely popular and one of our top sellers. When you start wearing our panchmukhi rudraksh mala, you will notice an overall sense of wellbeing in your life; from calming your senses to bringing down high blood pressure, from increasing your alertness to attracting the right kind of attention, there is so much that our string of panchmukhi rudraksh can do for you.


Apart from rudrakshas, we also offer you astrological consultation, which will allow you to steer your life in a better direction. Whether you are looking to find a better job or are waiting to get married, whether you want to build your own house or start your own business, there is so much that astrology can help you with and our services will ensure that you have all the answers that you need. In addition to astrology, we will also provide you with information and advice on gemstones – while you might like the colour of a certain gemstone, it is not necessary that it suits you, which is why you need to be extremely careful while wearing one.


Another spiritualistic device associated with Lord Shiva is the yantra, which is normally a geometrical design, which is meant to represent a range of things. Whether it is the good life that you are looking for or want to find peace of mind, our range of rudrakshas, yantras and gemstones are sure to bring you, love, luck and good fortune. So this Mahashivratri, make sure that you shop at India Emporium and invite all of these into your home and life!


By Madiha


The journey of the sherwani goes back several centuries – as a matter of fact, the first versions of this now popular outfit goes back to the late Mughal and early British periods. It is considered that the first sherwani was based on the British frock coat, but it was made more appropriate for the Indian subcontinent, in the sense that it would be worn over a kurta and a pajama.

In the years since, the outfit has seen several changes and what we see today is the vision of several talented designers and the insistence of several fashion forward men.


Indian Royal Traditional Sherwani



In the past few years, the manner in which the traditional Indian sherwanis are being designed and worn has changed dramatically.

There was once a time when the sherwani was worn mainly with the pajama, but these days, they are being teamed with dhotis, Patiala salwars, churidar and even regular formal trousers. Today, the sherwani is the preferred choice for most grooms to be and even their best friends and close family members. Not only does the attire proffer a sense of royalty, it is also quite comfortable, especially when it has to be worn for long hours, at a stretch.



If you are looking to pick up a sherwani for a special occasion, such as your own wedding or the wedding of a close family, keep a few things in mind. Start with assessing your own body type, because your body structure will help you pick out the best design.

If you are on the taller side, you will be able to carry off most styles of sherwanis and you will be able to combine them with any kind of lowers. However, if you are on the shorter side, then you might not be able to carry of the sherwani with a dhoti, because it might make you look shorter.


indo western sherwani collection


While a lot of brides and grooms like to colour coordinate on their special days, you might want to go for a colour that is contrasting, yet complimentary. For instance, if your bride is wearing maroon, you could go for a cream or beige, which will look nice alongside the maroon.


Royal India Mens Sherwani Collection


What material you choose will be highly dependent on what weather you are getting married in and where you are getting married. Velvet, silk and cotton are the most preferred materials, but if you are looking for extensive embroidery then cotton would be the best bet.


When you are picking out a wedding day outfit, ensure that you pick out something that is royal yet modern, because that is what will make you stand out.

By Madiha


Punjab: Where Cultures Culminate With Clothing

Whenever I think of Punjab, there are some images that come running my mind – I think of fields full of yellow mustard lowers, I think of the holy sanctity of the Golden Temple, I think of glasses full of lassi and plates full of delicious food.

And then comes running to my mind, the image of the stunning women of Punjab dressed in their traditional attires. Whether it is the kurtas or the salwars, the ghaghras or the shararas, the Patiala suits or the phulkari, there is something truly unique about the way women dress in Punjab.


Patiala Suits Collection


I had been to Punjab a few months back and while I was walking around the markets of Patiala and Amritsar, the one thing that I realised was that in the past few years, fashion had changed incredibly in this state. No longer were the women and girls of Punjab looking for what was completely traditional.

Today, they want something that will keep them rooted in their tradition, but still allow them to look stunning and in keeping with the times. So, even if they are looking for the traditional Punjabi suits, they want something modern about it; either in terms of the fabric, or the embroidery or at least the silhouette.


Punjabi Salwar kameez Suits


Because I had been instructed by a few friends to pick out some interesting Punjabi outfits, apart from the obvious Patiala suits, I knew that I had to spend some time shopping for the latest trends.

A long sleeved jacket style kurta with a slit in the middle, teamed with a Patiala salwar was my first pick. The outfit I picked out next was a simple looking kurta and Patiala salwar, but what made it special was the phulkari embroidered jacket. However, the outfit that I liked the most was a Patiala salwar with a shorter version of an anarkali!

By Madiha


India has always been the land of culture and traditions and the clothes and fabrics that have emerged from this country have been prized all over the world. In the past few years, there has been a boom in the number of people moving out of India and settling down in other parts of the country. When Indians move to other countries, they also take their customs, traditions and their sense of fashion with them. So, when an Indian chooses to wear a made to order lehenga that she got made back home in India, she is sure that she will be the centre of all attention, at the party or special event.

The more people see such stunning clothes, the more they too want to know about it, which is probably why there is such a rise in Indian fashion trends, globally. In the past few years, Indian designers have also attained international attention, because they are now showcasing their work and unique designs at international fashion events. This too has led to the rise of Indian trends in western countries like UK, USA and Canada and a growing number of people are choosing to wear Indian clothes or Indian designers for special events.


In the past few years, we have seen several Hollywood celebrities wear Indian clothes, especially the saree. From Ashley Judd to Madonna, from Paris Hilton to Oprah Winfrey, there are innumerable ladies in the far west who have chosen to drape the saree and most of them have been able to pull it off too. It is interesting to note that several Hollywood movies these days, too have an Indian influence, which brings in the Indian fashion into perspective yet again. Movies like Rachel Gets Married, 27 Dresses and The Accidental Husband, all had the lead ladies draping themselves in Indian attires and this too helped the Indian trends reach out to a larger audience.


It comes as no surprise that these days, there are a large number of boutiques in countries like USA, UK and Canada, where you can get your very own made to order lehenga or a range of other Indian outfits such as anarkalis and churidar suits. Most westerners are enthralled by the use of gorgeous fabrics such as silk, crepe, chiffon, georgette and even cotton. When these fabrics are made even better with handcrafted embroidery, embellishments and work that is unheard of in the West, the final piece not only becomes couture, but also truly unique!